A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu
Chapter 876 - I Will Come Back Safely

What made Su Jian’an worry most was that Tang Yulan might suffer from mental damage.
Fifteen years ago, Kang Ruicheng had carefully planned a car accident, which killed Lu Boyan’s father. And he even tried to exterminate Lu Boyan and Tang Yulan, which left an unforgettable shadow on Tang Yulan.
Fifteen years later, Kang Ruicheng suddenly kidnapped Tang Yulan.
This would definitely remind Tang Yulan of the worst nightmare in her life, which was too cruel for her.
Lu Boyan hugged Su Jian’an and comforted her, “Don’t cry. I’ll bring mom back. Don’t worry.”
Su Jian’an closed her eyes and buried her face in Lu Boyan’s chest. She leaned against him like a frightened animal who finally found the shelter.
But then she noticed his fear and panic that he tried to hide.
Su Jian’an suddenly realized that Lu Boyan was the very person who worried about his kidnapped mother most.
At this time, she should take good care of their children as well as other family affairs so that he could rescue his mother without worrying about anything else.
But what was she doing now?
She even needed Lu Boyan to comfort her!
Su Jian’an held back her tears and looked up at Lu Boyan, saying. “I will look after Xiyu and Xiangyi. You can go to save mom. We will wait for you at home.”
Lu Boyan kissed Su Jian’an on her head and said, “Okay.”
Mu Sijue noticed something and walked over. “Boyan, what happened to Auntie Tang?” asked he.
Lu Boyan answered in a calm voice, “Kang Ruicheng kidnapped not only Aunt Zhou but also my mother.”
Mu Sijue narrowed his eyes, and his look was as cold as ice. He didn’t expect that Kang Ruicheng was so bold that he even dared to target Tang Yulan.
However, whether it was Aunt Zhou or Auntie Tang, they were kidnapped by Kang Ruicheng because of him.
“Boyan,” Mu Sijue said, “I’m sorry.”
“You’re not the person to blame. Kang Ruicheng has never had intended to let go of those whom he could threaten me with.” Lu Boyan looked at the time and continued, “I’ll wait for you outside. Come as quickly as possible.”
Saying that Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an’s hand and left the club.
The sun had begun to set and the cold wind was whistling through the club.
Winter had arrived.
Su Jian’an grasped Lu Boyan’s hands, asking, “Are you going to find Kang Ruicheng with Sijue?”
She heard it clearly that Boyan would wait for Mu Sijue outside.
If they went to find Kang Ruicheng, they might be in danger.
“Not now. We just need to deal with something else.” Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an and said, “don’t worry, you can contact me at any time. I will come back safely, I promise.”
Su Jian’an still felt nervous and uneasy. “Anyway, take care,” said she.
“I will.” Lu Boyan stroked Su Jian’an’s messy hair gently, but his look and tone were firm.
This made Su Jian’an a little relieved. She looked inside the club and asked, “Why did you give Sijue and Youning some time to stay alone?”
Lu Boyan said, “I think—they need it.”
Mu Sijue and Xu Youning really needed to talk with each other again.
The corridor was ablaze with lights. Though luxurious, it looked extremely vacuous and endless.
Just like the confrontation between Mu Sijue and Xu Youning — deadlocked, as if the air was frozen.
“Auntie Tang was kidnapped, too, ” Xu Youning said, “Mu Sijue, it’s not your own business anymore. Are you going to set her safety aside?”
In the final analysis, Xu Youning still wanted to find Kang Ruicheng in person.
Mu Sijue sneered and said, “Even if you meet Kang Ruicheng, what can you do? Will he release Aunt Zhou and Auntie Tang without any condition?”
“At least I can talk to him!” Xu Youning said word by word, “I can convince him not to hurt them!”
“You can’t,” Mu Sijue said coldly, “Unless you offer him something of the equal value.”
Xu Youning was at a loss for words. She didn’t know how to refute.
“It seems that you don’t know Kang Ruicheng that well,” said Mu Sijue. It was hard to identify that he was satirizing or expressing other feelings.
Xu Youning could only compromise. “Well, I won’t contact Kang Ruicheng, but you have to let me assist. Mu Sijue, I can help you!”
Xu Youning was good at martial art, which Mu Sijue didn’t deny.
But she was pregnant, so it was impossible for her to give full play to her skills to rescue Aunt Zhou and Auntie Tang.
Then, her remaining value was to swap herself for Aunt Zhou or Auntie Tang.
Mu Sijue didn’t need Xu Youning to help him in this way, and he wouldn’t allow it!
Therefore, he couldn’t agree to involve Xu Youning in this matter.
Mu Sijue knew that after what happened to her grandmother, Xu Youyou didn’t want anyone to get hurt because of her any more.
But once she took part in the rescue, she would be threatened or even lured by Kang Ruicheng.
In that case, she would certainly blame herself and compromise.
It wasn’t easy for Mu Sijue to make her stay and accept his proposal. How could he give Xu Youning any chance to waver?
