Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 16

Chapter 16: You Are This King’s Person
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Shi Xiaobai did not realize the strange gazes from everyone, because at this moment, a familiar and fiery voice was resounding in his mind.
“Absolute Choice completed. Congratulations to the Host for obtaining an ‘E-level reward’—A-level reward fragment (10%). Currently, the amount of A-level reward fragments you possess is 10%!”
Shi Xiaobai immediately experienced mixed emotions. Although the accumulation of lower level rewards could combine into a higher level reward, he had not received any substantial reward, making him unhappy; but then again, he had managed to hit the hundredth target by luck after all, so he could not help but feel a little excited.
“There is indeed nothing This King can’t do!”
The confidence Shi Xiaobai nearly lost was restored and had even increased. As he praised himself happily in his mind, he finally recalled an unforgettable agreement he had with Riko. Upon recalling how the Violent Girl had said “I’ll agreed to anything you want”, Shi Xiaobai’s heartbeat began to palpitate. He immediately turned to look at the seats on the right, but he saw a girl walking towards him.
Shi Xiaobai was still unaware of the strange silence in the room, as well as the complicated looks everyone had. He only had eyes for the girl with the ponytail, as a fiery voice slowly spat out from his mouth.
“Girl, from this moment onwards, you are This King’s person!”
The silence in the room was immediately shattered.

As the people in the room considered the various anomalies during Shi Xiaobai’s ability test, they naturally came to the conclusion that Shi Xiaobai had machinated a meticulous scheme. However, there were two doubts they could not shrug off from their minds. One of them was how did Shi Xiaobai manage to pull off his anticipatory shot? Thankfully, the three older people—with their rich experience—revealed the truth to everyone. Everyone was extremely astonished, as they began to realize how they couldn’t comprehend this silly youth who proclaimed himself “King”.
Hence, the second doubt immediately became the thing that held the greatest suspense—What was Shi Xiaobai scheming? What request did he want Riko to fulfill? Towards such a young and beautiful girl with such a good figure, what sort of request would he have? Could it be…
As everyone’s hearts were filled with suspicion, Shi Xiaobai revealed the truth himself!
Shi Xiaobai had said to Riko—”From this moment onwards, you are This King’s person”! Holy shit. This person was actually coveting Miss Riko! Fuck, this kind of silent sexual predator was the worst. He acted silly and dumb, but he secretly had a mind more corrupt than anyone. And most critical of all, this pervert was an uber-genius with dual S level natural endowment and Perception of God! Fuck, this world is so unfair!
Everyone affirmed their guesses in their hearts, as they immediately gave Shi Xiaobai strange looks.
The one with the most intense reaction was naturally Riko. She had not spent much time with Shi Xiaobai yet, but she refused to believe that Shi Xiaobai would make any corrupted requests. However, she did not expect Shi Xiaobai to immediately claim her as his own. Riko was immediately extremely embarrassed.
Realizing Shi Xiaobai was about to open his mouth to speak again, she was afraid he would say something dreadful. Riko immediately charged at Shi Xiaobai like a ferocious beast!
Using the fastest speed in her life, Riko charged straight in front of Shi Xiaobai and grabbed his neck with one hand, covering his mouth with the other. At the same time, she shouted, “Shut up!”
While breathing rapidly, she leaned towards Shi Xiaobai’s ear and gnashed her teeth and, in a mild voice, she said, “If there’s anything you want to say, do it later!”
Riko did not want to embarrass themselves any further in front of everybody. Besides, if Shi Xiaobai made an excessive demand, she could not resort to violence in front of so many people. When they were alone, she could then brazenly “reject” Shi Xiaobai.
While fantasizing how she would bash Shi Xiaobai up to the point of him begging on his knees, pleading for mercy, Riko did not realize how suggestive it looked with her grabbing Shi Xiaobai by the neck from the back. Her well-developed chest was tightly adhered to Shi Xiaobai’s back, squeezed tightly like cotton.
Shi Xiaobai felt a soft and extremely elastic feeling and could not help but turn to look at the girl’s weapon.
“Is this the legendary magic—Ball Dribble Charging*? I heard that this magic attack can weaken the vitality of male biological beings! Oh, does Violent Girl want to harm This King?”
Shi Xiaobai was panic-stricken as he immediately wanted to shout “distance yourself from This King”, but as his mouth was covered, he could only produce muffled “Wu Wu Wu” sounds as his body kept struggling.
Shi Xiaobai’s struggling immediately caused their bodies to rub. Finally, Riko realized something odd and, tracing Shi Xiaobai’s gaze, she realized her chest was tightly clinging to Shi Xiaobai’s back and, due to Shi Xiaobai’s struggling, was even…
“Ah~ Pervert!”
Riko’s face immediately turned red as she retreated backwards while screaming. She stretched out her hands to cover her chest, as she realized how this sacred area, which had never been touched before, had just been nudged here and there by this thirteen-year-old youth. Immediately, she was too deep for tears.
After a moment of embarrassment, she grabbed Shi Xiaobai by the collar and directly dragged Shi Xiaobai to the door. She coldly said to everyone else in the room, “The test is over. We will be leaving first!” With that, she dragged Shi Xiaobai out of the room with a face full of murderous intent.
After the duo left, the people left in the room remained in their petrified states. The things that happened today were just too weird, shocking and fucking capable of rendering you speechless!
After a long while, only when the elder said, “Let’s disperse,” did everyone disperse with preoccupied thoughts.
The elder sighed. Regardless of Shi Xiaobai’s personality, he was destined to be a talent [Gaia] would develop with all it had. The organization would not interfere with his private matters, but Riko Minamiya’s status was somewhat special. This matter was probably going to be very complicated!

