48 Hours a Day

48 Hours a Day

48 Hours a Day
Chapter 1093 - Colossus

Chapter 1093: Colossus
The small snake tried its best to straighten its neck, attempting to give itself a more menacing countenance.
This was also the most common posture of serpent-like creatures when encountering an enemy. However, because it wasn’t that large and wasn’t poisonous, it was just a bluff no matter how much it changed its posture.
From the expression on Ma Lu’s face, it could be seen that he did not take the small snake’s threat seriously. However, his ease only lasted for a few seconds, and then he heard a rustling sound.
If the rustling sound before was like someone shaking a piece of white paper, now it was like tens of thousands of pieces of white paper being shaken together. The sound was not loud, but when it gathered together, it made one’s hair stand on end.
Ma Lu felt all the blood in his body freeze, especially when he saw the scene in the tunnel through the light of the flashlight.
He saw that the walls and the ground of the tunnel were now crawling with densely packed snakes. Not only were they snakes, but they were pit vipers, pythons, cobras, water snakes… Ma Lu had never seen so many snakes in his entire life. It was as if he had walked into a snake museum. Moreover, many of these snakes had different habitats and living environments. He did not know how they gathered in this abandoned subway line from all over the world.
And how would they hunt and obtain food when so many snakes lived together?
But this was obviously not the time for this because those snakes were already scrambling toward the tunnel entrance as if supporting the small snake. Moreover, they did not stop after crawling out of the tunnel. Very soon, they crept towards the three of them again.
“What do we do now?”Ma Lu was so anxious that his forehead was covered in a cold sweat.
He didn’t really care if it was a single serpent, but there was clearly a wave of snakes in front of him. There was no lack of venomous snakes either, not to mention the larger pythons. As long as they were bitten by the former, considering the length of the tunnel. Ma Lu didn’t think that he would be able to walk to the surface to receive treatment. As for pythons, they were even scarier. These snakes could even swallow water buffaloes. They either gorged on their prey until they overate or died from overeating. It had always been the rule for pythons to hunt.
Zhang Heng didn’t immediately answer Ma Lu’s question. Instead, he reached out to pull fan Meinan up the platform. He then said to Ma Lu, “Looks like you have no choice but to follow us upstairs.”
Ma Lu instinctively resisted when he thought about the loud rumbling and the dragging sound that followed. Reason told him that it was better to stay away from that thing, but compared to the snake tide that was right in front of him, the unknown threat was still further away.
It might be dangerous to go up, but staying here was definitely a dead end. Therefore, Ma Lu didn’t need to hesitate to know what to do. He buried his head in Zhang Heng and Fan Meinan’s heels and ran up the stairs.
The three moved as fast as they could. Since the platform itself was of a certain height, the first batch of snakes couldn’t climb up for the time being, and the three of them had already reached the stairs. However, Ma Lu didn’t expect Zhang Heng to stop after running a few steps.
Ma Lu wanted to ask what had happened, but he soon saw the situation in front of him. Something was blocking the exit of the stairs. It was huge, and it had gray skin. Looking like an elephant lying on the ground, it had to be some sort of creature.
Ma Lu thought there must be something wrong with his eyes. He was looking at an elephant in a subway station that had been abandoned for fifty years.
Typically, he would have tried to figure out what was going on, but he hadn’t forgotten that he was running for his life. Without saying anything, Zhang Heng and Fan Meinan turned around and ran toward another staircase.
However, unlike this staircase, the other staircase was closer to the snake tide. Now that some of the snakes had climbed onto the platform, the three of them had no choice but to speed up.
Ma Lu was originally at the back of the group, but he turned around and ran in front. Of course, if Zhang Heng really released his maximum speed, he would surpass Ma Lu very quickly. However, to ensure the well-being of Fan Meinan beside him, not only did he not move faster, but he deliberately slowed down.
Even so, Fan Meinan still found it very difficult to keep up with him. Compared to the last time they met, she was in a way worse condition. Having walked through a very long tunnel, Fan Meinan had used up quite a bit of her energy, and she was panting heavily after just two steps.
Zhang Heng simply took off his Pestilence Bone Bow and squatted down in front of her. “Get on my back.”
Fan Meinan knew that this was not the time to be unreasonable. Without hesitation, she climbed onto Zhang Heng’s back and took the Pestilence Bone Bow from Zhang Heng’s han without hesitationds.
With this delay, Ma Lu had pulled the two of them about twenty meters away.
He took the lead and rushed up another flight of stairs right before the sea of snakes converged completely. He ran toward the second floor, but when he turned around, he realized that Zhang Heng and Fan Meinan were no longer behind him.
Ma Lu’s heart sank. He thought that he had been abandoned, but he soon saw Zhang Heng running toward them with Fan Meinan on his back. However, there were already a lot of snakes climbing up the stairs in front of them and were about to lose their footing.
Therefore, Ma Lu started to worry about the two of them again. However, he could only stare at them from above. There was nothing he could do,
On the other hand, Zhang Heng’s face showed no signs of panic.
Zhang Heng held the travel bag in one hand and used the other hand to pull out the Hidden Scabbard from his waist.
With a flash of a knife, a soldering iron head in front of him was cut into two pieces. Zhang Heng stepped on the body of the soldering iron head and ran up the stairs. The Hidden Scabbard in his hand did not stop. Soon, he cut off another tiger snake that tried to attack him.
At the same time, Zhang Heng found the second landing spot and stepped on it with his sneakers. The surrounding snakes started to move, but before they could do anything, they were already cut into two.
Zhang Heng then danced the Hidden Scabbard into a light screen to protect himself and Fan Meinan. He blocked the snakes that were about to attack them while clearing the path for himself.
In Ma Lu’s eyes, Zhang Heng was like a meat grinder. He had killed countless snakes along the way, and no snakes could get close to him and Fan Meinan. Even the snakes that tried to attack him from behind were easily decapitated by him.
Finally, Zhang Heng carried Fan Meinan on his back and met up with Ma Lu again. The three of them arrived at the second floor of the station and saw the thing blocking another staircase. However, they realized that it was not an elephant at all, it was a humongous sperm whale!