Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Why did I agree
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Shi Xiaobai looked at the two choices in front of him and felt that there was a deep sense of malevolence. If he chose to directly give up, then he would receive zero points for the ability test. If he chose to close his eyes and only shoot once, then it would be highly probable that he would receive zero points, with a minuscule probability of him receiving one point.
Regardless of his choice, Shi Xiaobai’s result for his ability test would be terrible. It could be said that there was not much difference between the two choices. However, the latter was a D-level reward, while the former was a E-level reward. Logically speaking, Shi Xiaobai’s best choice was to directly give up and receive a D-level reward.
However, he had just promised Riko that he would not receive zero points. As such, one point and zero points had a qualitative difference to him. The only thing was that this one point was not easily obtainable.
On one side was the better D-level reward, while the other side was a slim chance of getting more than zero points. What should Shi Xiaobai choose?
“Hai, a King’s promise is more important than anything else. Besides, This King has reincarnated thousands of times and has never obtained zero points before. How can such a precious first be sacrificed for a mere D-level reward? If it was a C-level reward, that would be more like it…”
Shi Xiaobai vexed over it all day before finally choosing—[ Choice 1: During the test, only one shot can be made without opening your eyes (E-level reward) ].

Against a randomly appearing target without any fixed time interval that he had to shoot blindly—in one shot—was no doubt a ginormous test, but Shi Xiaobai did not mind it at all.
“This King will adopt the necessary measures depending on the situation.”
Shi Xiaobai slowly closed his eyes as his vision turned black. However, the light that reflected off the metallic wall continued projecting a fuzzy layer of light above the darkness. He was still not used to it.
The elder gave Shi Xiaobai a glance, and thought he was closing his eyes to focus. The elder paid great attention to the child with dual S talents. Regardless of Shi Xiaobai’s personality, he was destined to be a very important rookie in [Gaia] the next few years. As long as he did not receive zero points in the ability test, he would naturally be evaluated as an S Class rookie.
Over the past few years, [Gaia]’s ranking did not move much in China, but it was in an awkward position. Internationally, it had already dropped out of the top ranks into the mediocre. This year, the fresh blood that had been injected into [Gaia] was not too bad, and if an S Class rookie was added, it might let [Gaia] experience a new spring. As such, the elder placed a lot of anticipation on Shi Xiaobai.
“Natural endowment and ability is the most important evaluation standards for rookies in [Gaia]. Do not be dismayed because of a low natural endowment, but make sure not to lose your head because of having a higher natural endowment.” The elder exhorted one last time.
Noticing that the four rookies were ready, he announced, “Let the ability test begin!”
The moment he finished speaking, other than Shi Xiaobai still having his eyes closed, the other three were fully focused on the snow-white screen in front of them. In this kind of competition by count of targets struck for points, victory was not determined in a second, but in milliseconds. Despite being nervous, they still held the guns firmly in their hands. This was because reaction speed was not everything, shooting accuracy was equally important. On this point, even the four-year-old little loli, Zhong Yue’er, put on a proper demeanor. For the three, all coming from a family with Heroes, the basic skills of a Hero was something they had honed since they were young.
The gigantic screen looked like a vertical white plane. It was white, without any colors on it. Suddenly, a tiny black dot appeared like a lotus blooming!
“Peng! Peng! Peng!”
Three beams of different colors shot out at nearly the same instant. They hit a tiny black dot at a speed invisible to the naked eye.
“First point. Blue!”
A cold, machine-like voice echoed from a speaker embedded behind the metallic wall. Following that, the number on the top-left corner—beside Yang Yang’s name—changed from “0” to “1”.
The four rookies used laser guns of different colors. Shi Xiaobai was red, Kevin was yellow, Yang Yang was blue, and Zhong Yue’er was purple. It was used to determine who hit the target first. The first shot was clearly obtained by Yang Yang.
Nearly everyone realized that one laser beam was missing. However, it was just the first shot, so they did not pay much attention to it.
However, very quickly, ten targets had been hit, but Shi Xiaobai had yet to even shoot once.
The elder gave Shi Xiaobai a glance and immediately exclaimed, “Shi Xiaobai, why are you still closing your eyes?”
The moment this was said, everyone in the room was stunned. Shi Xiaobai had been closing his eyes all this while?
Kevin and Mu Hongli felt delighted at this news. From having no chance at victory, they could now see a glimmer of hope. If Shi Xiaobai’s ability test received zero points, he would be evaluated as a “Useless Person”. It would greatly affect his evaluation, and if that happened, Kevin would have a chance to overturn the disadvantage he received in the natural endowment test.
Yang Yang’s heart sank, but he quickly recovered. As he was still in the midst of a test, he had to maintain an ethereal state of mind. He had lost too much dignity during the natural endowment test, so in the ability test that he was best at, he had to defend his remaining dignity.
Yang Yang’s calmness gave him the most direct returns. In the dozens of shots that followed, he maintained first place and was opening up a gap. He displayed an extraordinary shooting ability.
By the seats, Riko was already about to cry from anxiousness. She hoarsened her throat by yelling incessantly.
“Shi Xiaobai, stop fooling around!”
Shi Xiaobai, I’ll really get mad!”
“Shi Xiaobai, if you don’t open your eyes, don’t blame me for not sparing my fists or kicks!”
“Shi Xiaobai, don’t you screw things up at the crucial moment!”
“Shi Xiaobai, I’m begging you. Hurry up and open your eyes!”
“Shi Xiaobai, I… Nice Sister Riko will not hit you ever again. Can you open your eyes, please?”
It was as if Shi Xiaobai did not hear Riko’s yelling. He still had his eyes closed and looked completely unconcerned. By the side, the three older people were also advising Shi Xiaobai to obtain at least one point, telling him that it would affect his becoming of an S Class rookie. However, Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows did not even flinch.
It was as if Shi Xiaobai had fallen asleep. He remained motionless like a sculpture.
What had happened? What was wrong with Shi Xiaobai? Did some mental problem happen? Was it a vision problem? Or was he so inapt at shooting that he was avoiding it?
These questions hounded the minds of everyone as the test began to come to an end.
“Ninety-third point. Blue!”
As of this moment, Yang Yang had 50 points, Kevin had 31 points, while Zhong Yue’er had 12 points. As for Shi Xiaobai, he was still at 0 points.
Mu Hongli’s anxious heart soothed. She did not give up the opportunity and sneered at Riko. “Don’t you forget our bet. I hope I’ll hear news of you voluntarily resigning your post as Pontus.”
Riko had yelled so much that she was going hoarse. If not for her being disallowed from interrupting the ability test midway, she would probably have charged over to brutally beat Shi Xiaobai up. Upon hearing Mu Hongli mocking her, she immediately felt more disheartened and turned even more anxious.
“Shi Xiaobai! Hurry up and open your eyes to score one point! As long as you obtain one point, I’ll agree to anything you want!”
Riko was so flustered that she no longer knew what she was saying.
However, the moment she said that, a miracle happened. Shi Xiaobai’s body suddenly moved.
“Girl, will you really agree to anything This King wants?”