48 Hours a Day

48 Hours a Day

48 Hours a Day
Chapter 772 - Be Prepared

Chapter 772: Be Prepared
Since this was Dadatis’s first lesson with Zhang Heng, it lasted a long time. When it was almost dawn, some of the more hardworking slaves had already gotten up and began preparing breakfast. And Datdatis had to end the training here.
The two of them wished that the training could last a little longer.
Not only did Dadatis teach Zhang Heng stealth movements as promised, but he also introduced other assassin’s combat skills to him. In this regard, the Balance Blade did an excellent job. All those that joined the Balance Blade were top-tier assassins. Everyone had a unique skill. When they were young, they would keep their unique skill a secret, but when a top-tier assassin like Dadatis started to age, he would wish that he could leave something to this world.
The assassin was a person who stayed hidden in the shadow of history. The more successful the assassin was, the less likely his name would be passed down and known by others. That was why they wanted to leave something behind to prove that they were once lived in this world. Although this idea was not promoted since the beginning of the Balance Blade’s establishment, it played a significant role in preserving and developing assassin skills.
Dadatis knew what Zhang Heng was thinking about. So, he took the initiative to tell the latter that there was a library in the Balance Blade’s secret base. Only its core members were allowed to enter it. And in those books were many ancient assassin skills and related deeds. Not even Dadatis had seen or read most of them because everyone had limited energy. But if one person could learn all the skills in it, the old man knew it would have to be Zhang Heng.
When it came to learning and grasping concepts, Dadatis had never seen someone as good as Zhang Heng.
Zhang Heng had Lv 4 swordsmanship and the combat experience he accumulated from different quests, especially after challenging all of Kyoto during the Bakumatsu quest. He managed to learn all the signature moves from all those sects. And it improved his adaptability and learning speed when he learned a new combat skill. Rarely anyone could compare.
To Zhang Heng, Dadatis was equivalent to the door leading to a new world, allowing him to strengthen his arsenal further. At the same time, he had his first glimpse at another combat style, and indeed, he benefited a lot from it.
Understanding combat style was different from putting it into practice. Take the stealth skills that Dadatis taught him as an example. From understanding, putting it into practice, and mastering it; Zhang Heng would need a long time to do all that.
Fortunately, he had all the time in the world.
Dadatis did not leave in a hurry when he was done teaching today’s lesson. “With your skill and mind, I can’t figure out how you were forced to enroll into this gladiator school, but judging from your previous performance, I can probably guess what you are thinking. You want to make use of the gladiator performance to regain your freedom quietly and leave this place. And you know that if you perform badly or too well, Mark Reuss will not let you off his hook easily. You are smart enough to conceal your true strength. But what if I ask you to show all your strength?”
“Huh?” Zhang Heng raised his eyebrows.
“Don’t worry about not being able to leave the gladiator school. We can help you and your friends to get out of here right away when the thing is over.”
“Do you want me to become famous?”
“Yes, because I want to send you to the gladiatorial show at the Flavian Amphitheater two months later.”
“Flavian Amphitheater will be holding a performance in two months? How did you know about it?”
“As I said before, the Balanced Blade has its own intelligence network. Not to mention that this matter is no longer a secret now. The Roman senate was discussing this matter some time ago. They have already received the intel that the Roman Empire will end the war with those Germanic. And the new emperor is returning to Rome with his army. The first batch of the troops should be back in Rome as early as a month and a half’s time, and the crowning ceremony should come with it. By that time, the Flavian Amphitheater will host a grand gladiator show. Other than the royal gladiators, some of the chosen gladiators from the various gladiator schools will be sent to participate in the grand gladiator show.”
Dadatis paused and said, “Although the government will probably not pay the gladiator school enough money, it is related to the honor of each school. For the sake of the Roman Senate’s new emperor, all the school would send out their best gladiators to fight in the Flavian Amphitheater. In other words, all the best gladiators from Rome will be getting together and compete in the same arena, showing their skills in front of ninety-thousand spectators. Not only will the winner bring good reputation to himself and his school, but he will also receive a reward from the emperor.”
“I’m just a new gladiator. I’m pretty sure Victor Arena will not choose me. Even if Gaby doesn’t want Bach to fight so early, veteran gladiators like Habitus and other famous gladiators are more qualified than me.”
Zhang Heng went to talk to other gladiators in the afternoon, and he now understood the industry a little better than before. He knew that the new gladiators might have to wait for several months before they were given a chance to perform on stage for the first time. Of course, a new rising-star like Bach was an exception.
To start making money from them, the gladiator school would push them out as early as possible, treating them as cash cows. And they had to participate in performances more frequently than ordinary gladiators.
“Don’t worry about this. If you are fine with it, we will arrange for you,” Dadatis said.
“I’m fine with it. You teach me how to fight, and I help you guys complete the task given to me. Sounds fair,” Zhang Heng said.
Dadatis sighed secretly when he heard what Zhang Heng said. He hoped that Zhang Heng would have a sense of belonging to the Balance Blade, instead of seeing it as a form of transaction. However, he knew that he could never rush this kind of thing. In the end, he said, “Be prepared. Your first battle will come soon.”

Zhang Heng then quickly went back to his residence before Varo and the other two gladiators woke up. Except for Dadatis and him, there was no third person who knew what happened last night. After that, Zhang Heng also devoted himself to training every day like the other newcomers.
In addition to the basic training that every gladiator needed to complete, Zhang Heng had to complete the training session given to him by Dadatis.
One week had passed in a blink of an eye.
Zhang Heng had gotten better at moving stealthily. He could now reduce the sound of him moving by half anytime he wanted. He tried to sneak into the kitchen with what he learned and stole some bread. And the cook that was busy cooking with his back facing Zhang Heng did not realize that someone had entered the kitchen to steal food.
On the other hand, the first batch of battle arrangements was set in stone. In the end, Gaby failed to persuade the money-minded Mark Reuss to put a hold on Bach’s battle first. So, Bach was forced to participate in the next gladiatorial show. Fortunately, Gaby persuaded Mark Reuss not to arrange the quasi-ace level players to fight against Bach. This would undoubtedly cause some audience to lose interest in Bach but in exchange for a greater chance of winning. According to the usual practice, Gaby also needed to select some fodder from the newcomer group to perform in the arena.