He said, “I’m saying this for the last time, Boyan, and I will solve this problem. We don’t need your help.” His voice was as cold as the wind outside.
“What if Aunt Zhou and Auntie Tang get hurt?” Xu Youning asked, “Can you bear it? Will Boyan forgive your selfish behavior?”
With Tang Yulan being kidnapped too, Mu Sijue was indeed in a terrible predicament.
At present, the best way was to swap Xu Youning and Mumu for Tang Yulan and Aunt Zhou — this was the only method to make sure that the two old people would be unharmed and absolutely safe.
However, once Xu Youning went back, Kang Ruicheng would not give her a chance to leave.
That meant Mu Sijue would lose Xu Youning and their children forever.
Mu Sijue clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles seemed to break through the skin.
The more Kang Ruicheng forced him to exchange Xu Youning, the less likely he would do it. There must be a better solution.
Mu Sijue didn’t answer Xu Youning. He called one of his subordinates in and ordered, “From now on, Ms. Xu can’t leave the top of the mountain without my permission. If she leaves, you go with her or you die!”
His subordinate shivered and replied solemnly, “Yes!”
Mu Sijue didn’t say anything else. He turned around and left the club without taking a look at Xu Youning.
Seeing Mu Sijue coming out from afar, Lu Boyan loosened his grip on Su Jian’an and said, “You go back first. Don’t wait for me tonight. Go to sleep first.”
Su Jian’an hurriedly reminded him, “Be careful. If there is any progress, call me or send me a message.”
Lu Boyan kissed Su Jian’an on her forehead and said, “Don’t be afraid. Wait for me.”
At that moment, Mu Sijue came over.
Su Jian’an knew that Lu Boyan was about to leave.
No matter how much she worried about Lu Boyan, the most important thing now was to rescue Tang Yulan and Aunt Zhou from Kang Ruicheng. She had to let Lu Boyan go.
Thinking of this, Su Jian’an took the initiative to take a step back and gave Lu Boyan a reassuring look.
Lu Boyan stroked Su Jian’an’s face and then turned to call Mu Sijue, “Let’s go.”
Someone had already driven the car over. Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue got in the car. Soon, there came the sound of the engine.
Lu Boyan rolled down the window to take a look at Su Jian’an — as expected, she was gazing at him, too.
Meeting Lu Boyan’s eyes, Su Jian’an moved lips. Obviously, she wanted to say something to him, but at this time, the car started.
She chased the car for a few steps but could not catch up with the high-performance off-road vehicle soon. She could do nothing but watch Lu Boyan leave.
It was not dark yet. Lu Boyan could still see Su Jian’an’s figure through the rearview mirror. However, he could only roll up the window no matter how reluctant he was to part from her.
Since Su Jian’an was worried about him, the only thing he could do was to come back safely.
Mu Sijue said slowly, “Boyan, the best way is to swap Xu Youning for Auntie Tang.”
“You’re talking nonsense!” Lu Boyan’s thin lips moved slightly, and his voice was calm and firm. “Kang Ruicheng’s target is Xu Youning. If we sent her back, he gets exactly what he wants. But we have planned for so many years to make him wish he was dead, not to make him happy.”
“Besides, I can tell that you don’t want to send Xu Youning back,” Lu Boyan continued.
Mu Sijue didn’t deny it. “Yes, but…”
He felt he was too selfish. He was sorry for not only Lu Boyan but also Tang Yulan.
“Neither of us wants,” Lu Boyan interrupted Mu Sijue, “If so, we can figure out another way.”
Mu Sijue gave Lu Boyan a grateful look.
If Lu Boyan proposed to exchange Xu Youning for Tang Yulan, he would really face a dilemma.
However, Lu Boyan stood in Mu Sijue’s shoes and put Mu Sijue before himself. He did not mention swapping Xu Youning for his mother at all. He even said he didn’t want to do this, just like Mu Sijue.
“Don’t look at me like that. I won’t solve this problem with a pregnant woman, not to mention that she is pregnant with your child.” Lu Boyan said half-seriously and half- jokingly, “Just remember that you owe me a favor.”
Mu Sijue smiled faintly, which, however, did not show any joy. On the contrary, there was an only coldness in his eyes.
Kang Ruicheng’s provocation came at the right time.
They really needed to settle the problem of whom Xu Youning belonged.
On the mountaintop.
Su Jian’an suddenly felt that the weather was colder, maybe it was because the sky was getting darker.
Xu Youning came out of the club, followed by two people.
Su Jian’an knew that they took Mu Sijue’s order to keep an eye on Xu Youning in order to prevent her from doing anything stupid.
She forced a smile and said, “Youning, it’s too cold outside. Let’s get in.”
Xu Youning came over, looked at Su Jian’an’s eyes, and said, “Jian’an, I’m sorry. If it weren’t for me, Auntie Tang wouldn’t have been kidnapped. Now, the fastest way to save her is to swap me for her.”