A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return
Chapter 1151 - Let’s Get Married

Chapter 1151: Let’s Get Married
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Pei Zhenyuan looked at him furiously.
Chu Chen said, “How could there be a car rampage on the site of the Pei family? Could it be that someone finds Xiao Ling and the baby in her unpleasant to the eye and deliberately tried to murder them? You didn’t go to find the murderer but came to the operating room door to blame Xiao Ling for unwarranted charges. What’s your reason?”
Pei Zhenyuan certainly knew that this was a deliberate murder, but the wrong person had been knocked down.
He coldly warned Chu Chen. “Be careful of what you say, it’s not your turn to talk about the Pei family’s matters.”
Chu Chan was not willing to show weakness. “I’m sorry, I heard that Xiao Ling has just been removed from the genealogy and is not considered a Pei family member. What qualification do you have to reprimand her as a Pei family elder?”
Pei Zhenyuan was so angry that he almost burst in rage and glared at him.
Chu Chen didn’t even look at him. He helped Xia Ling sit down on the bench in the corridor and whispered in comfort. “You can rest assured, Boss is very blessed and will not have anything happen to him.”
Xia Ling hoped that he would be safe and sound. However, the pictures of the accident overwhelmed her; it was bloody and lingering. She had thought that he was selfish and cruel, that he would do anything for his own ambitions. However, after this incident, she realized that for her, he could actually sacrifice his life.
Unexpectedly, she remembered the sentence he had said that night—
“Sorry, my love is only this little, but I gave all of it to you.”
She suddenly forgave him.
Nothing was unforgivable, including his marriage, his self-righteous hardships, and the shackles and his crafty plots. Life was so short. To be able to meet someone who was willing to die for her, what more could she ask for? If she was too greedy, she’d be struck by lightning.
She breathed a long sigh of relief. If it came to it, they could just die on the same day and be buried together. When she thought about it, she felt like this life hadn’t been that torturous and painful.
The lights in the operating room were on for a long time.
Pei Zhenyuan was old and unable to support himself and was persuaded to rest, but she still stubbornly waited. She sleepily laid down on the bench. Chu Chen had no other choice, he found her a thick blanket and bedding. She was a superstar, yet looked like a family member of a patient, curled up on the bench while looking frail and dejected.
She didn’t care.
Chu Chen advised her. “I have booked a hotel for you opposite the hospital. You can go there to rest. Even if you don’t think about yourself, you should think about the child in your stomach.”
She bowed her head and gently stroked her lower abdomen. She said, “I don’t want to go. Ziheng needs me. Even if the baby knows, he will understand his father and mother.” Their baby was so strong and had experienced several conspiracies and accidents and was still all safe and sound, so she believed that he would be born safely.
“Baby,” she looked at her slightly raised belly and whispered. “bless your father.”
The door of the operating room opened and a tired doctor came out.
Xia Ling didn’t care that the blanket slipped down and hurriedly greeted him. “Doctor, how is he?”
The doctor took off his mask and said, “Fortunately, the patient’s condition has stabilized. The damaged internal organs have been sutured, and the broken bones have been repaired. As long as he is well-fed, there will be no sequelae.”
She listened to his words and felt reassured. As her body turned soft, she let go of the whole day’s exhaustion and almost fainted.
Chu Chen quickly helped her and said, “Go, go to the hotel suite.”
She stopped him. “No, bring me to his ward. I will guard him.”
At this time, several medical staff pushed Ziheng out. Xia Ling wanted to rush forward to see him, but a little nurse stopped her and said politely, “Sorry, Miss Xia, please stay away from the patient to prevent infection. We are going to send him to the sterile intensive care unit for three days. Three days later, he will be switched to the general ward.”
Xia Ling stopped in disappointment and watched the medical staff push him into the elevator.
Turning around, she said to Chu Chen, “Where is the sterile ward? I will stay outside the sterile ward.”
Chu Chen seriously thought about whether it was illegal to make her pass out. He finally sighed and cleared the family members that were outside the sterile ward, and settled her alone in the corridor.
She was guarding the corridor. When she was awake, she looked in through the one-way glass. Sometimes she could see half of his face, sometimes she couldn’t see anything, but she felt satisfied that she was close to him.
When she was tired, she slept in the camp bed prepared by Chu Chen.
Three days passed longer than she thought, and it was hard to wait until he was pushed out, but he was still in a coma and closed his eyes tightly. She asked the doctor with concern, “How is he, will there be a problem?”
The doctor said, “Don’t worry, Miss Xia, the patient’s signs are very stable and he will soon wake up.”
She heaved a sigh of relief and trotted along the bed as it was pushed, reaching for his hand. “Ziheng, you have to hold on.” She cheered him up. “I am here.”
They entered the VIP single room.
Three days later, Pei Ziheng woke up and saw Xia Ling at the bedside at first sight. His body was still weak, but his words were clear, and his voice was low and hoarse. “I heard your voice in my dreams.”
His simple words were enough to make her cry.
She suddenly got angry and cried and yelled at him, “Why are you so stupid? Why did you want to save me regardless of your life? If you die, what’s the point of me living?! I, I will definitely die with you…” She choked, crying more and more sadly.
There was a slight smile in Pei Ziheng’s eyes. “Don’t cry, you’ve become a crying kitten.”
“Why do you care!” She cried.
Pei Ziheng said weakly, “You still have our child.”
Xia Ling was stunned. She looked up at him and saw still tears in his eyes. “You… didn’t you always not want me to give birth to this child? Why do you suddenly care about him?”
“I regret it,” he said.
She didn’t quite understand what he meant, and still looked at him in confusion.
He smiled weakly and whispered, “When the car crashed into you, I regretted it.” At that moment, he had no time to react. His instinct was to protect her and her child, and he would rather sacrifice his life than watch them die. What family, what power? Those may be important…
But they were not the most important.
Only this pair of mother and son was his whole world.
Her crying gradually died down, but her tears flowed even more fiercely. She knelt down halfway at the edge of his bed and leaned her small head against his bed.
He reached out and stroked her soft hair and suddenly said, “Let’s get married.”
She was so shocked that she didn’t know how to react and looked up at him, speechless.