Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Riko’s Superpower
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Psionic Ability was the potential each living being had. Psionic Ability cultivation then meant to constantly develop one’s potential, a training method to constantly surpass one’s limits. As such, the so-called Psionites were humans who had unraveled the potential of their bodies. Based on the difference in development, there were a few realms demarcated. Psionic Mortal Realm was the first realm.
As for how to develop one’s potential, this world had already developed a near-perfect cultivation system. There were various cultivation techniques that targeted different types of people, allowing more than 99% of humans to be able to undergo Psionic Ability cultivation to become Psionites. The only problem was that most Psionites would be stuck in the Psionic Mortal Realm.
In simple terms, Psionic Ability cultivation was like the martial arts of Earth. Although everyone could practice martial arts, a large majority of people did it for physical fitness while few managed to cultivate internal energy to become a true Kung Fu master.
It could be said that Psionites were abundant, but powerful Psionites were few and far between. And at this moment, Shi Xiaobai was not even considered anything. Hence, Riko placed great emphasis on making Shi Xiaobai begin Psionic Ability cultivation.
“Psionic Ability cultivation is usually divided into three methods—Cogitation, Training, as well as Combat.”
Riko began to explain the basics regarding Psionic Ability cultivation. “Body training and learning from combat have considerable effects on the development of a person’s potential, but it cannot be done over prolonged periods of time. As such, the main cultivation method for Psionites is actually Cogitation.”
Shi Xiaobai abandoned his playful thoughts and, like an attentive child in class, asked questions from time to time. “What is Cogitation?”
Riko answered, “Cogitation means focusing one’s heart, intent and spirit to the most primal state, after which you let your imaginations in the ethereal state of mind run wild. Depending on what you imagine as well as how realistic your imagination is, the outcome of your Psionic Ability cultivation will change greatly.”
Shi Xiaobai could not help but ask, “Just rely on imagination to open up one’s potential?”
Riko seemed quite pleased with Shi Xiaobai’s present behavior. She could not help but reveal a smile, answering, “This is why Psionic Ability cultivation has become systematic, becoming the main method of cultivation. As there is a special energy known as ‘Psionic Power’ in this world, when humans enter an ethereal state while in their world of imagination, their bodies will begin to automatically absorb ‘Psionic Power’. From that you get Psionic Ability cultivation.”
Riko said very patiently, “And there are two factors that determine how fast a human body can absorb ‘Psionic Power’. Firstly, it’s the content of the imagination during one’s Cogitation; and secondly, it’s how realistic the imagination is. The former is actually an area of research in cultivation techniques. For example, what sort of things should be imagined, or the order of the imagination. This is basically the result of experience accumulated over the years by our predecessors, and some of it is the essence of what some peerless, mighty figures figured out. Teacher One-Pun’s unique technique is to open up his own imaginary world.”
“And how realistic the scenes a person imagines depends solely on their imagination. As one’s Mind Expanse is a main factor that affects the imagination of humans, it is one of the natural endowment criteria used to judge Psionic Ability cultivation.
“In short, cultivation techniques and Mind Expanse are closely related to Cogitation. In other words, these two factors determine how fast or slow one’s Psionic Ability cultivation is.”
After a long series of explanations, Shi Xiaobai had a rough understanding of what Riko meant.
“So Psionic Ability cultivation is just a competition of whose imagination can go wilder.”
Shi Xiaobai summarized this in his head, but on the outside, he was nodding constantly, looking like a model student. Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai thought of a question that had been plaguing him for a very long time.
Shi Xiaobai asked, “What are Psy-genes? What are Psykers?”
Since the vastness of one’s Mind Expanse determined one’s Psionic Ability cultivation speed to a certain extent, then what of the more important Psy-genes?
“Oh~ Psykers are a bit more difficult to explain.”
