A Thought Through Eternity
Chapter 31B - This is Outrageous!

Chapter 31B - This is Outrageous!
The muscular man was very fast. He brought up a fierce gust of wind when he moved. Seeing this muscular man dart towards him, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shone brightly, and at the same time, he raised his right arm and pointed his finger forward. Following this motion, a wooden sword flew out from his storage pouch.
His wooden sword flew forward and without delay, it hacked down on the muscular man, who was charging at Bai Xiaochun.
While launching this attack, sword qi spread out over several zhang, then fell .
This muscular man’s facial expression instantly changed. His scalp almost burst open, and his pupils suddenly shrunk. A sense of danger suddenly filled his body, making him subconsciously step back. He let out a great shout and waved his arms. At that moment, the small shield beside him blocked a blow.(TLC note: Er gen left an incomplete sentence)
With a “thud” the small shield stopped the wooden sword. But the moment the shield and the sword met, the shield failed to block even a little bit of the sword’s power and was blown away. The sword then swished towards the muscular man.
The muscular man was stunned. No matter how fast he was, the sword would still be faster than him. In the blink of an eye, the wooden sword arrived in front of his face. It made him feel as if his body had been thrown into a cave of ice.
“I concede!”
The muscular man hastily shouted out, even his voice rose by an octave.
With a buzzing sound, the wooden sword abruptly stopped right between the man’s eyebrows, then flew back into Bai Xiaochun’s storage pouch.
Bai Xiaochun blinked his eyes in silence. He was shocked by his own wooden sword as well. He had only practiced with it before this fight and had just discovered the extent to which its power had grown. Furthermore, this was the result without using the method of Lifting the Heavy as Though It Was Light.
He rolled his eyes, raised his chin, and looked at the muscular man expressionlessly, with hands behind his back.
The muscular man had paled, but his eyes showed that he hadn’t accepted his defeat. He glared at Bai Xiaochun as he stood up.
“You won the fight with the power of your sword, I don’t believe that you could’ve beaten me without it!” said the muscular man, then turned around and walked down from the arena.
Elder Sun glanced at Bai Xiaochun. He too was shocked by the power of Bai Xiaochun’s sword. Without another word he announced Bai Xiaochun’s victory.
“Haha, I can just concede the next fight, I cultivate myself for nothing but longevity. All this fighting and killing is too barbaric for me. They are not things that I, Bai Xiaochun, want to do.”
Bai Xiaochun was quite happy as he walked down from the arena. He had already accomplished Li Qinghou’s demand, he was now definitely in the top five.
Li Qinghou fixed his eyes on Bai Xiaochun. While the others had only paid attention to the great power of Bai Xiaochun’s wooden sword, Li Qinghou had focused on Bai Xiaochun’s sword-manipulation skill instead.
As for the crowd, after seeing Bai Xiaochun win another round again, they were left discontent.
“That person must be rich. That wooden sword is outstanding, hmph, if I had such a magic treasure, I could win as well!”
“Magic treasures are merely tools, this person used all those defensive spells at first, then that magic treasure, but he must have neglected his real cultivation. In the future, he will certainly suffer for it.”
These kinds of jealous discussions didn’t last too long. In the following fights amongst the other competitors, Du Lingfei’s opponent was quite talented as well, and very powerful. In that fight Du Lingfei didn’t use her banners again, instead, she took out a flying sword. The two of them fought against each other with all kinds of methods for quite a while, and while everyone was staring in a daze, Du Lingfei’s flying sword suddenly raised its speed and rushed towards her opponent.
Such a quick speed had surpassed the object manipulation speed of ordinary disciples. The audience was stunned by this and soon exclaimed with realization.
“The Lifting the Heavy as Though It Was Light method!”
“How did she achieve such a high level…”
“Lifting the Heavy as Though It Was Light method!” Elder Sun’s eyes brightened, he looked at Du Lingfei with surprise.
Li Qinghou slightly nodded.
Chen Zi’ang was also shocked, as well as the other competitors in the top ten. Du Lingfei’s opponent let out a bitter smile, cupped his hands and conceded.
Du Lingfei stood on the arena, proudly looking at the surrounding people, then cupped her hands towards Li Qinghou and Elder Sun, before walking down from the arena.
But that didn’t stop the audience’s discussions.
Only Bai Xiaochun blinked his eyes.
“This speed can be counted as Lifting the Heavy as Though It Was Light method?” Bai Xiaochun thought with astonishment.