Shi Xiaobai was pulled to a dark corner by Riko with a bewildered look. Just as he was about to ask what had happened, he realized the girl’s eyes were reddish, and tears were beginning to well up.
“Girl…You..” Shi Xiaobai was stunned.
“Shi Xiaobai, I said I would agree to anything.”
Riko’s voice was so cold that it seemed like a slab of ice from the Arctic. “Say it now, what is your request?”
Riko stared intently at Shi Xiaobai. She was originally extremely angry, but the more she thought, the more depressed she felt. She did not hate that silly young boy who had eight-grader syndrome and was even very willing to be his friend. So even up to this point, her heart still retained the last bit of trust. Of course, now was the moment she gave Shi Xiaobai the benefit of the doubt. If she heard words that made her disgusted from his mouth, then she did not mind educating this misguided child.
Shi Xiaobai could sense Riko’s seriousness and earnestness from her eyes and mannerism. As such, his expression also gradually turned serious. He said with a bitter heart, “Girl, as expected, you still aren’t willing to sign a contract with This King?”
“Ah?” Riko froze.
Shi Xiaobai sighed and said, “You said that you would agree to any request from This King! This King doesn’t have many requests, all This King wants is to sign a contract with you!”
Riko finally realized that something wasn’t right. She asked curiously, “Signing a contract.. What…does it mean?”
Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up and used a fiery voice to say, “Becoming an aide of This King, joining Xiaobai’s Hero Squad, so as to save the world with This King!”
Riko was dumbfounded as she asked, “Then, just now, when you said I am your person, what did that mean?”
Shi Xiaobai revealed an expression that said “are you a retard” and said, “By joining Xiaobai’s Hero Squad, you are naturally This King’s person!”
Holy shit, so that was the meaning!
Riko was at a loss whether to laugh or to cry. The ice in her heart melted. In her heart, she came to the realization that the youth in front of her was indeed—an idiot!
Shi Xiaobai sensed that Riko was intending to go back on her words, so he hurriedly said, “Girl, don’t you go back on your words!”
Riko rolled her eyes at him and after a little hesitation, she said softly, “I agree to it.”
Shi Xiaobai was stunned, before he roared with laughter, “Girl, from this moment, you are This King’s person! You are not to use violence against This King!”
Upon hearing this, Riko, who had just raised her fist, burst into laughter.
Just like the sudden spring wind that blew in the night, it blew away all the pear flowers away.
* Dribble Charging originally refers to a foul in basketball, but has been used as a term describing a girl using her breasts to deliver a deathblow.