A Demon Lord’s Tale: Dungeons, Monster Girls, and Heartwarming Bliss
Chapter 36

Chapter 36
Maou Ni - Chapter 36

"What's wrong, Lefy? Are you that upset because I wasn't scared?"
"Grrr… You have some nerve . "
Lefy said with a chagrined expression .
At first, I had trembled with fear at the Supreme Dragon Coaster, which surpassed mere human strength . But ultimately, I loved a good thrill . "Oh, this is actually quite fun?" Once I noticed that, my screams had turned into cheering .
"Hmph . If anything, that was not nearly scary enough for me . "
"You're one to talk, you were so scared in the beginning . "
Lefy said with an even more twisted expression as she saw me looking victorious .
"Hey, older brother, older sister, let's hurry up and eat already . I'm hungry . "
"Oh, sorry . I want to eat too . Now, let's dig in . "
"'Itadakimasu . '"
"Itadakimasuu . "
"I- itadakimasusu . I can't get used saying that…"
At first, it was just me that said 'itadakimasu', but before I knew it it had become a common salutation around here before eating meals . Well, it wasn't a bad thing anyway . The newcomers would slowly get used to it .
"Ah! There's fried chicken! Lot's of fried chicken!"
Iluna exclaimed with joy as she opened the lunch basket and saw that there were mountains of her favorite fried chicken inside .
"Yeah, there is quite a lot . You can eat as much as you like . "
Interestingly, the fried chicken was made from the meat of a magical beast known as 'rock bird' . This animal was covered in rock-like feathers and attacked its enemies with a braying that sounded a lot like a death metal vocalist; making it 'rock' in more ways than one .
Its taste was quite plain but was juicy when chewed, and quite delicious overall .
"Mmm . The meat of magical beasts tastes so good . "
"Oh, so this is meat from a magical beast? What magical beast is it?"
"Rock bird . "
"I see, the rock bird…rock bird!? Isn't that a war-damage class beast!? Aren't the ingredients super expensive!?"
Lyu said as she did a double take in disbelief .
"War-damage class?"
"It's, it's a category for magical beasts! It means that just one of them is an equivalent threat as going out to war!"
Apparently magical beasts were categorized depending on their threat level . Non-threatening, Threatening, Man-made disaster, War-damage, Natural disaster, Large natural disaster, and Cataclysm . A war-damage class meant that you had to anticipate casualties equivalent to a war when going up against one . Although, since it was war in this world, the numbers would be in the hundreds instead of tens of thousands .
"Ah, is that so . While they are quite hard and sturdy, they still go down after a single hit with a greatsword . And because their flesh was quite delicious, I just saw them as a convenient source of food . "
"…While it's a bit late, I finally understand just how abnormal things are here . Though, I don't mind as this tastes good…"
Lyu said with a conflicted expression that could be read as both exasperation and admiration .
"Hehe, you haven't seen anything yet, Lyu . Just wait until you see what other ingredients are used here, you will surely be surprised . "
Leila said as she indicated towards the other sandwiches and rice balls .
This meal was made by me and Leila together . She had helped me from the cutting of the game, so she knew what was being used .
Today was a picnic after all . Usually, I was lazy and just used DP to acquire the ingredients, but today I took the effort to procure some meat from magical beasts instead .
"…I think I would rather not ask in that case . Being delicious is justice . I am satisfied with that . "
"That's a good way to live . Being delicious is justice . But, I think there is one missing component in calling this justice . Right, Yuki?"
"You really don't change, huh . I have prepared the dessert, okay . Just be patient . "
Hearing those words and realizing that I had prepared it, all the girls except for Leila broke into loud cheering .
"Yay! Dessert!"
"The sweets that Master prepares are so good that they make my mouth water . "
"Yes . I don't think there is anywhere else where you can eat something so good, regardless of where you are in the world . Be thankful for it, Lyu . "
"Eh, why are you acting all uppity?"
"Why, because it is I that has eaten the snacks that you've served the most . "
Ahh… That was true .
"Hey, hey . I am overjoyed that the Supreme Dragon has acknowledged me . "
"Aye, you can be very grateful of it . "
"…Umm, Master, there is something that's been on my mind for a while… Uh, does the reason that you call Lefy the Supreme Dragon have anything to do with…"
"Eh? Didn't I tell you? Lefy is a Supreme Dragon . And an ancient dragon . "
"…No, I hadn't heard . …But that means, wait, you really are a 'Supreme Dragon!?'"
"Yeah . Hard to believe, is it?"
"No, no . But, but… Supreme Dragons are known as a legendary species… But you're really small, with a weakness for sweets and are quick to anger when you lose . The exact opposite of what I had imagined…"
Ahh, yeah… That's true . No one would think she was such a person, sitting there with her cheeks full of food like a squirrel .
"Oh, what is it, Lyu? If you have something to ask me, I will listen . "
"Eh!? Oh, it was that!! It's just that, since you are a pretty young girl, you didn't really match my idea of a Supreme Dragon!!"
"Oh? Well, will you tell me what your idea of a Supreme Dragon's appearance was?"
"Eh, ah, umm, well, I…"
"Don't threaten her, you idiot . "
I gave a single karate chop to Lefy's head as she got carried away with her teasing .
"But…uhh, but, Lyu was…"
"No 'buts' about it . If you have any complaints, you should reconsider your daily actions before talking of others . "
I stared back as Lefy gave me a vengeful glare .
"Oh, you saved me, Master… But, Leila, you seem quite calm about it, had you noticed it? That Lefy was a Supreme dragon?"
"Well, I did . It is quite well-known that the Supreme Dragon, - I mean, Lefy had made the deeper parts of the haunted forest her territory . And the first time I met her, she was subduing dragonkin . If anything, I am shocked that you hadn't realized it all of this time . "
"Uh, well, but, at first, things were constantly moving and I didn't even know what situation I was in . When I met Master, I was completely distracted by Mofir and wasn't looking at anything else…"
Incidentally, Fir and Shii were now both resting with their eyes closed under the shadow of a tree . Shii was completely immersed in a dream world, but Fir seemed to be awake, given that there was second where he reacted . Most likely he was staying still out of diffidence . He's a cute little guy .
"It doesn't really matter . Everyone, let's hurry up and eat so we can play! I want to play badminton again!"
"Oh, that's a good idea . Iluna, let's play badminton together . "
"Yes! I want to play with older brother!"
Iluna said with a big smile . Cute .
"…By the way, Master . Your younger sister…"
"She's just a normal girl . "
"…Well, that's still very impressive for her, regardless . A girl who is doted on by both you and Lefy, a Demon Lord and Supreme Dragon… Maybe she is the most important person of all…"
I agree completely with that opinion .
Among the Big Four of my dungeon, Iluna stood at the top . Next was Lefy and then Fir, with me at the bottom . Shii and the two newcomers were a pet and maids so they are excluded .
I was likely to eventually play the role of someone who says "Heh, I am the weakest of the Top Four . I wouldn't get too cocky just because you beat me…"
…no, no that won't do . People say those kinds of lines right before they die . I don't want to die, so that notion is dismissed .
So, this other one then . I will say, "Heh, I am the weakest of the Top Four . You must be weak if you cannot even beat me . " I will stop the enemies that attack and defeat them . I will be the dungeon's shield .
"Heh . It is I, the shield of the dungeon and most fearsome Demon Lord, Yuki . "
"? What's the matter, older brother?"
"Nothing . "
And just like that, we played and frolicked for the entire day, until Iluna was so tired that she fell asleep .