A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return
Chapter 1029 - The First Dance

Chapter 1029: The First Dance
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Especially Pei Jingyu and Pei Jingshan. They sat on their seats as if sitting on pins and needles.
The whole audience was focusing their attention on them as if mocking them for their failure. Forget about the other noble ladies, they could just excuse their failure as “their family not being as powerful as the Pei family”. But what about the two sisters from the Pei family? They were under the same family and had the original Pei family blood running in their veins. Yet they lost to that adopted brat!
How shameful was that?
Even Pei Jingyu, who was widely known for always keeping a dignified and grandeur disposition, could hardly hide the anger in her face.
However, she had no other choice but to gather up all her energy and sit with her back straight. She even had to put on a generous smile on her face to prove that she was not jealous of her sister.
Pei Jingshan, on the other hand, did not have the same cultivation. She said with hatred, “What’s so impressive about her?”
Pei Zhenyuan immediately turned to glare fiercely at her. He almost made mincemeat of her—no matter what kind of internal conflicts the Pei family had, they had to be seen as one to the outside world! Why was Pei Jingshan this brat not sensible and putting on such a foul face in front of all the guests!
Pei Jingshan was shocked by Pei Zhenyuan and immediately shut her mouth.
Pei Jingyu was also fuming with rage. This sister of hers was too embarrassing! She had always regarded herself as the most respectable lady in the Pei family. Under this kind of situation, she naturally had to represent the family to redeem the ladies’ pride. She swallowed her anger and said to Xia Ling, “Congratulations, Xiao Ling. I’m happy for you for winning the title of the Midsummer Lady.”
Xia Ling was surprised. Since when was this arrogant lady so magnanimous?
However, it was always a good thing to be congratulated by others. She smiled brightly and thanked Pei Jingyu.
Pei Jingyu glanced lightly at Pei Jingshan. “Jingshan, aren’t you going to congratulate Sister Xiao Ling?” She said in a dignified and gentle demeanor representing that of a head sister.
Pei Jingshan was not reconciled to it. But she did not dare defy under the strict eyes of Pei Jingyu. She bit onto her lips and pondered over it for a while before saying reluctantly, “Congratulations, Xiao Ling.”
Xia Ling’s smile widened. Her smile was like the night lights in the small garden intertwining together, as beautiful as a dreamy fairy. “Thank you, Jingshan. It’s all thanks to you guys for giving way to me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten the Midsummer Lady title so successfully.”
In all honesty, she was not trying to infuriate the two ladies on purpose. It was just that she had not been to many events and only had these few words of thanks. Giving way? Pei Jingyu and Pei Jingshan were so angry they almost vomited blood. Was this brat mocking them? She was intolerable!
Pei Jingshan could not control her expression anymore. She said stiffly, “I’m going to the ladies’.”
She got up and left.
This scene was all caught in the eyes of the audience. They shook their heads secretly. This Miss Jingshan from the Pei family still lacked in self-restraint. She could not control her expression even with just a tiny bit of disappointment. It seems like she was not a good match for marriage.
A few families who had considered marriage with the Pei family secretly scratched “Pei Jingshan” off the list of potential candidates.
Xia Ling had already worn the flower crown. The organizer smiled at her and said, “Congratulations, Miss Ling. Now, as per our rules, you will decide who is the male guest that will have the first dance with you. Who have you decided on?”
“Ah?” Xia Ling batted her eyelashes and was confused.
She had never learned how to dance before. Oh no, she had learned before, but it was all self-learned and performance-based. She had never learned the double social dance! She stared at the organizer a little helplessly and then at Pei Ziheng.
Pei Ziheng got up and pulled on her arm elegantly. “Let’s go.”
The whole crowd was agitated. What, Chairman Pei had volunteered to dance with her?! Although the Midsummer Ladies thus far had all had the first dance with their fathers and brothers, but… but for such a grave and expressionless man like Pei Ziheng to dance was such a rare thing, much less him starting the dance!
What kind of a miracle was this?
How adored was this little girl to be able to start the dance with such a respected deity!
Under the various glances of the audience, Xia Ling was surprised as well. But she was more apprehensive. “Brother Pei,” she called softly as they walked along the little garden towards the dance floor.
Pei Ziheng stopped and looked down at her. “Yes?”
She moved her lips lightly and glanced in concern at her surroundings, unable to speak.
The tall powerful man bent his back and lowered his head to stick his face near hers.
Xia Ling tip-toed slightly and lent close to his ears and said lightly, “I, I don’t know how to dance.”
A smile flashed across Pei Ziheng’s eyes. He reached out and caressed her head affectionately. Without any explanation, he held her hand and continued walking. She was even more apprehensive but decided to trust in him firmly. He would not harm her.
“What are they saying?” The other guests were whispering to each other in the little garden. “Have you realized, Chairman Pei and that little girl look so beautiful today, like a painting.”
“You’re right,” another guest said. “It’s not common to be able to stand beside Chairman Pei and not have her radiance concealed. Don’t even mention us, even the Pei family’s Old Master Pei Zhenyuan, the Wang family’s Old Master, all the bigshots and the noble ladies… they would appear dull standing beside him. But this girl has the ability. She looks shy at first, but once she’s standing beside him, her presence isn’t weak at all.”
“No wonder Chairman Pei is cultivating her to be the next female-in-charge of Imperial Entertainment.” This thought dawned on a few people.
The others thought they made sense and nodded in agreement. They waited eagerly for their dance to start.
Pei Ziheng held onto Xia Ling’s hand and walked to the outdoor dance floor that had lilacs and mimosas in full blossom. Under the starry sky, he held her waist gently and said in a low voice, “Relax, just follow my steps.”
So what if she didn’t know how to dance?
He had been strictly trained since young to dance. As a gentleman, it was a basic skill to lead others.
As expected, once the music sounded, he adeptly guided her across the dance floor. The resplendent starlight draped over the two of them. At first, she was a little nervous and stepped on his feet, but he pretended nothing happened and continued guiding her patiently.
“Ha, a wild brat is a wild brat.” Pei Jingshan had returned to her seat from the washroom. She looked at Xia Ling in disdain. “Big Cousin’s dance is so beautiful and perfect. It’s such a waste that he has to lead this trash!”
Pei Jingyu had finally found a chance to enumerate Xia Ling’s shortcomings. “How could she start off the dance with this kind of skill? She’s really throwing our Pei family’s face.”
Her words appeared to be right. Far and near, a few of the ladies were covering their mouths and laughing. “Look at that Xia Ling, she couldn’t have learned dancing, right? She’s already stepped on Chairman Pei’s feet so many times. It’s only because Chairman Pei has good self-restraint that he’s not fussing over it with her. Otherwise, she’ll lose face!”
“That’s right. I don’t know what Chairman Pei is even thinking. Why would he start the dance with this wild brat?”