48 Hours a Day

48 Hours a Day

48 Hours a Day
Chapter 1094 - Desperate Snaketide

Chapter 1094: Desperate Snaketide
The only thing more ridiculous than an elephant appearing in a station was a sperm whale.
If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Ma Lu would’ve never believed that such a massive beast that thrived in the vast oceans would be stranded in an abandoned underground railway station. The sperm whale in front of him was actually still alive, probably a little dispirited after leaving the ocean. Lying on the ground, it had little strength to struggle anymore.
Ma Lu recalled the rumbling sound he had heard earlier, as well as the earthquake that disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Now, it seemed that it wasn’t an earthquake but something else that had thrown this huge whale here. Weighing in at over 60 tons, the colossal mammal fell to the ground, causing the entire station to tremble.
The size and weight of a whale far exceeded that of any other land creature. Ma Lu didn’t dare to think about how big the thing that had dragged it here should be.
Zhang Heng also noticed the sperm whale, but he didn’t have the time to deal with it at the moment. Even though the three of them had run up to the second floor, they weren’t out of danger yet. The most important thing now was to keep a distance from the snaketide.
Zhang Heng looked around the second floor. On his left and right, two tunnels laid side by side. These should correspond to the four entrances and exits of the subway station, but the tunnels in different directions were quite a distance apart. Zhang Heng had already made the wrong choice once before, so he wasn’t in a hurry this time. He calmed himself down and thought carefully for a moment.
In the end, he chose the two tunnels on his right because the thing that had thrown the sperm whale on the second floor had left in that direction. Zhang Heng heard the loud dragging noises from that direction; even though that thing was probably more dangerous than the snake tide, at least it proved that this path could be taken.
However, just as the three of them were about to reach that place, they saw a despairing scene. They saw another dense mass of black shadows surging out from the two passageways.
“How could this be?!” Ma Lu felt unstable as he felt the world around him spinning wildly.
They didn’t know how to deal with the snake tide behind them, much less expect a new wave of enemies. Moreover, the three of them were caught in the middle of the two waves of snake tide so that they couldn’t advance or retreat.
Ma Lu had never been in such a desperate situation before. He looked around at the densely packed snakes as if going to drown the entire station. Ma Lu really couldn’t imagine what the three of them could do to survive such a situation.
Just as he was about to give up and resign himself to fate, he heard Zhang Heng say to him, “What are you waiting for? This way.”
Ma Lu saw Zhang Heng Run to a pillar, put fan Meinan on his back, and then open his travel bag. So, Ma Lu also rushed over. He had hoped that Zhang Heng’s travel bag would contain some killer weapon; in the end, all he saw was Zhang Heng pouring out a pile of Lego parts.
Ma Lu didn’t know what to say. The last thing he expected to see was Zhang Heng in the mood to play with Lego blocks at a time like this, especially after knowing that a few snakes were approaching.
Zhang Heng, however, acted as if he didn’t see them. He continued to focus on the Lego blocks in his hands. It wasn’t until the snakes were less than half a meter away from Ma Lu that Zhang Heng pulled out his Hidden Scabbard again. With a single slash, the snakes were decapitated.
Ma Lu, however, was not optimistic. Compared to the swarm of snakes in front of him, the ones that Zhang Heng had dealt with were just a drop in the bucket. Furthermore, Zhang Heng dealt with the snakes that were already swarming over him with one hand while his other was still piecing together the blocks.
Ma Lu really did not know what kind of magical attraction those blocks had. They were making Zhang Heng completely disregard his life.
As the number of snakes in front of them increased, it started to become impossible for Zhang Heng to defend himself with a single blade. Fan Meinan and Ma Lu had no choice but to join in the battle, but they did not have any weapons in their hands and could only use their shoes to kick the snakes away. Fortunately, Zhang Heng chose a good spot. The three of them had their backs against the stone pillars, so they only needed to deal with the enemies on three sides. They did not need to guard their backs anymore.
However, the situation was only temporary. As more and more snakes crawled out from the two tunnels not far away, it was getting harder and harder for the three of them to see the space around them.
“Buy me two minutes,” Zhang Heng said to Fan Meinan without raising his head.
“Okay.” Fan Meinan wasted no time and pulled out a piece of chocolate from her pocket. Even though her special ability had disappeared, she still had a few game items on her. This piece of chocolate was one of them, and it was just the right item for this situation. Previously, she was pinching it when she was lying on Zhang Heng’s back. However, Zhang Heng had told her that she didn’t need any help for the time being, so she put it back into her pocket.
Now, Fan Meinan broke off a piece of chocolate the size of a fingernail and threw it into the group of snakes. Then, all the snakes started to go crazy. They completely forgot about the three and swarmed toward the chocolate. A snake that had almost reached the feet of the three of them was in a hurry to turn around and snatch the piece of chocolate. Unfortunately, they were too late.
The piece of chocolate was swallowed by a corn snake as soon as it landed on the ground. However, before it could savor the taste of the chocolate, another green bamboo snake beside it bit into its body. Due to the protection of the scales, however, the bamboo green snake was unable to bite the corn snake’s flesh. However, its angry action seemed to have pushed some buttons.
Then, the companion next to the corn snake seemed to have suddenly woken up and rushed to bite it… not long after, the corn snake was completely eaten up. Not even a bone was left. The snakes regained their calm, too, turning around again to slither towards the three of them.
Fan Meinan did the same thing again. She broke off another piece of chocolate and threw it over, causing the snakes to fight for the food again. The good news was that every time she threw the chocolate, it would buy the three of them about 20 seconds of safety. The bad news was that the bar of chocolate in her hand was getting smaller and smaller.
Until she threw out the last piece of chocolate, the group of snakes experienced another period of restlessness. Fan Meinan wanted to throw the chocolate again but found only some residue left in the tin foil.
Fan Meinan threw the remaining residue and the tin foil into the distance, but she snakes didn’t seem so obsessed, probably because there was not so much chocolate this time. After the tin foil was swallowed by a snake, the snakes next to it did not attack it anymore. Instead, they surrounded the three people from all directions.