Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Shi Xiaobai’s Confidence is Shaken
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The strange atmosphere in the room loomed for a period of time before it gradually dissipated. After all, the Rookie Evaluation Test was not yet over. [Gaia]’s evaluation of rookies was typically split into two, “natural endowment” and “ability”. Over the years, there was no lack of rookies who had extremely high “natural endowment”, but received terrible evaluations due to extremely low “Ability” scores. As such, Shi Xiaobai’s final evaluation was still uncertain.
However, certain things were just clear-cut.
Riko smiled beautifully as her gaze turned smug, “Mu Hongli, do you still remember our bet? Go home and pack up, for I happen to lack a maid servant to order around. Ke Ke~”
Mu Hongli’s face sank and looked indignant. She said hatefully, “Our bet is the final outcome of the rookie evaluation. It has only been the first stage.”
Riko smiled widely and did not think much of it. “Shi Xiaobai has already led Blondy Narcissist by so much in the first stage. Unless Shi Xiaobai receives zero points in the second stage and receives a “Useless Person” verdict, Blondy Narcissist is definitely losing.”
Mu Hongli also knew in her heart that the chances of Kevin winning was extremely low, but she refused to admit it verbally. She snubbed back, “Who knows, maybe Shi Xiaobai will really get zero?”
Riko gave Mu Hongli a look, as though she was watching a retard. Mu Hongli opened her mouth halfway but remained silent. Getting zero points in the second stage was truly unheard of.
Regardless of how idiotic Shi Xiaobai was, he was still a genius after all. He couldn’t be so bad that he couldn’t score a single point, right?

Shi Xiaobai was now filled with fighting spirit, as he had just accepted Yang Yang’s challenge. As for what the challenge entailed, *cough*, he temporarily had no idea.
“This King will adopt the necessary measures depending on the situation.”
Shi Xiaobai had such a thought in mind, but he had pricked up his ears, making sure to attentively listen to the elder explaining the rules of the ability test.
“The second stage’s ability test is to assess one of the most basic abilities of a Hero, shooting.”
Upon hearing the elder’s words, Shi Xiaobai was a bit stunned. When did shooting become the most basic ability of a Hero?
Don’t tell me the Heroes of this world relied on firearms, spraying around with machine guns? Shi Xiaobai was immediately disappointed. The Heroes in his heart needed to beat calamity fiends with their punches, kicking Astral Calamity Beasts and slashing extraterrestrial motherships with a sword. They could not rely on external forces, much less technology.
“Why is shooting ability one of the most basic abilities of Heroes? Don’t tell me Heroes do not use ?” Shi Xiaobai forwent his dignity as King and asked Yang Yang shamelessly.
“Are you serious?” Yang Yang rolled his eyes at him.
“Of course!” Shi Xiaobai nodded seriously.
“I really have no idea if you are acting the fool or you truly are a fool.” Yang Yang could not help but denigrate him. After a moment of hesitation, he seriously explained to Shi Xiaobai, “Although Psionites are split into several realms, most Psionites are in the weakest Psionic Mortal Realm.” And a majority of Heroes are in the Psionic Mortal Realm. That means Psionic Mortal Realm Heroes are basically F Class Heroes, but these F Class heroes form the bedrock of society’s general safety. Most criminals and terrorists are apprehended by F Class Heroes. At the Psionic Mortal Realm, one isn’t able to perfectly withstand the strike from a bullet, so using a cold weapon is greatly inferior to firearms in terms of power. Hence, to F Class Heroes at the Psionic Mortal Realm, the best choice of weapon is a firearm.”
“To anyone who has the ambition of becoming a Hero, their shooting ability is considered a basic ability, as most people can only be stuck, struggling in the Psionic Mortal Realm,” Yang Yang recited without any expression. “On the other hand, Psykers are a bit of a special case. A number of Psykers would have sufficient means to resist firearms at the Psionic Mortal Realm, but most Psykers at the Psionic Mortal Realm typically have offensive strength less than a gun. Hence, one’s shooting ability is something that has to be definitely mastered by Psykers. In conclusion, be it Psionites or Psykers, before they break through from the Psionic Mortal Realm to the Psionic Soul Realm, firearms have an advantage over cold weapons. After they make the breakthrough, the reverse situation happens. Those Heroes above D Class basically only use cold weapons.”
