Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 11

Chapter 11: This King takes back everything he just said
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The blond youth, Kevin spoke with a demeanor bloated with arrogance. When he walked into the evaluation box, he did not look nervous like Yang Yang, nor did he look as playful as Zhong Yue’er. To put it more accurately, he looked like a performer, as if the upcoming evaluation was just a performance used to flaunt himself.
Soon, Kevin’s first result came out—”Mind Expanse: B Class.”
It was higher than Zhong Yue’er’s, but lower than Yang Yang’s. It was likely an average result, as the expressions of the three older people did not seem change much. Their eyes were still staring intently on the metallic wall. By then, Shi Xiaobai already understood that the second result was key.
Under everyone’s attention, the number on the metallic wall rapidly changed, before the second line of text—the most important one—was revealed: “Psy-genes: C Class.”
“C.. C Class?” At the instant the results came out, the elder stared with widened eyes. He spoke with a trembling voice, while the middle-aged man and woman beside him looked exhilarated and began exchanging whispers.
The expression of Fang Qingshan, who was sitting on the right side of the room, changed slightly as the red-dressed Mu Hongli chuckled. She gave Riko a provocative glance which was ignored; however, Riko’s expression turned more serious.
After taking in the expressions of all these people, even if he did not know the true meaning behind C Class Psy-genes, Shi Xiaobai could tell that Kevin had succeeded in his game of ostentation.
“Kevin is a true genius.” A deep voice spoke out as Shi Xiaobai turned his head to look over. He realized Yang Yang was behind him without him even knowing it.
Shi Xiaobai did not respond. Very clearly, Kevin was currently ranked first amongst the three people who had undergone the test. He did not know this world’s definition of a genius, so even though he did not think highly of it, he did not express his views.
“Psionites and Psykers are like ordinary people and geniuses. A Psyker who reaches C-Class is already a genius amongst geniuses. Even organizations bigger and stronger than [Gaia] would nurture C-Class Psykers as valuable talent. Kevin would definitely be considered one of the most important rookies in this [Gaia] batch.”
Despite saying words that flattered others, Yang Yang’s child-like face had a matureness that did not seem to match his age. Following that, he said something that would even make adults ponder deeply.
“As for me, I’m just…an ordinary person with a more expansive mind. There will always be a most despairing distance between geniuses and ordinary people.”
Shi Xiaobai could clearly tell how indignant he was through the childlike boy’s eyes, yet he had to hear him say words that sounded like he had completely yielded. This angered Shi Xiaobai greatly as he said coldly, “In This King’s eyes, everyone is an ordinary person. A so-called genius is just an ordinary person who works harder.”
Yang Yang looked up, as if he was moved by his words. However, his eyes seemed to put up a wall of self-mockery as a self-defensive mechanism. “You are wrong. An ordinary person, no matter how hard-working, would never become a genius. That’s because a genius is innate.”
“That’s right. People are born unequal.”
Kevin was already standing in front of them, revealing a victorious smile. “Geniuses are destined from birth to surpass ordinary people. Be it this tiny evaluation, the resources the organization uses for nurturing, or the various kinds of competitions in the future, a genius will forever run ahead of ordinary people.”
“You are an ordinary person amongst ordinary people who are even inferior to Psionites. As for me, I am a super genius that possesses C Class Psy-genes. You are destined to be forever left behind by me!”
Kevin turned around to walk away after speaking. The thing he loved to do most was to mock weaklings and then heartlessly rob the the weak of the right to lament.
Shi Xiaobai saw Kevin, who had his back facing them, nearly covering his ears to indicate that he did not want to hear any retorts from them. Shi Xiaobai felt very, very depressed.
“Eh, after all this nonsense, This King still doesn’t know what a Psyker is!”
Shi Xiaobai sighed and suddenly heard the elder announce his name. Immediately, he stood up, feeling slightly disturbed. He gave Yang Yang a nod and then waved his hand at the distant Riko, as though he was about to enter an arena.
“It seems like This King can no longer remain silent.”
With this thought in mind, Shi Xiaobai came in front of the metal box. The elder gestured to Shi Xiaobai to quickly enter, but after a moment of hesitation, Shi Xiaobai suddenly said, “Wait a moment. This King has something to say.”
The elder’s expression froze. Clearly, he was quite surprised with the self-salutation “This King”.
By then, Shi Xiaobai had already turned around to walk to the middle of the platform, attracting everyone’s attention. He raised his left hand, pointing to the seats on the left and said loudly, “Blondy Narcissist and Pleasant Goat 1 , listen to what This King has to say!”
Kevin, who had been pointed at, took a few seconds before he realized that “Blondy Narcissist” referred to himself. Immediately, he was not pleased with this. Yang Yang was stunned for a moment before his expression turned extremely strange.
“This King does not know what this ‘Psyker’ thing is all about, nor do I know why Pleasant Goat is so dejected, even more do I not know if Blondy Narcissist meant to say all that nonsense as a lullaby.”