Du Lingfei proudly walked down from the arena. Her forehead was slightly sweating. She had fought two fights in a row and although she was in the peak of the fifth level of Qi Condensation, she had spent quite a lot of Qi, especially just now. Her opponent was quite powerful, forcing her to use her Lifting the Heavy as Though It Was Light method, which allowed her to win quickly, but consuming a lot of Qi in the process.
Her target was the first place, but in the upcoming fights, her opponents would only be more and more powerful. This kind of small competition between outer sect disciples didn’t have many regulations and it didn’t give competitors much time to rest either. Therefore, she immediately took out a round pill, placed it in her mouth and swallowed it. She then closed her eyes, attempting to recover as much of her Qi as possible.
By now, the first five had already been determined. Besides Bai Xiaochun and Du Lingfei, there were also Chen Zi’ang and two other young men, all of whom were in the fifth level of the Qi Condensation.
At this moment, the other four were all silently trying their best to recover their Qi and strength as much as possible.
Only Bai Xiaochun hadn’t consumed any Qi, not even a the slightest bit. He now stood on the other side of the arena as if the upcoming fights had nothing to do with him, yawning. All the other competitors, who hadn’t made it into the top five, wanted to beat him upon seeing this.
Bai Xiaochun had already managed to get into the top five just as Li Qinghou had demanded, therefore, he didn’t care about the upcoming fight at all.
With nothing to do, he was bored, so he directed his attention at the others, especially Du Lingfei. Bai Xiaochun thought, that if this girl’s object manipulating speed could be counted as Lifting the Heavy as Though It Was Light method, then he could obviously do much better than her.
“But this girl is too ferocious. She’s such a nice girl, why does she like fighting so much? Perhaps all these cultivating girls are abnormal? Zhou Xinqi was also very prideful and Hou Xiaomei has a really strange and volatile temper.” Bai Xiaochun shook his head while murmuring to himself. Just when he was about to turn his eyes away from Du Lingfei, she seemed to have sensed his gaze and suddenly opened her eyes, giving Bai Xiaochun a cold look.
Du Lingfei hadn’t considered Bai Xiaochun as a real competitor from the very beginning. Combined with the fact that in her eyes, the victories in his last two fights were due to luck, her discontent with Bai Xiaochun only increased.
“What? How dare she glare at me?!” Bai Xiaochun immediately felt indignant. He glared back at Du Lingfei. As long as he didn’t need to fight, kill and be hurt, Bai Xiaochun had never been afraid of this kind of aggressive eye contact in his whole life.
Du Lingfei frowned. Her followers behind her were all outraged by Bai Xiaochun as well, staring daggers at Bai Xiaochun.
“They’re too many. Besides, a gentleman should not pick a fight with women.” When he saw this many glares, some of them even threatening, Bai Xiaochun felt that his glare alone had lost its power. He snorted and quickly turned his eyes away. At this moment, Elder Sun’s voice rose and resounded throughout the entire arena.
“Good, all of you have done quite well in this small competition, now that we have already determined the top five, we can carry on. The five of you, come and take your numbered balls to determine your opponents. The competitor who grabs the number five ball will get into what we call ‘empty fight’, and will directly advance into the top three.” Elder Sun let out a smile, then raised his right hand, with the bag containing the numbered balls instantly appearing in front of him.
This time, Chen Zi’ang rushed up first. He frowned when he took out the small ball and saw the number four written on it.
Du Lingfei walked up to Elder Sun and took out a small ball as well, her number was two. The other two outer disciples each took out a small ball from the bag, one of them got one, and the other, three.
Bai Xiaochun didn’t even need to take his number ball, the last number was five, and he would be in the empty fight.
The pleasant surprise was evident in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes. He grinned, crossed his arms in front of his chest, then walked down from the arena, standing beside it. He looked at Du Lingfei and the other three competitors, feeling no pressure at all. He wasn’t even planning on continuing to compete, but now he didn’t need to do anything, and would directly enter the top three.
“Luck is also part of true power!” Bai Xiaochun proudly said.
His good luck made the others look at him with even weirder expressions, many outer sect disciples were quite unhappy about this outcome, especially those competitors who had lost their fights. They all felt very conflicted, they were angry at him, but envious of him as well.
This guy is too brazen, I can’t believe that after he entered the top five thanks to a magic treasure, he scored an empty fight and directly advanced into the top three!”
“This is outrageous! The very presence of this guy is the biggest blemish of today’s small competition!”