A Wizard's Secret

A Wizard's Secret

A Wizard's Secret
Chapter 939 - Bead of Infamy I

Chapter 939: Bead of Infamy I
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“What? There’s still an almighty beast bloodline? How fast!”
The man in black was shocked. He did not even see the figure, and lost sight of Count Altadin’s presence. He did not manage to see who had acted.
However, their goal this time was Count Altadin, so they naturally would not give up easily. The man in black quickly jumped, and directly rushed out of the hall.
Outside the hall, Merlin showed himself. By his side, his left and right hands grabbed one person each. Currently, after shapeshifting, it was easy to grab two people.
However, Count Altadin was shocked and almost lost his voice, and said, “Leon, I thought you didn’t inherit the Deinosuchus bloodline? No, this isn’t the Deinosuchus bloodline. Could it be…?”
Count Altadin seemed to think of a possibility as his expression turned odd.
Merlin also knew that he could not hide it anymore, and nodded, “Yes, I’m a Host!”
“A Host!!!”
Count Altadin shivered as his eyes shined. Other aristocrats might only show respect from a distance toward Hosts, but Count Altadin was different. This was because Count Altadin’s ancestor was a powerful Host who left behind the treasure known as the Bead of Infamy.

“Stay here. I’ll deal with them.”
Merlin’s eyes darkened. He saw the morphed man in black rush out of the hall and knew that running away would not solve the problem. Besides, he was eager to test his abilities. After all, the man in black was a third-form shifter, and although Merlin was a Host, he was also a third-form shifter.
The time had come to test his real strength!
The man in black had shapeshifted into a ferocious-looking giant spider that gave others an oppressive feeling. However, Merlin knew that it was only a low-tier almighty beast bloodline. It was no match for his Two-headed Pterolycus, so he had nothing to fear.
Merlin did not hesitate. His figure turned into an afterimage as he charged toward the man in black.
Merlin’s speed was so fast that he could not be seen with the naked eye. Although the man in black could not spot Merlin’s exact location, his senses were very sharp, which allowed him to sense Merlin’s general location.
From the body of the spider, the man in black viciously spit out strands of white silk that spread out, forming a large net and blocking Merlin’s way forward.
No matter how fast Merlin was, he would not be able to escape the net. However, Merlin’s Two-headed Pterolycus did not merely have speed. His figure stopped, and the glint of two claws flashed.
The sharp wolf claws easily cut off the sturdy white silk and quickly approached the man in black. Immediately after the collision, the man became disadvantaged. Merlin’s Two-headed Pterolycus’ speed, coupled with the razor-sharp wolf claws, were extraordinary and impossible to defend against.
Merlin’s sharp claws swiped viciously, and the man in black immediately let out a scream as one of his legs were chopped off. Their speed had been very fast, and the confrontation was over in a flash.
Merlin’s strength gave him the advantage, and it was thanks to his Two-headed Pterolycus that he managed to restrain the other party. The man’s spider form was a forbidden almighty beast bloodline, but in the face of Merlin’s Two-headed Pterolycus and its speed and sharp claws, he did not stand a chance. He naturally was no match against Merlin.
In a battle between almighty beasts, if one’s ability could be restrained, it would be a one-sided massacre. The current situation was very bad for the man in black.
A glint flashed in Merlin’s eyes. He was not an ordinary young man but someone who stood on the top of a Latitude Cosmos. He had experienced countless battles, so how would he miss such an opportunity?
Seeing that the other party was injured, Merlin’s speed exploded again. He instantly appeared in front of the man in black, and his claws glinted coldly in the light.
The sharp wolf claws cut off the man’s head without any hindrance and blood immediately gushed out, filling the air with a pungent smell.
Merlin watched the man lying in a pool of blood. His beast form had been lifted. Although the man’s current state looked very terrifying, Merlin was not fazed at all. He was still thinking about the gains and losses from the battle earlier.
The Two-headed Pterolycus’ characteristics were its speed and sharp claws, so there was no problem when dealing with giant spiders like these. However, if he had to encounter Count Stanwin’s Deinosuchus bloodline, which had terrifying defenses, even his claws would not work. At that time, Merlin would be helpless.
The Two-headed Pterolycus had its advantages, but its disadvantages were also obvious. However, this was also a common failing of low-tier almighty beasts. They were doomed to have many weaknesses, and unable to reach the point of perfection.
“Leon, how’s Count Stanwin?”
Count Altadin also calmed down and expressed worry for Count Stanwin who was in the hall.
Merlin smiled and said, “Father should be fine.”
Merlin’s foresight was good. The three men were only able to temporarily pin down his father. They were naturally no match for Count Stanwin in the long run.
Just as Merlin finished speaking, the entire manor seemed to shake. Then, the wall of the hall was blown into pieces. A few figures flew out from the rubble and fell heavily to the ground. It was the three other men in black.
However, at this moment, the three men looked miserable. Although they were not dead, they were seriously injured and could not even stand properly.
The giant Deinosuchus slowly walked out of the hall. Currently, Count Stanwin’s body emitted a layer of blood-red light, increasing his might.
“Everything’s fine now. Capture those three and interrogate them thoroughly.”
Count Stanwin said in a low voice. He had not killed them so he could interrogate them properly.
“There’s no need. Just kill them!”
Count Altadin had already called his guards. With a wave of his hand, the guards swiftly stepped forward and killed the three men.
Count Altadin’s actions greatly stunned Count Stanwin. He did not understand why Count Altadin wanted to kill them.
“Count Stanwin, Leon, you have my thanks. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid that a river of blood would have started to flow in my manor.”
Now that Count Altadin thought about it, he felt some fear. Ultimately, it was because no one in his family inherited an almighty beast bloodline. As for being a Host, it was also incredibly risky. Count Altadin did not have the courage to become a Host, which led to such a catastrophe today.
After hesitating for a moment, Count Altadin seemed to have decided and said, “Count Stanwin, Leon, these men were Mungus’ subordinates. I believe you’re also very curious about the Bead of Infamy they were after. Please come with me. This is the greatest secret of my Leicester clan.”
Count Stanwin and Merlin cast a glance at each other. They were indeed curious about the Bead of Infamy. It must be extraordinary if Mungus would send his men all this way to rob it.
Since Count Altadin was willing to tell them, they followed behind him and entered the hall.