48 Hours a Day

48 Hours a Day

48 Hours a Day
Chapter 983 - Small Excitement

Chapter 983: Small Excitement
Feng Zi said nothing when Zhang Heng showed up. The first thing she did was make him drink two pints of beer. Fortunately, Zhang Heng was used to chugging rum when he was in the Black Sail dungeon. It was mainly because of the lack of clean water on the ship after spending a long time at sea. Rum was alcohol, after all, and it could be stored longer in the barrel. Drinking two pints of beer would not affect Zhang Heng.
Despite his high tolerance, Zhang Heng did not forget that he was still in a dangerous situation and that there was a mission that needed to be completed. Still oblivious to the exact location of the emergency response team, Zhang Heng did not continue drinking after the two pints.
Feng Zi frowned, looking very disappointed.
“You are not as poetic as you seem.”
“Why do you say that?”
“A long time ago, I met a street singer like you. He was an extremely good drinker. Have you ever seen a buffalo drinking water? I personally haven’t, but I think a buffalo drinks water like how he drank his beer. It was as if he put his head into the barrel and drank as much as he could. Then, as he got tipsy, he started bemoaning loudly, telling me about his first love. Afterward, he played a song he wrote her. That scene… was really poetic.”
“If you want to listen to me talk about my first love, I am afraid you will be disappointed,” Zhang Heng said.
“Why?” Feng Zi asked, “Don’t you have a first love?”
“That’s not the case.”
“Tsk tsk… I see. You are the kind who buries all your stories in your heart, right? I have time. As long as one has had enough alcohol, I believe he’d open up eventually .”
Feng Zi placed another pint of beer in front of Zhang Heng. “Come on, let’s continue.”
However, Zhang Heng did not reach out to grab the beer. Instead, he looked at the Pandaren team championship clock on the wall.
The time now was 6:26. In less than twenty minutes, he was supposed to carry out the transaction with the seller. However, Zhang Heng did not even know who the seller was. Moreover, after the match started, most people in the bar were focused on the game. Therefore, spotting the seller through observation would be extremely difficult.
It seemed Feng Zi was determined to sleep with Zhang Heng tonight. She crept up real close to him and said, “If you don’t want to talk about your first love, we can talk about something else. What’s your dog’s name?”
Zhang Heng made up a name casually.
“Ha! Now, that’s quite unique.”
Feng Zi scratched the pug’s chin. She then started to call it Wednesday repeatedly, but it did not respond. It was as if the pug had Alzheimer’s.
Feng Zi teased the dog for a while and quickly turned her attention to Zhang Heng. She fanned her face with her hand and asked him. “Aren’t you feeling hot? I don’t know why, but I am feeling a little hot now.”
At the same time, the pundit’s voice suddenly turned high-pitched.
“…Guo Song! No. 11 Guo Song has broken into the penalty area with the ball! A quick dodge and Baker fails to get to him. Facing veteran Gaboudia, Guo Song chooses not to go for a breakthrough, but he immediately passes the ball back to Ma Liang. Ma Liang doesn’t stop the ball, resorting for a long shot! Oh, what a pity! The ball hits the goalpost… But! It’s not over yet. The ball bounces back to Guo Song… Guo Song’s not hesitating… he raises his foot to kick the ball! Aaannnd…. the goalkeeper fails to recover!!! Goal! Goal! Less than eight minutes into the game, Pandaren has scored their first goal!”
The fans who had been biting their teeth in bated breath erupted in a mighty cheer the moment Panderan scored their first goal. The entire Singularity Bar transformed into a sea of joy.
Zhang Heng’s eyes suddenly lit up. Instantly, he planted a kiss on Feng Zi’s face and said, “Thank you.”
“Thank you? What are you thanking for? Haven’t you already thanked me for buying you a drink? And you should know what I really want. That kiss wasn’t all that bad.” Feng Zi touched her cheek and broke out a silly smile.
“If you want to sleep with me, then wait until I return. I have some unfinished business.”
Zhang Heng did not wait for Fengzi to answer, but he smashed the beer glass in his hand on the ground.
When the glass shattered, everyone almost unanimously turned their attention to Zhang Heng.
The bar owner was about to say something, but Zhang Heng suddenly jumped onto the bar and tore off his shirt. After that, he raised his hand and shouted, “Victory belongs to Pandaran!!!”
The first person that reacted to Zhang Heng’s silly stunt was Feng Zi. She was probably the only person in the bar who knew his secrets. She felt a little strange when she saw what he did, not sure as to why Simon, a non-Pandaren fan, would suddenly turn into a team die-hard fan. That said, she was no a fool. She knew Simon pulled such a stunt for a reason.
Feng Zi suddenly took off her coat and threw it aside. She then jumped onto the bar counter and shouted with Zhang Heng, “Pandaren must win!!!”
With Zhang Heng taking the lead and Feng Zi following suit, the whole bar ignited with joy. The crowd rushed to jump on the table, took off their coats as well, and shouted Pandaren’s victory slogan with Zhang Heng.
At the same time, Zhang Heng took the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a good look at the bellies of the crowd, trying to spot anyone with Apollo tattoos. He then lowered his voice and said sincerely to Feng Zi, “Thank you, you helped me again.”
“No big deal.”
Feng Zi raised her eyebrows, not bothering for a second the lewd gazes of the men. Instead, she licked her lips and said to Zhang Heng, “Remember your promise to sleep with me.”
Although the Singularity Bar had completely broken into pandemonium after Pandaren’s score, Zhang Heng still managed to employ his excellent observation ability and take a good look at everyone in the shortest possible time.
Now, although he didn’t spot anyone with Apollo tattoos, this didn’t mean what he just did was meaningless. On the contrary, it helped eliminate a large number of people, enabling Zhang Heng to focus on a few suspicious targets.
But before Zhang Heng had time to walk over, he saw the bar owner, a middle-aged man with gloomy eyes approaching him.
Zhang Heng initially thought that the bar owner would reprimand him for breaking the glass, jumping the bar, and causing the insanity. However, the middle-aged man stopped five meters away from him and nodded solemnly. He then tore off his shirt, revealing a tattoo of Pandaren’s crest on his chest and the top ten players of the Pandaren team. Then, without warning, he broke into a roar, jumping onto the side of the table at the same time.
Feng Zi smiled and said, “See? I told you. From the owner to the bar’s patrons, they are just a group of kids. As long as you support Pandaren, you are considered their brother from a different mother.”
“I feel this brotherhood now,” Zhang Heng said.