Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 2

Chapter 2: If Despair had a Color
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“Make your choice, youth!”
The fiery voice buzzed in his head. The three lines of black text in front of his eyes were still [Save Little Fatso], [Escape] and [Watch by the sidelines]. Time was similarly frozen. As if the ending had been overturned, and the story had restarted once again.
“Was that just a dream? Has my clairvoyant ability awoken in this world?” Shi Xiaobai’s mind buzzed, but as he recalled the terrifying experience from before, he could not help but shudder. However, a strong sense of fighting spirit promptly ignited in his heart.
“If this is also the choice of the Gate of the Destiny Stone, then I, Shi Xiaobai must prevent the end of this world line. I must change Little Fatso’s fated death.”
“However…being sealed by the God of Darkness, it’s really hard for me to defeat Big Baldy’s Scythe of Death! Could it be the first tribulation of ten thousand calamities that I, Shi Xiaobai, will be experiencing in my cycle of reincarnation?”
“Phew, before transcending the tribulation, I must first think of a way to save Little Fatso.”
After experiencing the nightmare of gory blood and terror, Shi Xiaobai understood one thing—Humans, when killed, would die. That weak neck was even softer than tofu in front of that sharp sickle. It was even easier to break than straw. Little Fatso was completely powerless in front of the calamity fiend, unable to withstand even a single blow.
“Damn it. To think the insidious enemy already knows Little Fatso is the weak point of Xiaobai’s Hero Squad and first struck at the weak point to weaken Xiaobai’s Hero Squad. That is such a despicable act. I never expected you to be such a Big Baldy. No, I must think of a way to resolve this situation.”
Shi Xiaobai was secretly worried, but no matter how hard he racked his brains, he could not think of a way to prevent Little Fatso’s death from happening in such a situation.
Suddenly, the fiery voice in his head turned extremely cold and began slowly counting down. “Ten, nine, eight…”
So there was a limited time to choosing! Shi Xiaobai began to fluster and began to lament secretly. He did not know what would happen if he exceeded the time limit, but his intuition told him that he had to make a choice before the countdown ended. He did not have any doubts regarding which to choose, but he was at a loss what to do after making the choice.
“I can only do it that way…” At the final moment, Shi Xiaobai suddenly thought of the bleak eyes that had diminished hope. He finally decided to adopt a method he had rejected right from the beginning.
“Little Fatso, I will definitely save you.”
At that moment, Shi Xiaobai made his choice once again.
The still time began spinning once again the moment he made his choice. Little Fatso was still trembling but standing in the sandpit with determination. The calamity fiend was still slowly crawling out of the black hole, but this time, Shi Xiaobai did not shout for him to escape, nor did he rush forward.
Shi Xiaobai cupped his hands in front of his mouth and took a deep breath. With his eyes closed, he used all his strength to shout, “Big Baldy, you contemptible Big Baldy! Let This King step on your empty bald head, and This King will mercifully let you lick the bottom of This King’s soles! Kneel down in prostration before This King, BIG~BALDY!”
After Shi Xiaobai finished shouting, he puffed to catch his breath. His eyes opened and said to himself that it had to succeed.
When the calamity fiend in the black hole heard Shi Xiaobai’s yelling, his raised right hand suddenly stopped. He then slowly turned his hideous head towards where Shi Xiaobai stood.
“I’ve succeeded. The Art of Aggro Transference has garnered great success! Well, time to add more to it!” Shi Xiaobai was excited as he immediately shouted again, “Tremble and be filled with despair, Big Baldy! Your end is here!”
“You…are…courting…death!” The calamity fiend’s deep blue eyes were filled with anger as its voice turned dry and sharp, as if it wanted to rip the Shi Xiaobai in the distance into shreds.
“What did I hear? Oh, it’s the cry of the weak!” Shi Xiaobai began to give a derisive laugh. As he shook his head, he wagged his index finger. Following that, he clenched his hand into a fist and pointed downwards with his thumb. His eyes were full of provocative contempt.
