A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss
Chapter 20

Chapter 20
Chapter 20 – Creative Demon Lord (Part 1)

I understood it while hunting with Fir… I have no weapons .
Using a sword was fine because I’m in a different world, but it didn’t really suit me . Right now I’m looking at the DP catalogue to find a suitable substitute .
“Hmm…” I pondered as I scratched my head .
Since it’s the most orthodox weapon, swords are the type with the most variety . I was only using cheap ones though, but maybe if I buy a more expensive weapon I can find something good, though I feel bad for wasting money only to check if a single sword is useful .
Spears and bows are also being sold, but they seem hard to use, so they don’t work as substitutes . There are also some weapons with romance, like a sickle or a whip, but it wouldn’t suit me either, having a high dexterity apparently doesn’t make it easier to wield a weapon .
On the other hand, the steel bar was easy because I just needed to move it around, my main weapon should give a feeling like that…
Perhaps a club?
… Nice, let’s put it as a candidate .
Though how would a Demon Lord look if they wielded a club? It’s fine if there isn’t anything else, but I would like to use something that made me look like a last boss .
I mean, what would a last boss wield? Would a sword fit better?
… Actually, most last bosses weren’t humanoids in the first place, maybe I should learn a spell to change my form to a monstrous one? That’d be nice, being able to make a beastly howl would be awesome .
Wait, wait, I should calm down and think about it seriously .
I need a weapon that doesn’t knock enemies down with skill or technique, but with brute force and weight . In that case a large weapon is nice, like a hammer or a… Great sword?
I moved my finger through the DP catalogue with this idea in mind .
Since it is still a sword, I will be benefited by the ‘swordsmanship’ skill, and this weapon will have more weight than the sword or steel bar I used so far .
And most importantly, it’s cool .
Being cool is important because it will increase my motivation . Training is boring, if there isn’t something to make it exciting, I’ll be unable to do it for a long time . This is why it’s important, I’m not just a kid that wants to show off .
“Nice, there it is . ” I touched the catalogue and bought a Great Sword .
This was the cheapest one within the list because they were all too expensive .
“I thought you had finally decided to stop playing games, but did you just buy another weapon?”
At that moment, Lefy, who had a triumphant look because she was winning an Othello game against Iluna, came to me… She never won when I played against her, but feels proud about winning against a little girl .
“This game will one day make me able to take a scale of your dragon form . ” I replied .
“Oh? The scales of this great me are tougher than steel made by the gods, you know? I’ll look forward to your attempt . ”
I was a bit frustrated while looking at Lefy’s grin, so I grasped the sword tightly, which is when I noticed… It’s light .
This weapon is still too light, it’s useless . There is still more weight than what the small sword or steel bar had, but I wanted something as heavy as a rock . It would be impossible for me to wield that in my previous life, but it should be easy for me right now .
Besides, the blade is thin .
I wanted a big and wide sword that could strike a wall without getting a dent, but right now it looks closer to a Zweihänder or a Claymore, it would probably get damaged if it hit something like that .
It’s probably because this is a weapon made for humans, so even though it’s heavy, the sword has plenty of mechanisms to lighten it up, even if just a little… But I don’t need that, a heavier sword would be much better .
Perhaps things would be different with a more expensive weapon, but after spending that much DP on ‘Flight’, I prefer not splurging too much . However, it’s pointless with this kind of cheap stuff .
Wait… I remember seeing something while I looked at the catalogue before .
I quickly scrolled through the list and found the skill I wanted, ‘Weapon Creation’ .
Its effect explanation says to prepare the material, and activate the skill while imagining the shape of the weapon you want to produce while pouring mana on it .
The final result depends on the quality of the 3 ingredients, it gets easier to make higher quality items as the skill levels up . If I can’t find a good weapon I’ll just make one myself, I’ll become an all-round creative demon lord!