A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu
Chapter 666 - You’re Good-looking, So I Can Accept You as My Elder Brother

Chapter 666 You’re Good-looking, So I Can Accept You as My Elder Brother
“Shen Yuechuan actually asked me ‘Are you done?’”
Xiao Yunyun suddenly raised her head and looked at Shen Yuechuan angrily. “I heard that you’ve had a lot of girlfriends, right?”
Although he didn’t know what Xiao Yunyun was going to do, Shen Yuechuan still replied, “It’s a pity that none of them could be your sister-in-law.”
“Yeah, it’s a pity,” Xiao Yunyun said with a fake smile, “At least for now, it seems that the girls you’ve dated are very sensible.”
Shen Yuechuan was now really in a daze. He looked at Xiao Yunyun in confusion and asked, “Can you tell that?”
The girls he had dated were not originally sensible.
They had to be sensible.
Otherwise, they would have receive the parking gift before they were not sensible and made a scene.
Xiao Yunyun obviously didn’t realize it. She gritted her teeth and said, “If they are not sensible, how can you not know what a girl is like when she really makes a scene?”
Shen Yuechuan finally understood. What Xiao Yunyun meant was that she didn’t actually make a scene, but now she could do so right now.
He made a gesture of surrender. “I’m your brother, which is an undeniable fact. Tell me what you want.”
He had already promised that he could deal with Xiao Yunyun.
Therefore, he was going to go all out—no matter what request the wicked girl made, as long as he could do it, he would agree!
Shen Yuechuan had been ready to face the rainstorm, but Xiao Yunyun suddenly looked unexpectedly calm.
She looked at him and asked calmly, “When did you know?”
“Not much earlier than you.” Shen Yuechuan lied in order to hide his feelings. “I knew when you and Qin Han were dating.”
Xiao Yunyun hesitated for a moment and asked, “Are you happy now?”
“When I first knew about it, I was only surprised.” Shen Yuechuan avoided the point and said lightly, “I didn’t even have time to be happy.”
“What about now?” Xiao Yunyun didn’t give up and continued, “How are you feeling now?”
“Maybe because I’ve accepted the fact, so I feel good now.” Shen Yuechuan glanced at Xiao Yunyun and added, “If you weren’t my sister, things would be perfect.”
Xiao Yunyun didn’t think much about it at all. She swiftly kicked Shen Yuechuan and said, “Damn! How dare you dislike me as your sister?”
Shen Yuechuan just replied with a smile.
Not only did he dislike Xiao Yunyun as his sister, but he also wished that Xiao Yunyun was not his sister at all.
However, it was the fact. No matter how cruel it was, it could not be reversed.
So, just let the wicked girl misunderstand him.
Xiao Yunyun said angrily, “Let’s make it clear first. I won’t call you brother!”
“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Yuechuan put his hands in his pockets and looked relaxed. “Anyway, there are many girls who are willing to call me ‘Brother Yuechuan’.”
Xiao Yunyun almost spat out blood.
He thought that Shen Yuechuan would reply that he would not be used to it if she suddenly called him brother.
However, he actually showed off the number of his admirers instead.
Sure enough, shameless people were invincible!
What was most frustrating was she could not stop loving him.
Thus, she was also quite invincible.
Shen Yuechuan looked at Xiao Yunyun. “You’re not angry now, are you?”
“I wasn’t angry. I just didn’t expect it.” Xiao Yunyun raised her head and looked up at the dark night sky. “Shen Yuechuan, why are you my brother?”
“Yeah.” Shen Yuechuan sighed in the way Xiao Yunyun did. “Why am I your brother?”
If it wasn’t the case, how wonderful would it be!
He would rather be an orphan and not know about his biological parents for the rest of his life.
As long as Xiao Yunyun was never his sister.
Xiao Yunyun seemed to have really calmed down. She poked Shen Yuechuan’s arm and asked, “Will you… Forgive Mom?”
“I never blamed her.” Shen Yuechuan said, “She explained the situation to me. If she hadn’t abandoned me, I might have been sent to a remote mountain area, or even worse. At that time, she chose to abandon me, which sounded cruel but was the right choice for her and for me.”
“Then… You…” Xiao Yunyun looked at Shen Yuechuan carefully with anticipation in her beautiful almond-shaped eyes.
On contrary to his understanding of Su Yunjin, Shen Yuechuan replied in a completely different tone. “I don’t blame her, but it doesn’t mean that I will call her mom.”
His voice seemed to be emotionless.
“But, Mom should… Really want to hear you call her Mom,” Xiao Yunyun said, “For so many years, I actually have a feeling that—Mom has always been worried about you.”
“… Why do you have such a feeling?” Shen Yuechuan posed a question.
“I’ve felt that my mother had something on her mind since I was a child,” Xiao Yunyun said, “When she was at home, she often got distracted. She always looked distressed whenever she was taking care of me. Looking back, she must be missing you—she was afraid that you wouldn’t live a good life.”
Shen Yuechuan said lightly, “In fact, I’ve been living a pretty good life these years.”