Shi Xiaobai looked up to survey the people around him and had a solemn expression. It looked like he was delivering a stately lecture.
“However, This King knows that your theory about geniuses and ordinary people is flawed. It is tendentious, and something thought of using a goblin’s brain!”
“A so-called genius is just an ordinary person with charms, a hardworking ordinary person, an entranced ordinary person and an ordinary person who forgets himself! In the end, they are still ordinary people!”
“This King wants to tell you that this world has no fated genius. There will be no everlasting genius, nor is there a genius that isn’t hardworking! Geniuses do not last a moment, nor are they born. Neither do they receive this title just with the word ‘Psyker’!”
“If all of you insist on refusing to realize your errors in this theory of geniuses and ordinary people! Then fine, This King shall tell you another fact—This world actually does not have any geniuses!”
“Do not be dejected just because you are not a genius. Even more so, do not thinking highly of yourself because of being a so-called genius. This is because this world does not have any geniuses, only the strong!”
“A hardworking ordinary person can become one of the strong, while a lackadaisical genius will never be fated to be one of the strong!”
“Do you understand? This world doesn’t have any geniuses! Only the strong!”
Shi Xiaobai turned more impassioned towards the end, nearly delivering his speech with an angry bellow. After saying that, he immediately entered the metallic box. With a slam, he closed the metallic door heavily, while the room echoed with his final words and the sound of the slammed door.
Yang Yang clenched his fists tightly as he lowered his head and pondered over Shi Xiaobai’s words that kept echoing in his head.
Kevin had an extremely ugly expression on his face, but it was mostly anger and scorn.
The three older people on the high platform had the calmest reactions. They even shook their heads. They had seen many geniuses, so they knew the difference between a genius and an ordinary person..
Sitting on the right, Fang Qingshan did not have much of an expression, but his eyes narrowed with a facetious look in them.
A relieved look appeared on Zhao Xiong’s good-natured face before he quickly thought of something. His expression turned serious as a result.
Mu Hongli looked at Riko and sniggered. “This idiot who keeps calling himself ‘This King’ is the rookie you found? He sure has the courage, but unfortunately he’s a tad foolish.”
Riko was cursing the pigheaded Shi Xiaobai in her mind, but she laughed coldly. “Sometimes, foolish people can have dumb luck. I happen to like Shi Xiaobai’s forthrightness, and not like that Blondy Narcissist you found. It’s as if the world revolves around him. Doesn’t he know that however strong you are, there is always someone stronger? A C Class Psyker? Tch~”
Mu Hongli’s expression changed slightly, but she did not retort. She too did not like Kevin’s megalomania.
The two of them continued on in a war of words before turning their gazes towards the metallic wall, where the numbers were still changing. No matter how much they argued, the evaluation’s result was most crucial.

After entering the metallic box, numerous beams of light shone on Shi Xiaobai, as they constantly scanned his body.
“To dare make an attempt at analyzing This King’s body. What a naive machine.”
Shi Xiaobai mocked the metallic wall for a moment before recalling the impassioned speech he said outside and immediately felt a bit excited.
“These foolish mortals must have been convinced by This King’s words. How dare mere mortals address themselves as geniuses in front of This King? It’s completely asking for an insult.”
After dazing in the enclosed space for a moment, Shi Xiaobai could not help but think of several questions, and suddenly felt anxious.
“Eh, what if the natural endowments possessed by This King’s mortal body in this world is completely trash..?”
He hurriedly shook his head, abandoning the amusing thought. “What a joke. How can This King be impeded by a mere evaluation test like this?”
Although he had this thought in mind, Shi Xiaobai still stuck his ear to the metallic wall, in an attempt to hear the commotions outside. Logically speaking, if his natural endowments were any good, that old grandpa would definitely have made a big fuss over it.
However, Shi Xiaobai was disappointed. There was not a single commotion, much less a big fuss.
After a while, the light beams that constantly scanned his body disappeared. The metallic box fell into darkness and the evaluation test was over.
Shi Xiaobai took a deep breath and suddenly felt a bit nervous. It felt just like back in the day, whenever he handed his examination manuscripts to his teacher, he would always pray incessantly that he could score more than ten points that one time.
Shi Xiaobai opened the metallic door and slowly walked out of the metallic box. His mind and body observed everything outside the box, as he felt a repressive atmosphere. He realized that the room had completely fallen into silence.
Turning around, he saw the elder focusing his gaze on him. His gaze appeared like he had seen a ghost, and his body was trembling like a patient who could collapse at any time.
With a gulp, Shi Xiaobai slowly looked up at the two rows of text on the metallic wall. The results of his evaluation immediately entered his eyes.
“Mind Expanse: S Class.”
“Psy-genes: S Class.”
After a cursory glance, Shi Xiaobai immediately waved his hand and shouted loudly, “Everyone! This King takes back everything he just said. This world does have geniuses!”