A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu
Chapter 950 - There Are Secrets Everywhere

Chapter 950 There Are Secrets Everywhere
Shen Yuechuan was so angry that he gritted his teeth.
After he recovered, he would teach Xiao Yunyun a lesson!
After dinner, Lu Boyan received a call from Mu Sijue.
Mu Sijue had returned to his usual style of talk. He was quiet, cold, and direct.
“I’ll go to City A tomorrow and you go arrange a place for me to stay at.”
Lu Boyan did not ask Mu Sijue why he would go to City A, but just reminded him, “You have a villa in City A.”
“I want to live downtown, so it’s convenient for my business.” Mu Sijue gave a brief explanation and then asked, “Do you have any other questions?”
Rarely, Lu Boyan felt speechless. “No.”
Mu Sijue hung up directly.
Xiao Yunyun watched the whole process with awe in her eyes, and she couldn’t help raving, “Has Boss Mu always been like this?”
She thought that no one in the world would dare to hang up on Lu Boyan!
“Boss Mu did it. Well done!”
Shen Yuechuan hadn’t figured out how to get rid of Xiao Yunyun’s obsession with Song Jiqing, and then here came Mu Sijue.
Mu Sijue and Song Jiqing were not easy to deal with. After dealing with Song Jiqing, the rest of his energy was not enough to deal with Mu Sijue.
He gave up on dealing with these two people and chose to deal with Xiao Yunyun.
In comparison, Xiao Yunyun was much easier to deal with.
Shen Yuechuan secretly changed his target.
Su Jian’an was confused. “Why would Sijue come to City A?”
Lu Boyan knew the answer, but he did not intend to tell Su Jian’an too much about it, so he just said, “He has something to do.”
Xiao Yunyun guessed. “Is Boss Mu here for Youning?”
“You think too much.” Shen Yuechuan’s voice was cold. “According to Mu Qi’s character, he won’t care about Xu Youning anymore. He must come here for other things.”
“It doesn’t matter!” Xiao Yunyun put her hands on her hips and said proudly, “I can slowly tell Boss Mu about Youning little by little!”
“Yunyun,” Lu Boyan suddenly said, “don’t say anything to Sijue before we find out the truth.”
Xiao Yunyun was confused. “Why?”
Lu Boyan said, “Because we still have to investigate.”
Xiao Yunyun was speechless. She still didn’t understand.
Su Jian’an explained, “Boyan means that if we can’t show any evidence that Youning is hiding something from us, Sijue will stop us from investigating.”
“Why?” Xiao Yunyun couldn’t understand. “Has Boss Mu really completely given up on Youning?”
Su Jian’an nodded. “You can think so.”
Xiao Yunyun tried her best to understand that this was Mu Sijue’s style.
However, she still felt very sad.
If Youning really had something hidden from them, then Youning would be too pitiful.
Su Jian’an noticed that Tang Yulan had been thoughtful, so she couldn’t help asking, “Mom, what do you think about the matter between Sijue and Youning?”
“I don’t know what’s going on exactly, but I believe in Youning. She’s not a stupid child who can’t tell right from wrong,” Tang Yulan said. “I hope there’s really a misunderstanding.”
Women know women!
Su Jian’an smiled, “Mom, don’t worry. I will find out the truth.”
After accompanying Tang Yulan for a while, Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an were going to go home. Xiao Yunyun had nothing to do, so she followed them and said that she would see Su Jian’an out.
As soon as they walked out of the inpatient building, Lu Boyan’s cell phone rang, and he went to the front to answer the phone.
Xiao Yunyun pulled Su Jian’an’s sleeve. “Cousin, I really misjudged my cousin-in-law.”
“Mm? Why do you say that?”
Su Jian’an looked puzzled.
She remembered very clearly that Yunyun worshipped her husband. “Why did she suddenly say that?”
“My cousin-in-law is too cruel!” Xiao Yunyun said. “Look at you, you can’t walk naturally!”
Su Jian’an’s mind went blank for a long time, and it took her a long time to understand what Xiao Yunyun meant.
“Tsk, this little girl has got mean!”
However, she still needed to explain it.
Su Jian’an coughed. “Yunyun, in fact…”
Xiao Yunyun raised her hand to stop Su Jian’an from saying anything more. She patted her chest and said, “Cousin, I get it.”
Su Jian’an rubbed her forehead, thinking that Xiao Yunyun’s mind was out of control. It was useless for her to explain.
“Since that’s the case, why not tease this little girl?”
Su Jian’an looked at Xiao Yunyun with a faint smile. “Yunyun, you feel the same, don’t you?”
“Feel the same…”
Xiao Yunyun thought about it carefully and found that Su Jian’an seemed to be right. She couldn’t even walk yesterday, which was much worse than Su Jian’an.
Su Jian’an just wanted to tease Xiao Yunyun, but she didn’t expect Xiao Yunyun to react like this.
She also got it.
There were really secrets everywhere!
After thinking for a while, Su Jian’an just reminded her, “Yuechuan is going to have the last treatment soon. You guys… be careful.”
Xiao Yunyun blushed as if she had lost the ability to speak.
Lu Boyan, who was walking in front, hung up and turned around. He found that Su Jian’an and Xiao Yunyun were still far behind him, so he called out to Su Jian’an.
Xiao Yunyun hurriedly said, “Cousin, you and cousin-in-law can go back. I’ll go back too.”