“I can tell.” Xiao Yunyun stared at Shen Yuechuan for two seconds. “Even if you don’t have any abilities and skills, with your appearance alone, you won’t have to worry about feeding yourself for the rest of your life.”
“…” Shen Yuechuan could not tell if Xiao Yunyun was speaking ill or highly of him, and he only told himself that Xiao Yunyun must have praised that he was handsome!
“Mom didn’t make it clear just now, and it’s inconvenient for us me to inquire about it in the future. So, I want to ask you a question now.” Xiao Yunyun said with some hesitation.
Shen Yuechuan nodded. “Go ahead. As long as I know, I will answer all of your questions.”
Unexpectedly, Xiao Yunyun didn’t complain that Shen Yuechuan claimed to be her brother so quickly. She asked very carefully, “Have you… Seen your father?”
“You don’t have to be so careful.” After a short silence, Shen Yuechuan smiled, but the smile soon faded away. “‘Dad’ is a very strange word to me. I saw him once when I was born, but he died unexpectedly soon. So, I have no impression of him.”
“… Well, I’ll tell you,” Xiao Yunyun tried very hard to describe it. “My father is such a nice person that he’ll buy whatever you want for you. Also, he’ll only support you whatever you want to do. What a mess you’ve made, he won’t scold you!”
Shen Yuechuan nodded. “So what?”
“So, I’ll give you half of my father.” Xiao Yunyun said generously, “Since my mother is your mother, if you want, my father can also be your father. My father is very nice. As long as you don’t do wrong, he will definitely like you!”
Shen Yuechuan couldn’t help smiling, and rubbed Xiao Yunyun’s hair hard. “Thank you. But I’ve already taken away half of your mother. I’ll leave your father all to you.”
Xiao Yunyun looked at Shen Yuechuan in confusion and asked, “Don’t you want to experience what it feels like to have a father?”
“I’m used to living a life without parents.” Shen Yuechuan seemed very helpless. “Now all my friends have become my relatives, and I also have you as my sister. Let me digest it first. But, thank you anyway.”
From Xiao Yunyun’s tone, it was not hard to tell that she liked her father very much, or even more than Su Yunjin.
In this case, it was enough that the wicked girl let him experience her father’s love.
He was destined to be unable to acquire the love he wanted most.
Everything else was of little significance to him.
“You’re welcome!” Xiao Yunyun smiled. “Although I don’t like you very much, and I won’t call you brother, either. But whenever you want to see my father, I’ll take you back to our home in Australia!”
A wave of warmth surged over Shen Yuechuan’s heart. “Well, let’s go back. Your cousin and the others are very worried about you.”
Xiao Yunyun took a look at the hotel that was dozens of floors high, nodded, and followed Shen Yuechuan upstairs.
She looked at Shen Yuechuan’s slender and straight figure, with the smile on her face slowly withering and falling off like a fading flower.
Perhaps, Shen Yuechuan wouldn’t know that most of what had happened just now was fake.
She was in low spirits to cooperate with her previous show; her disbelief was simply a lie, and she had long accepted the fact that Shen Yuechuan was her brother.
Nevertheless, she really wanted to let Shen Yuechuan know what it felt like to have a father.
So she was willing to share her father’s love with Shen Yuechuan.
She grew up under the care of her parents. She had never lacked anything or suffered any grievance.
She didn’t dare to imagine how Shen Yuechuan had spent his long childhood alone in the orphanage.
An adult also needed parents and family, let alone Shen Yuechuan who was only a few years old.
Although Shen Yuechuan had never mentioned it, he must have been in very difficult situation when he was a child.
But now, everything was fine now. He had his family and home. In this world, he was no longer alone.
That was the only thing that made Xiao Yunyun feel less regretful about the fact that she was Shen Yuechuan’s sister.
In the end, Xiao Yunyun lowered her head and followed Shen Yuechuan back into the suite.
Almost everyone’s eyes were focused on her. Su Yunjin walked straight over to her and asked, “Yunyun, how are you?”
Xiao Yunyun bit her lip and made an apology. “Mom, I’m sorry.”
Su Yunjin shook her head and said, “It’s mom who should say sorry.”
Xiao Yunyun looked up and smiled. “Mom, you don’t have to apologize to me. It’s not your fault for what you experienced when you were young. Besides, having an elder brother is something I’ve always dreamed of. Although he is a little bastard, for the sake of his good looks, I can reluctantly accept him as my elder brother!”
“…” Shen Yuechuan could only stand it.
Su Yunjin didn’t expect that Xiao Yunyun would think it through so soon. She looked at her in surprise and asked, “You really don’t blame me, do you?”
“How could I possibly blame you?”
Xiao Yunyun meant it.
When she knew that there was no possibility of dating between her and Shen Yuechuan, she felt so sad that the whole world was about to fall apart.
Back then, Su Yunjin had lost the person she loved the most forever. Even, she had to abandon her own child.
At that time, Su Yunjin must have been very sad.
She felt so sorry about what had happened to her mom. How could she blame her?