A Sorcerer’s Journey

A Sorcerer’s Journey

A Sorcerer’s Journey
Chapter 633 - Hunting the Target III (Orders to Retrieve the Holy Light!)

Chapter 633: Hunting the Target III (Orders to Retrieve the Holy Light!)
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On the top of the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy belltower, a bunch of Strabismites floated in the air, tails flicking and hovering above the academy in groups as they conducted a rigorous ground inspection.
This was the Sinister Eye’s nest. The source of the Shadow Argus Academy’s power was being transmitted through a magical array into the Sinister Eye’s eggs, so that those that mature would be able to add to their attacks using Shadow Argus’s magical energy.
“It’s chaos out there these days, what with the Hydra Wrath concealment Sorcerer’s influence scaring everyone. Apparently this mysterious Sorcerer defeated our academy’s own elite, concealment Sorcerer. What a terrifying fellow. I hope Dean Amirangelo can get rid of this guy quickly, the academy’s most venerable, perceptive Dean Amirangelo can definitely see through his concealment sorcery.”
Up in the air above the Sinister Eye’s nest, a patrolling Sorcerer was seemingly talking to himself.
He had exquisite, spotless white robes covering his fair body, hair like golden silk and had no exposed markings on the back of his hands or cheeks, with skin as soft as a baby’s. He looked cherubic, pure.
Although he was a Level-1 Sorcerer, the natural energy fluctuations caused by his every move made him on par with a Level-2 Sorcerer. This allowed his magical energy to recover very quickly, and lower the consumption of magic he needed to practice sorcery.
“No, you’re wrong, I believe the one who wants to kill the Hydra Wrath concealment Sorcerer the most is my mentor.”
Behind the spotless Sorcerer, a straight backed Sorcerer spoke as a golden-haired monkey sat on his shoulder, munching on a peach.
“Dean Migo?” The spotless Sorcerer blurted out, surprised.
Dean Migo’s Curse Sorcery was famous within the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy. Shadow Argus Stigmata Sorcerer had even built a High Altar for the man, allowing his curses to reach thousands of kilometers and bring its astonishing killing effects upon anyone outside. He could be described as one of the true deans of the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy, the other vast majority of the so-called deans were temporary hires put into their positions in order to start the Academy War.
After going through their usual rounds of patrolling the outside of the belltower, the two men drifted toward the ground and entered the tower.
Adult Strabismites consumed gazes from eyes for sustenance, but in the case of the young Strabismites, they sustained themselves by consuming noise. In the wild, when a Strabismite hatches, the adults would rub their tails together to create sound to feed their young. However, in a controlled environment such as the academy, they had to artificially replace that phenomenon.
Such as today, as it was these two men’s turn for the daily noise feeding.
One General Ant Level Marionette, eight Soldier Ant Level Marionettes, and one string of twine made from ghost vines were found entangling the whole cave. After going through these heavily set up defenses, the two Sorcerers arrived in front of a metal gate.
Several red lights scanned through the Sorcerers’ bodies, they had grown accustomed to this process due to having to go through such inspections on a daily basis. Then came a ‘click’ as the metal door parted for the two to enter before closing once they stepped foot into the warm and clean hall beyond.
However, the two men did not notice that when the red lights scanned through them, the space behind them distorted in an unusual way.
Click! Click!
Grimm ambushed the two Sorcerers that had entered the hall, annihilating them in a swift fashion, but he did not manage to complete his goal of destroying the Sinister Eye’s nest in one fell swoop.
He could see a Strabismite the size of a fist floating around in the air over a bunch of neatly arranged Strabismite eggs. There was also a noise-making machine in the center of the hall, creating a cacophonous noise through the use of friction.
Grimm’s eyes glinted, as if he had discovered something of interest. He took out a crystal test tube and proceeded to collect the previously spotless Sorcerer’s blood.
“A natural-born Sorcerer, with the talent to control natural energy!”
In fact, everyone in the Sorcerers World had their own natural talents. There were very few people who were born with a mental strength above fifteen points, these people were the ones who manifested an innate talent. There were also some people with a mental strength above ten, these people revealed their talents after they had advanced into official Sorcerers. Though most people had a mental strength below ten, if they were to become Stigmata Sorcerers, they would also be able to develop their own talents.
It would be more beneficial if talents were developed as soon as possible as they would aid a Sorcerer by making their research and pursuit of knowledge more efficient, and if a talent were manifested late, would it not be a waste of time to start from scratch in researching the talent while other Sorcerers had already achieved great things?
The talents of human beings were endless and varied. However, whether it was an ancient Elemental Sorcerer or a modern Elemental Sorcerer, the best talent to have for a recognizable Sorcerer was… the talent of natural energy!
For modern Sorcerers, having the talent of natural energy could advance them past their apprenticeship, lower their magic consumption and increase their magical recovery. All of which were extremely helpful secondary abilities for a Sorcerer.
“I have it! All four guidance materials for my Esoteric Sorcery!”
Grimm gleefully raised his head and looked over to the Strabismites, which were no stronger than a frog strapped for dissection, and the eggs laid out within the Sinister Eye’s nest. He then randomly fired a dozen fireballs all around him from the Sabbatic Goat Staff.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! went the explosions as he let loose, and in an instant the entire hall was covered in a sea of flames.
After deciding that he was done with the current hall, he moved onto the next one which contained slightly matured Strabismites which had developed the ability to fire a weak death-beam from their pupils that had very little effect on Grimm. The booms of his explosions did not stop in momentum. He was like a tiger in a sheep’s den as he proceeded down one hall after the other.
After a short while, Grimm smiled coldly at his completed task of destruction and casted a long-distance teleportation spell, distorting the space around him as he left the Shadow Argus Academy grounds.
By the time the Shadow Argus Academy had noticed a leak in their defenses and the destruction he had wrought, half an hourglass worth of time had already passed. Their anger and horror were almost unimaginable.