A Sorcerer’s Journey

A Sorcerer’s Journey

A Sorcerer’s Journey
Chapter 629 - Three-Headed Snake Amulet

Chapter 629: Three-Headed Snake Amulet
The tenth battle of the Academy War between the Hydra Wrath and Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy would begin in six months’ time.
After this confrontation, the sorcerer academy would usher in the Holy Tower Qualification Battle, after that all Sorcerer-Apprentices from both academies would clear out, or if they were to continue the war, then both parties would start the next new cycle of battling each other, and so if the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy were still not able to take down the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy’s Mana Pool, they would most likely give up on carrying out the Academy War.
The sorcerer gathering of the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy that was held once every ten years was of course to make arrangements to deal with the Academy War.
Right now, after most of the Level-1 Sorcerers had left after the first round of the gathering, Peranos, who was one of the twenty two deans, motioned for Grimm to go to his side, it seemed like there was a special arrangement.
These past years during the Academy War, a few Hydra Wrath Academy Deans had fallen, through some connections, they had added in a few new ones, the overall numbers were still balanced.
Grimm leaned onto his Sabbatic Goat Staff and quietly walked to Peranos’s side.
The black aura of the Star Stone surrounded him, Grimm’s silhouette was a blur, Little Myna on his shoulder was holding a biography and fully immersed in his reading, not caring about what was happening around him.
These twenty years or so, Grimm not only held much prestige among Sorcerer-Apprentices, he was also known as the Sorcerer who gave lectures on the most advanced classes in the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy, many elite Sorcerer-Apprentices in the academy had more or less gotten inspiration from Grimm, and among the academy Level-2 Sorcerers and Level-3 Sorcerers, his war stories that circulated in the academy had made him generally acknowledged as the trump card Sorcerer of the academy, obtaining much honor for Peranos as well.
Peranos nodded, a few Great Sorcerers at the side stared at Grimm simultaneously, with looks of expectation in their gazes.
“Grimm, the destruction of this Academy War would perhaps be far more devastating than before, the Holy Tower Qualification Battle is upon us, all Sorcerer-Apprentices for the past hundred years will clear out, they won’t belong to the academies anymore, the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy will, without a doubt, attack us with all they have. So… the academy has arranged an extremely difficult task for you.”
The lights from the magic lamps in the hall shone onto the greyish-white Mask of Truth with spiral patterns, Grimm’s calm eyes looked at Peranos, he was not disturbed by this so-called difficult task.
Compared to the tasks that Grimm had completed during the Demon-Hunting Expeditions, the level of the tasks of the Academy War was rather insignificant.
“Whatever task you assign to me, I will do my best to complete it.”
His voice was calm and steady, showing the qualities of absolute power.
Deidarion patted Peranos’s shoulder, walking out from behind Peranos, his face that was becoming older, and that soulfire that was showing signs of withering, told Grimm that Master Deidarion’s life was near its end.
Before advancing as Stigmata Sorcerers, official Sorcerers would inevitably reach this day, Master Deidarion was no exception, Master Peranos… was also not an exception!
Under Deidarion’s messy strands of hair, his murky eyes stared straight into Grimm’s.
“Grimm, this matter is regarding the Hydra Wrath’s Sorcerer Tower Mana Pool, it is a battle of life and death, and is most likely the last battle for your Grandmaster that will determine whether he can remain as a Stigmata Sorcerer or not. This is an important matter, you are the most reliable concealment Sorcerer, and our trump card, you’ve killed two concealment Sorcerers from the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy hiding in our academy, so…”
Deidarion said each word and sentence clearly, “I want you destroy the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy with full strength, to the point where the few Level-3 Great Sorcerers of the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy will appear and defend the academy, it would be best if you can leave only one out of the two strongest Great Sorcerers alive!”
Grimm had met the two strongest Level-3 Great Sorcerers of the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy during the academy battle when they clashed head-on, they were Great Sorcerers that controlled the ice element and thunder element respectively.
Within the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy, the one who could match against these two Sorcerers one on one, was only Sarimuye, the Demon-Hunter Great Sorcerer with a Rank-2 Honor Badge that was invited from the Holy Tower of Six Rings, after Grandmaster Hydra Wrath paid a considerable price.
The Sorceress with a human head and a snake’s body was using a peculiar kind of Bloodline Sorcery, her powers were also extremely terrifying!
Grimm did not say anything, and merely nodded in silence, indicating that he would complete the task with all his might.
Master Udon walked out from behind, with a statue in his hands, it was a realistic Three-Headed Snake, its aura was actually connected to the Mana Pool of the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Tower.
A magic tool inherited by the Academy!?
Udon used elemental power to hold the Three Headed Snake inherited magic tool, and passed it to Grimm, his gaze was filled with ambition, but he remained calm. “Grimm, the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy used a large amount of the Mana Pool and hundreds of years of mental strength from hundreds of Sorcerers to create this one and only academy inherited magic tool, the Three-Headed Snake Amulet, it will help you complete this difficult task.”
The Three-Headed Snake Amulet!
The moment Grimm got hold of the Three-Headed Snake Amulet, the statue actually transformed into an armband, Grimm thought for a second and immediately clasped it on his right arm.
Suddenly, Grimm could feel the Mana Pool of the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy passing onto his body through the Three-Headed Snake Amulet, forming a supporting will with a special function.
“The power of this amulet is actually…”
Grimm seemed to feel an incredible power from the Three-headed Snake Amulet, his face revealed an unbelievably shocked expression, he was surprised as he looked at the Deans of the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy.
Udon smiled with confidence, and he said with satisfaction, “That’s right, the power of the Three-Headed Snake Amulet is to stimulate the Elemental True Body of a Stigmata Sorcerer, you can combine it with your element-activated creatures or chimeras at any time, boosting your overall power!”
The power of the Elemental True Body itself was a trick used by Sorcerers to lever the law.
When Sorcerers were in the Elemental True Body state, every insignificant movement after the blessings of the Elemental True Body would be magnified, the Elemental True Body, Mana Pool, True Time, were all the abilities of a Stigmata Sorcerer.
Once, Grimm encountered a Level-3 Great Sorcerer with twelve supporting Sorcerers, forming an Elemental True Body that was stationary to carry out an attack, and it was blown to bits by the 15,000-degree-attack of Grimm’s Magnetite Star Core.
To think about it, if it were not for the Magnetite Star Core, Grimm’s Destructive Force would not have easily defeated the other party in such a short amount of time, and he himself would be in boiling water.
With the Elemental True Body, the other party would have surely been able to destroy the attacks of the Destructive Force.
Right now, Grimm had the Elemental True Body power brought by this Three-Headed Snake Amulet, if Grimm were to combine it with the Dark Devourer Infernal Spirit Giant, all of Grimm’s battle powers would be boosted to indescribable heights!
Peranos stared at Grimm, his gaze filled with great expectations for him, and he lightly patted Grimm’s shoulder.
“Go, plunge the Shadow Argus Sorcerers into the terror that the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy experienced, you are the strongest concealment Sorcerer of the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy, the academy’s trump card!”
Grimm held his breath, and said deeply, “Yes sir!”
Then, Grimm’s silhouette disappeared in a distorted blur.