A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu
Chapter 664 - I Won't Fight With You, And You Can Snatch From Me

Only what could possibly be the truth could be called a scandal.
What was fake could only be called a rumor.
From Xia Mili’s point of view, Su Jian’an was obviously showing off.
Xia Mili’s smile froze on her lips little by little. “Miss Su, are you showing off your identity as Mrs. Lu?”
Contrary to Xia Mili, Su Jian’an’s smile became more and more bright. “I often mention Boyan to others. Why don’t others think I am showing off?”
“…” Xia Mili didn’t respond.
Su Jian’an seemed to have observed something and said calmly, “It seems that Miss Xia really cares about the identity of ‘Mrs. Lu’.”
Every single word of hers perfectly poked Xia Mili’s wound.
Yes, Xia Mili was very concerned about this identity.
When she was at school, she always thought that except for her, no one was good enough for Lu Boyan.
However, even she was rejected by Lu Boyan.
After returning home, she especially checked the detailed information of Su Jian’an. Compared with her, Su Jian’an’s resume was much plainer.
Su Jian’an’s only advantage was her beauty.
But she did not believe that Lu Boyan was such a superficial person!
The corners of Xia Mili’s lips showed sarcasm. “Miss Su, don’t be too confident. Beauty can’t withstand the destruction of time, but talent can be accumulated through time.”
Su Jian’an looked at Xia Mili for two seconds and said in agreement, “It can be seen from Miss Xia’s body that the beauty without solid foundation can’t withstand the destruction of time.”
The implication was that not only was Xia Mili not beautiful enough, but her beauty had also been damaged.
Xia Mili had worked hard in the business field for so many years, and the best skill she learned was to calm down.
Therefore, she was not irritated. Instead, she calmly retorted to Su Jian’an, “Women’s youth only lasts a few years old. You are already 25 years old. How many years do you think you still have in your best situation?”
“Compared with the peak period of appearance, the most important thing is to face the truth frankly.” Su Jian’an had always maintained a harmless smile. “Miss Xia, you advise me not to be blindly confident. It’s better to save some energy to persuade yourself not to be too narcissistic.”
Xia Mili stared at Su Jian’an and asked coldly, “What do you mean?”
“You think you’re talented, and I’m no match for you. Boyan should like you, right?” There was a hint of sarcasm in Su Jian’an’s smile. “But have you ever considered whether Boyan needs talents? Does he need your talents?”
“…” This time, Xia Mili was totally speechless.
Su Jian’an gave Xia Mili a final attack. “Besides, it’s not that Boyan will like you as long as you wish and suppose he should. Otherwise, when you implied to him at school, he should have taken the initiative to pursue you. A few years ago, he was not interested in you. A few years later, do you think he would change his mind?”
In Xia Mili’s ears, Su Jian’an was obviously humiliating her.
She didn’t want to give up!
Xia Mili suppressed the burning fury in her heart, and stared at Su Jian’an with her eyes like an arrow. “From now on, do you dare to compete fairly with me?”
Su Jian’an sneered and did not hide her irony. “For a man who already has a wife and children? You went to find his wife, saying that you would destroy her family, and compete fairly with her for that man? Miss Xia, you are so shameless. Is this the good habit you learned in the U.S.?”
“Su Jian’an!” The anger in Xia Mili’s heart finally could not be suppressed. “I’ve given you respect, don’t…”
“I don’t need your respect.” Su Jian’an interrupted Xia Mili coldly. “I won’t compete with you, either.”
Xia Mili asked in a sarcastic tone, “Are you afraid?”
“I have two children to take care of. It’s stupid to waste time on you, isn’t it?” Su Jian’an said frankly, “If you think you have the ability to take Boyan away from me, you can do whatever you want. I’ll wait and see.”
It was only then that Xia Mili realized that Su Jian’an was not afraid, but confident.
Even if she had declared war, Su Jian’an did not take her as an opponent seriously. She didn’t take it seriously so that she didn’t care to fight.
To put it bluntly, Su Jian’an did not think that Xia Mili had the ability to take Lu Boyan away from her.
“Su Jian’an!” Xia Mili warned Su Jian’an word by word. “I will make you regret!”
Su Jian’an smiled lightly and said, “Someone has told me the same thing. Well… she should be very regretful now.”
Xia Mili proudly emphasized, “I’m not her.”
Su Jian’an looked indifferent. “In my eyes, you are the same.”
Xia Mili gave Su Jian’an a cold and murderous look, and then turned to leave.
Very soon! She would let Su Jian’an know soon—what was different between her and the opponents Su Jian’an had met before!
Su Jian’an did not take Xia Mili’s words to heart at all and went downstairs to find Lu Boyan.
Lu Boyan had finished talking with his friends and was going to look for Su Jian’an. When he saw her coming downstairs, he greeted her from a distance. “Are Xiyu and Xiangyi awake?”
Su Jian’an shook her head. “No.”
Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an in confusion. “Then why did you stay upstairs for so long?”
In fact, it was Xia Mili who wasted her time.
However, Su Jian’an didn’t mention Xia Mili. She just said, “Yunyun went upstairs with me. I talked to her there.”