“Foolish…human… This Demon will definitely…rip you to pieces!” The calamity fiend screamed out like a wailing wraith. Finally, one foot stepped out of the black hole and its body landed in the sandpit. It ignored Little Fatso in front of it and turned to walk towards Shi Xiaobai.
Shi Xiaobai felt dread, almost to the point of not being able to stand still, but he still continued cursing, “Silence! You are just an incompetent mitochondria that breathes. Do you think you will have the chance to take a breather? Ha, your lungs are great. Why don’t they work hard to produce carbon dioxide, so as to contribute to global warming? Compared to the fish in the ditches that can only use gills to breathe, you indeed are eligible to be This King’s pet…”
“Heh heh…” The calamity fiend sneered and took step after step towards Shi Xiaobai. The gigantic blackish-purple figure was filled with squirming muscles. Occasionally, deep blue eyes would open from its skin, making it look crowded and terrifying.
Shi Xiaobai’s legs began to tremble with great intensity. His mind’s strong desire to live implored him to escape, but when his gaze landed on Little Fatso in the sandpit, he realized Little Fatso was still standing there waving his fists, cheering him on, as if looking forward to see how he could defeat the calamity fiend with a single punch.
“No, if I escape, Little Fatso is doomed. I also cannot yell to Little Fatso to ask him to run, or Big Baldy might transfer his aggro.”
With these thoughts in mind, Shi Xiaobai’s body involuntary took a few steps back. He then raised his right hand and said to the calamity fiend, “Do not approach This King, or you would experience the most terrifying soul suppression in this world, directly exploding your body!”
Before his words reached their target, a cold light flashed. Shi Xiaobai’s eyes stared straight ahead as he saw his right hand flying into the sky. As the setting sun’s rays illuminated it, it spewed out red hot blood as red as the sunset.
“Ah!” Shi Xiaobai immediately screamed tragically. His left hand hurriedly reached for his right side, but all he felt was moist flesh and blood. As he looked on in fear, all he saw was a stump on his right arm.
At the moment he felt the pain, he suddenly felt as though all the light in the world had been devoured. A figure covered him in its shadow. Shi Xiaobai trembled as he raised his head, immediately realizing that the calamity fiend was already standing in front of him. The blackish-purple ugly body was occupying his entire vision.
“Little Fatso will definitely know that I lied to him. He will definitely escape immediately. As long as I help buy him some time, he will definitely be able to escape. Just drag it out a little longer…”
With such thoughts, Shi Xiaobai said with quivering lips, while enduring the pain and coughs, “Arms and legs, so what if one or two is given to you. So what if this body is sliced and lacerated? If your ugly sickle can slice through your destined miserable fate, then keep slicing for This King to see! Ha, ha…”
“This Demon will tear you apart.” The calamity fiend said coldly and calmly. It raised its right hand and swiped it thrice, forming three cold beams of light flashing past. Immediately, all of Shi Xiaobai’s limbs were sliced off. His body could not help but convulse as his eyes stared so widely that they nearly popped out. An excruciating scream squeezed out from his mouth as it opened up, filling the sky.
However, another cold arc of light flashed out, and Shi Xiaobai’s tongue was instantly pulverized. His tragic screams turned into a crying whimper.
Suddenly, a dull sound echoed from behind the calamity fiend’s back. Despite it not being very loud, however, it seemed to drown out all other noises. A soccer ball covered in dirt bounced off the calamity fiend’s back, and then fell to the cold hard ground.
“Heh heh, This Demon had nearly forgotten about you.” The calamity fiend’s eyes turned cold and stepped on the soccer ball, bursting it. Then it turned around and headed towards the sandpit.
“Mm… Mm… Mm… Mm!” Without limbs, he was unable to stand, and without a tongue to say any words, Shi Xiaobai gagged as two bloody streams of tears rolled down his cheeks.
If despair had a color, then it was definitely Shi Xiaobai.