Riko chose her words carefully before saying moments later, “Three thousand years ago, during the third apocalypse that history calls the ‘end of civilization’, less than 1% of humanity survived. Due to the evolutionary principle of survival of the fittest, many of the remaining humans experienced a genetic mutation during the apocalyptic catastrophe. However, as the mutations of genes are extremely unstable, with the passage of time, they gradually disappeared. And now, only a small number of humans have inherited this gene mutation. And these people are Psykers.”
“The mutations that Psykers are born with give them special abilities. In fact, we can call these people, who have inherited these mutant genes, Espers. However, these Espers have to undergo Psionic Ability cultivation, just like normal people; as such, we merge Espers and Psionites together and call them Psykers.
After Riko’s explanation, Shi Xiaobai finally understood. Espers were extremely rare on Earth, while Psykers were Espers who had undergone Psionic Ability cultivation, or it could be said that Psykers were Espers who possessed Psionic Ability.
“Then since This King was evaluated to have S Class Psy-genes, wouldn’t that make This King a Psyker? Strange, what is This King’s Superpower?” Just thinking of himself having Superpowers made Shi Xiaobai excited.
Seeing Shi Xiaobai’s excited look, Riko interjected with a laugh. “What a pity. A Psyker needs to cultivate to the fourth level in the Psionic Mortal Realm before their Superpower will be awakened. So, although you have S Class Psy-genes, at this moment, you are still an ordinary person.”
With that said, it was like a bucket of cold water splashed onto his face. Shi Xiaobai immediately seemed to lose all interest.
Upon seeing this, and a shift of her eyes, an idea came to her head as she smiled and said, “Actually, I am also a Psyker, and I have B Class Psy-genes!”
Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up and asked, “Girl, are you at the fourth level of Psionic Mortal Realm?”
Riko rolled her eyes and said, “Isn’t that nonsense, I’m already a Ps… Cough, I’ll not talk about it. My strength is way too distant for you. However, since I’m in a good mood today, I’ll kindly show you my Superpower.”
Upon saying that, Riko went into the kitchen and returned to the living room moments later with a fruit knife and a daikon.
Shi Xiaobai’s eyes immediately lit up as his mind generated immense anticipation for Riko’s Superpower.
“Watch carefully!”
With a faint smile, Riko threw up the daikon, and with the fruit knife in her right hand, she sliced up gently into the air. A cold beam flashed, as the daikon splintered into numerous tiny pieces in an instant, like it had been cut by a million knives.
Shi Xiaobai’s pupils involuntarily shrank as he recalled Sahadun being instantly sliced to bits during the sunset yesterday. How did she do it?
Riko revealed a proud smile and explained, “My Superpower is called [High Frequency Vibrokinesis]. I can make any designated space vibrate at peak frequency. Although I can only influence a small region with my current level of power, and the distance is relatively short, it can still give rise to startling effects if used properly.”
“At the moment I slashed out with the fruit knife, I had used [High Frequency Vibrokinesis] on the knife’s blade. Hence, I was able to slash out numerous knife beams in an instant. And this is just a small application of my Superpower. [High Frequency Vibrokinesis] is considered a B Class Superpower. Its usage and growth is rather outstanding, and as my Psionic Ability realm increases, [High Frequency Vibrokinesis] will improve, be it its domain, range or even frequency manipulation. When the time comes, tsk tsk!”
Shi Xiaobai listened on with envy as he yearned to possess a Superpower.
Seeing that the time was ripe, Riko hurriedly said in a stern manner, “Xiaobai, my B Class Superpower is already so powerful, then what of your S Class Superpower! If you want to awaken your Superpower earlier, then the only method is to do your best and rush towards the fourth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm!”
“So Shi Xiaobai! Hurry up and begin Psionic Ability cultivation!”
Riko gave a sweet smile as she thought deep down, “With me here, how can this fool Shi Xiaobai not obediently surrender himself!”
Author’s Note: When it comes to information dumps, it’s indeed quite boring. I didn’t plan on talking about it, but I was afraid people would be confused, so I explained the system that appeared previously clearly. If you didn’t read this chapter carefully, I recommend you to read it with a bit more patience.