Xia Mili sent her a letter of challenge. It was a battle between her and Xia Mili.
Since Xia Mili was so unwilling, she would not let Lu Boyan intervene in this matter. She would deal with Xia Mili so that Xia Mili would be convinced of her defeat.
As for how she would fight with Xia Mili…
Well, she had her own way!
While she was thinking, a bodyguard rushed in and called Lu Boyan. When he saw Su Jian’an beside him, he suddenly stopped.
Su Jian’an could tell at a glance that there was something abnormal. She asked, “What did you find out?”
“We’ve found that Han, Han Ruoxi is outside.”
Han Ruoxi, this former glamorous female star, once stirred up a great disturbance between Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an. Everyone thought that Han Ruoxi’s name should be a taboo between Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an.
However, Su Jian’an was just a bit surprised and asked, “She doesn’t have an invitation, does she?”
The bodyguard shook his head. “Of course not!”
“Oh,” Su Jian’an said. “Then if she would like to stay outside the hotel, it’s none of our business.”
The bodyguard looked at Lu Boyan with uncertainty. “Boss Lu, is it okay for us to just ignore Han Ruoxi?”
“Of course not,” Lu Boyan said coldly. “Pay attention to her movements. If anything goes wrong, restrict her actions right away.”
“Yes, sir!” The bodyguard finally got the correct order and turned to run out of the banquet hall.
Su Jian’an couldn’t help sighing.
After dealing with Xia Mili, Han Ruoxi, the old rival, appeared.
The peaceful life which she had enjoyed when she was recovering after the delivery of two babies, was over, right?
Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an’s hand and looked at her. “What’s wrong?”
It was rare for him to hear Su Jian’an sigh.
Su Jian’an pursed her lips and smiled. She said lightly, “Nothing.”
Lu Boyan thought for a moment and said, “If it’s because of Han Ruoxi, I can let her go now.”
“Han Ruoxi can cause no effect on me.” Su Jian’an casually found an excuse. “I’m just a little tired.”
Lu Boyan looked at the time and frowned slightly. “There are still two hours left. I’ll take you upstairs to have a rest first. I’ll pick you up when it’s over, okay?”
At this time, Su Jian’an saw Xia Mili’s figure out of the corner of her eye.
She decisively held Lu Boyan’s hand. “There is an old rival in love outside, and there is a new rival inside. I can’t leave you alone in the banquet hall. It’s too dangerous!”
Lu Boyan smiled and looked at Su Jian’an. “Well, what should we do?” In his low tone, there was inadvertently exposed affection and care.
Su Jian’an leaned her head on Lu Boyan’s shoulder. “I’ll tolerate the tiredness. I’ll stay with you.”
Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Can you really hang on?”
Su Jian’an knew without guessing that as long as she said “I can’t do it”, Lu Boyan would definitely let her go back to rest.
She pursed her lips and said, “Don’t worry. It’s just that I haven’t seen so many people for a long time. It’s a little hard to deal with them. Take it as an entertainment!”
Lu Boyan did not say anything more. He took Su Jian’an’s hand and shuttled back and forth in the banquet hall.
Looking at their happy backs, Xia Mili subconsciously clenched the red wine glass in her hand.
Through the contact just now, she admitted that Su Jian’an was smarter than she had imagined.
She once thought that Su Jian’an was the kind of person who was soft and gentle, but now it seemed that Su Jian’an also had a tough side, but she never showed it easily in front of others.
“That’s good. It’s more challenging now.”
If Su Jian’an was just an ordinary housewife, to be honest, even if Xia Mili defeated her, it would not gain her a sense of accomplishment.
The more powerful Su Jian’an was, the more Xia Mili looked forward to seeing her frustrated look!
After staying for more than another hour and getting to know all the business celebrities in City A, Xia Mili went to say goodbye to Lu Boyan.
Lu Boyan’s response was polite but also alienated. “Take care.”
Xia Mili nodded and left the banquet hall with graceful and firm steps.
It was almost time to leave. One after another, guests came to say goodbye. By the time they saw off all the guests, it was already 11 o’clock in the night.
“Let’s go back to the room.” Su Jian’an’s heart was tied the two little guys. “Xiyu and Xiangyi may wake up.”
The two little guys did wake up once, but after drinking the milk, they fell asleep again. Maybe because they knew that their parents were not here, according to Aunt Liu’s words, the two little guys were very obedient. They didn’t cry or make a fuss. They were very quiet.
In order not to disturb the two little guys, the adults all went to the living room outside.
The living room covered an area of 40 square meters. There were two sets of luxury sofas, which were enough for everyone to have a seat.
Su Jian’an poured water for everyone and said, “Aunt, didn’t you just say that there was something to announce?”
It was getting late, and the matter had to be made public sooner or later. There was no point in delaying.
Therefore, it was better to get it over with now.
Hearing Su Jian’an’s words, all the people in the room looked at Su Yunjin. There was a little curiosity and expectation on Xiao Yunyun’s beautiful little face.
In the future, when thinking of this scene, Xiao Yunyun felt that her acting was really good.
If she wanted to be an actress, she could be given two chicken drumsticks for her lunch!