Having heard a bunch of terms from Yang Yang that he had never heard of before, Shi Xiaobai was immediately filled with confusion, but that did not stop him from asking further.
On the other side, the elder had finished explaining the rules for the second stage.
Once the elder was done, the wall with the shimmering numbers suddenly went white. On the gigantic white screen, the four rookies’ names were written on the top left hand corner, followed by a number. At this moment, the numbers were all “0”.
The ability test was simple but had a strong smell of gunpowder. The four rookies would compete on the same platform, while black target spots would randomly appear on the large white screen. The four of them could only use laser guns to shoot at it. The person who hit the target first would score a point. After a target was struck, the next target would randomly appear, and there would be a total of a hundred targets.
The randomness here both referred to the location of the target, as well as the time interval between the appearance of the targets.
Such a test could assess the rookie’s reaction, shooting speed as well as shooting accuracy. It could be considered quite a well-rounded test subject.
Shi Xiaobai took a laser gun from the elder. It looked quite similar to a normal pistol. He curiously pressed the trigger, and a red beam of light shot out of the barrel. Immediately, Shi Xiaobai turned playful and began shooting laser beams at everyone in the room with “Pew Pew Pew” sounds. Only when the elder stopped him with a blackened face did he stop in resentment.
The other three rookies standing in line with Shi Xiaobai did not appear as relaxed as him. They were extremely nervous. Shi Xiaobai’s dual S natural endowment in the first stage had already determined that he would be first at this rookie evaluation. To the three of them, the second stage was even more important.
Shi Xiaobai was indeed not worried at all. He was already trying to figure out how to dismantle the laser gun.
“Hey, Xiaobai, how’s your shooting ability?”
A pearly girl’s voice echoed, making Shi Xiaobai turn around to see Riko standing behind him. He did not know when that happened.
“Don’t worry. Be it or , This King has already attained perfection. No one can match me in shooting ability. Girl, do you want to try?”
Shi Xiaobai answered with great confidence, raising the laser gun at the girl’s face.
Riko was stunned upon hearing that. She kept feeling that there was something strange about this and subconsciously punched Shi Xiaobai in the face. As this world did not have the two games, Counter-Strike and CrossFire, Riko did not know what Shi Xiaobai was referring to. But from his confident expression, she felt assured. However, she still made it a point to say, “Anyway, as long as you do not get zero points, that’s all that matters, even if it’s just one point.”
“Tch~” Shi Xiaobai felt disdain towards her statement, but for some reason took the opportunity to ask, “What happens if I get zero?”
Riko hesitated for a while and felt that there was no point hiding it from him at this stage. Hence, she said, “Cough, that red-dressed ugly freak and I had previously made a bet. As long as you exceed zero points, I’ll win.”
“So that’s the case. Rest assured, Girl. Since This King has already signed a blood pact with you, I will naturally help you win your bet!” Shi Xiaobai patted himself on the chest.
Riko rolled her eyes at him. Seeing that the test was about to begin, she exhorted him once more before walking slowly to her seat on the right.
“What a joke. How can This King get zero points? Naive girl.”
Realizing that he just needed to obtain one point, Shi Xiaobai immediately felt extremely relaxed. What a joke. Although he had never managed to break past ten points during his school examinations, he had never received zero points before. For this, Shi Xiaobai was rather confident.
“Make your choice, youth!”
Suddenly, a fiery voice boomed in Shi Xiaobai’s mind. Time halted along with it, and everyone in the room froze.
Two rows of black text slowly appeared in front of Shi Xiaobai.
That scamming scene from the “Absolute Choice” system had appeared once again!
[ Choice 1: During the test, only one shot can be made without opening your eyes (Reward: E-level) ]
[ Choice 2: Directly give up. Pass the test with zero points (Reward: D-level) ]
(Gentle Reminder: This choice is considered a “daily-style choice” where there is only one opportunity after choosing. Successfully completing the choice’s mission will yield a reward, and failure will lead to punishment of the same level.)
Shi Xiaobai was stunned for a moment after seeing the two rows of black text.
“D-level reward..Looks like it’s possible for This King to get zero points.”
At this moment, Shi Xiaobai’s confidence was shaken.