After that, Xiao Yunyun flew back to the inpatient building like a gust of wind.
Su Jian’an smiled and walked towards Lu Boyan. The two got in the car together.
The boundless night shrouded the whole land. Su Jian’an leaned against Lu Boyan and suddenly sighed.
Lu Boyan turned to look at Su Jian’an. “What’s wrong?”
Su Jian’an rubbed her head against Lu Boyan’s shoulder and said, “In fact, the matter between Sijue and Youning is also very urgent. The longer we wait, the more dangerous it will be for Youning. However, Yuechuan needs treatment the day after tomorrow, and Yunyun has to meet Ye Luo tomorrow. It’s too cruel.”
“That’s not the biggest problem now,” Lu Boyan said.
Su Jian’an couldn’t keep up with Lu Boyan’s thoughts and looked at him blankly. “What do you mean?”
“Jian’an, we have always assumed Xu Youning was innocent. Only Sijue believes Xu Youning has betrayed us, and we think Sijue is wrong,” Lu Boyan said slowly. “We missed one thing—Sijue is the one who knows Xu Youning the most.”
At this point, Su Jian’an had already understood what Lu Boyan meant.
Lu Boyan was hinting that Xu Youning might really believe in Kang Ruicheng and that Mu Sijue was the murderer of her grandmother.
If that was the truth, everything they had done would be in vain.
Su Jian’an shook her head. “I still choose to believe in Youning.”
“Why?” Lu Boyan asked.
“Because of women’s intuition,” Su Jian’an said. “I always feel that Youning is much smarter and much more ruthless than we imagine. However, no woman can bear to hurt her own child. You men, such rational creatures, can’t understand our women’s emotional thoughts.”
Lu Boyan was speechless.
Was he being criticized while he had absolutely done nothing?
After returning home, Lu Boyan arranged an apartment in the center of the city for Mu Sijue. It was quiet, and the most important thing was that it was extremely safe.
At noon the next day, Mu Sijue arrived in City A.
If City G carried memories of him and Xu Youning, then City A carried extremes of his joy and anger.
He had heard about Xu Youning’s pregnancy here.
He didn’t need to ask for confirmation; he was sure Xu Youning was pregnant with his baby.
Before Xu Youning got pregnant, he couldn’t have imagined himself raising a baby.
However, at the moment when Xu Youning told him that she was pregnant, he had accepted the fact that he was a father in an instant and was ecstatic.
Before the child was born, he had already pictured himself holding the child’s hand and taking him on an autumn trip.
Then, before he could see the child, Xu Youning ended the child’s life with medicine.
At that moment, his expectations for the future and his last feelings for Xu Youning shattered into powder and bubbles.
He had even thought about giving up everything and staying in this city for Xu Youning.
Now he thought this kind of thinking was ridiculous.
At noon, Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue had lunch together.
Lu Boyan roughly knew why Mu Sijue was here and asked directly, “What are you going to do?”
Mu Sijue handed Lu Boyan a file bag. “Kang Ruicheng did it very secretly, and the evidence is not abundant, but it is enough to let the police file a case to investigate him.”
A few days ago, Mu Sijue had asked someone to investigate every business of the Su Group.
What he wanted was the evidence of Kang Ruicheng using the Su Group to launder money.
Kang Ruicheng’s way of money laundering was very clever. They couldn’t find any conclusive evidence, but the clues they found were enough to make Kang Ruicheng be investigated by the police.
Of course, Mu Sijue would not be satisfied with that, which was just the beginning.
Mu Sijue glanced at Lu Boyan. “What about you? Have you prepared for your task?”
“I’m already prepared.” Lu Boyan looked at his watch. “Today, Zhong Enterprises’ stocks will begin to decline.”
If Zhong Lyue’s aunt hadn’t called Tang Yulan out, Tang Yulan wouldn’t have been kidnapped.
If Tang Yulan hadn’t been kidnapped, at that time, having Mumu, Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue could have negotiated with Kang Ruicheng.
In this case, the Zhong Family could not absolve themselves from the blame.
After Tang Yulan escaped from Kang Ruicheng’s control, Lu Boyan targeted the Zhong Family.
The family which had thrived in City A for decades would end its history in a few days.
After the meal, Lu Boyan took the folder and left the restaurant with Mu Sijue.
Mu Sijue’s identity was special, so it was not convenient for him to show up. The criminal evidence of Kang Ruicheng could only be submitted to the police by Lu Boyan.
Before getting in the car, Lu Boyan suddenly asked Mu Sijue, “How do you feel about coming to City A this time?”
Mu Sijue felt as if a century had passed.
However, in a trance, everything was still vivid in his mind. It seemed that as long as he returned to the villa or the top of the mountain, he could still see Xu Youning sitting on the sofa waiting for him to come home.
The latter feeling was simply humiliating.
Mu Sijue replied coldly, “Nothing.”
Lu Boyan knew about love, so he naturally knew Mu Sijue was lying. For saving the latter’s face, he did not expose it in the end.
In the afternoon, the stock price of the Zhong Family fell sharply, and the shareholders withdrew funds. The family was facing an unprecedented crisis.
The Zhong Family and Zhong Enterprise were in a mess.
The assistant walked into Lu Boyan’s office and said, “Boss Lu, everything is going according to our plan.”
“Mm,” Lu Boyan said, “let Uncle Qian prepare the car and send me home.”
He had personally designed the Zhong Family’s fate.
Therefore, he was not surprised at all.