A Wizard's Secret

A Wizard's Secret

A Wizard's Secret
Chapter 795 - Roman

Chapter 795: Roman
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe Slothful Beast’s body was humongous. Corresponding to that fact, it suffered most from the gravitational field, so its speed was affected as well.
Merlin was observing the changes in their surroundings at all times. When they were close to the centermost, largest dimension, Merlin noticed that the gravitational field seemed even stronger.
Chronos seemed unconcerned and stomped his foot intensely. Instantly, the entire Void Zone seemed to tremble, including these dimensions. In this one stamp, he had used the power of the natural order.
After the dimensions quaked, something changed. Above the centermost, largest dimension, there appeared an old face. There was a single horn protruding from the head. Merlin did not know what tribe this belonged to.
“So, it’s Chronos.”
When that gigantic face spotted Chronos, it spoke calmly.
“Roman, besides myself, I’ve brought along a few friends to visit.”
Chronos pointed at the Slothful Beast behind him.
“They can steer the Slothful Beast? That’s something indeed. Chronos, it looks like the ones you’ve brought this time are extraordinary. Please come in. However, that large fellow can’t enter.”
Roman was referring to the Slothful Beast, which was far too massive. Although it could enter the dimension, there must be something precious in it. If the Slothful Beast were to enter, it might ruin everything.
Following that, the gigantic face above the dimension vanished, after which the defensive force field of that center, massive dimension gradually opened up.
Merlin nodded, using his Hallucinating spell to lure the Slothful Beast to sleep. Thereafter, they followed behind Chronos, flying into the colossal dimension.
As soon as they entered the dimension, the gravitational field vanished but five puppets, pitch-black all over and gleaming with a metallic luster, had appeared before them.
“The Vestigial Tribe’s puppets?”
Upon seeing these realistic puppets, Merlin was even more on his guard. Could this mysterious Roman be linked to the Vestigial Tribe?
Furthermore, the buildings on this dimension seemed to consist of terrifying forts and even some warships. However, these were damaged with various scraps scattered over the ground. It looked like a large rubbish dump.
Suddenly, a rainbow beam flashed toward Merlin and the rest, containing frightening might that vaguely induced a sense of danger in Merlin.
The Titan Giant Chronos took a step forward and extinguished this beam with a punch, but soon after, dozens of other beams blazed toward Chronos.
“Roman, what’s this?”
Chronos was frowning now. He had mobilized the power of the natural order to quickly form a protective layer, shielding Merlin and the rest. Although these light beams were formidable, they were unable to shift the power of the natural order.
From a broken warship out came a person of dwarfish height, dressed in a plain gray robe with a snow-white horn protruding from his head. He looked extremely odd.
“Heh, Chronos, I’m sorry. I was just examining this warship, and the weapons system had a slight malfunction. It’s good that you’re unharmed.”
This short person was the mysterious ultimate existence Roman that Chronos spoke of?
“This is Sir Roman?”
Setoh wore a puzzled expression. One could not discern an ultimate existence if they did not mobilize the natural order’s power but Roman before them did not seem like a great ultimate existence at all.
“What, I don’t look like one?”
Roman smiled slightly. A frightening apparition of a monster immediately appeared over his body. Just the small bit of power it exuded was enough to blow up the entire dimension.
“The power of the natural order. He’s an ultimate existence!”
Setoh’s expression instantly turned serious. He could not be mistaken about the fluctuations of the natural order coming off from Roman. Roman was an ultimate existence.
At this point, Chronos started laughing. “Haha, it’s not surprising that you’ve misunderstood. Back when I first met Roman, I even thought he was an enemy. He doesn’t look like an ultimate existence…”
Following Chronos’ introduction, everyone gradually learned that Roman was very powerful since he was born, a monster that could swallow dimensions. Nevertheless, he was highly intelligent, much smarter than the Slothful Beast, so he merged with the natural order and became an ultimate existence.
Roman was by himself from the start, free from the obligations of a tribe or civilization. A solitary ultimate existence like him, although rather rare in the Void Zone, was not that uncommon.
Therefore, throughout an extensive period, Roman was too bored. He possessed a nearly eternal lifespan, and he was alone. He did not have to toil over the matters of a tribe or civilization like Chronos. Thus, the only thing that could attract him was various interesting endeavors.
Almost every solitary ultimate existence would have all sorts of peculiar hobbies, and Roman liked to collect the Vestigial Tribe’s items.
“You know of the Vestigial Tribe?”
Roman asked Merlin and the rest.
“The Vestigial Tribe? We know some things about them but not comprehensively.”
“Huh? You know about the Vestigial Tribe?”
Chronos appeared astonished. After all, back then, he had learned about the Vestigial Tribe from Roman but did not expect that Merlin and the other Spell Casters would know of them.
“Haha, I just knew that someone will know about the Vestigial Tribe’s existence! At first, Chronos didn’t believe me but after I showed him these warships and puppets, he had witnessed their power and had no choice but to believe me. Since you know of the Vestigial Tribe, you should know how powerful they had been? I only learned about this incidentally, and thus became highly interested in the Vestigial Tribe. During this long time, I’ve used various methods to collect everything of the Vestigial Tribe such as these warships and puppets.”
Upon mentioning the Vestigial Tribe, Roman seemed to be very excited, continually spouting out details.
Compared to Flarite who had personal experience, Roman’s exploration of the Vestigial Tribe’s secrets was much difficult. At the start, he had only obtained a warship and felt it was strange, slowly beginning to gain interest.
Thereafter, he started to roam about, tracking almost the entire Void Zone. He collected much information, news, and reports from various places, slowly understanding this incomparably distant era when a civilization was able to sweep over the entire Void Zone.
After a preliminary understanding of the Vestigial Tribe, Roman became even more frantic. As an ultimate existence, he was able to obtain broken warships and puppets. This was not too difficult. Thereafter, throughout this long period, he had created the nine dimensions and concentrated on researching the Vestigial Tribe.
Which was to say, an ultimate existence who had invested endless time and all his energies into constantly researching the Vestigial Tribe – Roman had made some discoveries.
The biggest of these was the gravitational field that had covered the entire space between the nine dimensions.
Of course, this gravitational field was not something Roman himself could design. Back when the Vestigial Tribe had taken over the Void Zone, even the Thirty-six Emperors were unable to create this gravitational field. Roman was not that incredible, able to spontaneously create a gravitational field.
His gravitational field was incidentally obtained from an abandoned dimension. It must have been left behind by the Vestigial Tribe. The previous war did not destroy that dimension.
Roman simply moved this dimension here and researched for countless years before widening the range of the gravitational field to cover the nine dimensions.
“The Vestigial Tribe is frightening indeed. Their power system is completely different from ours, and they have many forces that can even break down the natural order’s power. However, this is like an inheritance of an entire civilization. There’s a vast amount of knowledge, and even today, I’m unable to understand up to a ten-thousandth of that knowledge.”
Roman stared obsessively at the pile of “junk” in the dimension. His research could not be considered successful or there would not have been the “misfiring” of those previous beams of light.