Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Inverse Sourced World
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Riko’s tiny scheme naturally succeeded, and its effects were outstanding. The moment Shi Xiaobai realized that he could awaken a superpower that surpassed [High Frequency Vibrokinesis] when he reached the fourth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, he immediately felt his blood surging. The flames of infinite fighting spirit burned in his eyes.
“Hurry up and begin. This King can no longer wait!” Shi Xiaobai said with an eager look.
Riko chuckled deep down, but continued giving an oblivious expression. She said, “Calm down first. The first step to Cogitation is meditation. You need to empty out your mind and body. You can’t get anywhere with this impetuous state of mind.”
“Oh.” Shi Xiaobai nodded his head despite having only a hazy notion. He began imitating the meditating old monks from his memories and began to sit with his legs crossed on the sofa. He closed his eyes and attempted to empty out his mind and body.
Riko sighed seeing him do so. She remembered how she had depressingly spent several hours to enter her first meditative state many years back. Even the present her would need about ten minutes to completely empty out her mind and body to enter a meditative state. She did not know how long Shi Xiaobai would take to enter the meditative state.
“I will recite Teacher One-Pun’s cultivation technique a few times. Remember it by heart after ruminating over it. After you enter a meditative state, then imagine the scenes in accordance to what I say. Remember that the imagery has to be as realistic as possible. The more thorough the details, the better.”
Riko explained in great detail the key points of Cogitation, but suddenly, she realized something amiss.
“Eh? It can’t be?”
Riko focused her eyes and was surprised to realize that Shi Xiaobai had not only long and rhythmic breathing, his body was also in a completely relaxed state.
“How is it possible. He entered a meditative state so quickly?”
Riko was flabbergasted, as she could not resist to reach out her hand to poke Shi Xiaobai in the cheeks. She did not expect Shi Xiaobai to topple the moment she prodded him. His body began to topple, frightening Riko. She hurriedly rushed forward to hug the falling Shi Xiaobai. She was horrified to find Shi Xiaobai’s eyes still closed, and his body completely relaxed.
“Holy shit, a deep meditative state?”
Riko could not help but burst out. She carefully righted Shi Xiaobai’s body and took a few steps back. Seeing the Shi Xiaobai who looked asleep, she could not help but depressively curse in her heart.
“How simple is this fool’s brain? It hasn’t even been a minute and he has entered a meditative state, and it’s even a deep meditative state.”
“Back then, I took hours to enter a meditative state! Wu Wu, it’s so unfair. Why is this idiot so fast?”
“Hai, I’m beginning to doubt life.”
Riko was dealt a mental blow. Only after a long series of cussing did she regained her composure. She took a glance at Shi Xiaobai, who was in a deep meditative state, and sighed, saying, “Being in a deep meditative state means he can’t hear anything. The cultivation technique I wanted to impart to you is now useless. A deep meditative state is a state ordinary people dream of. You fool, without knowing any cultivation technique, what’s the point of entering a deep meditative state. Wu Wu, what a pity~”
Riko became more depressed the more she thought about it. After staring at Shi Xiaobai for a while, with her lips pursed, she suddenly found the sleeping Shi Xiaobai to be abnormally cute. She could not help but pinch Shi Xiaobai’s cheeks and revealed a smile. She then got up and returned to her room. It was time to sleep.
“Today sure was long. So, so many things happened, but in general, it was quite a happy day.”
Riko threw herself in bed, and tossed around while hugging a pillow. Moments later, she fell deep asleep, with a sweet smile on her lips.

At the moment Shi Xiaobai closed his eyes, he told himself in his mind to “relax body and mind”. Then…the scene in his head went blank.
An endless expanse of white filled his imaginary world. His body and mind seemed completely imbued in the emptiness.
After a few seconds of panic, Shi Xiaobai calmed down. He recalled the details of Cogitation Riko had mentioned.
“Isn’t it just to how wild your thoughts can run? It’s a piece of cake for This King.”
With this thought in mind, Shi Xiaobai immediately began to imagine. An inexplicable thing happened, as the moment he imagined the sky, a blue sky would immediately appear above the white world.
Shi Xiaobai was delighted as he immediately went wild with his fanciful imagination.
In an instant, nine different colored suns appeared in the sky. Numerous iridescent clouds floated in the sky, and following that, land appeared in this world. Sea water began spraying out of the holes in the ground, filling more than half the landmass.
Then it was followed by mountains, plains, deserts, canyons, forests, rivers, streams, fountains… Shi Xiaobai felt like he was the sovereign of the entire world, as he excitedly shaped every corner of this world according to his own imagination. Inverted mountain peaks that fell from the sky, plains that rose up, a desert in the depths of an abyss, a large, inverted V-shape valley, and an endless deep abyss that stretched across the world. All over the lands, there were forests that sprawled with towering ancient trees that had five different colors as crowns…
Shi Xiaobai did not seem to perceive the passage of time, much less feel exhausted. He constantly created his own world with his own imagination.
After a long period of time, Shi Xiaobai felt that his world was complete. He decided to—create life.
“What should I create? Humans? Gods? Fiends? Demonic beasts? Or…”
Shi Xiaobai hesitated again and again, when suddenly his eyes lit up. “This King has to be created first after all!”
With a thought, a gigantic Shi Xiaobai who towered high into the heavens was born, with one foot on the ground. The gigantic Shi Xiaobai wore a magical robe, and had a crown on his head. In his left hand he held the Staff of Heaven Punishment, and his right hand held the Axe of Annihilation. He stood there quietly, as if the Heavens and Earth were subservient to him.
Shi Xiaobai was pleased as he began to create life that gigantic Shi Xiaobai would lead. First were the Western Gods such as Zeus, then were the Eastern immortals like the Jade Emperor. The Twelve Legions of Angels, the Eighteen Demon Gods of the Demon World, the Nine Wraiths of the Underworld, as well the numerous heroes of the mortal world. Then it was the Yamanato no Orochi, the Frost Wyrm, the Nine-Tailed Fox, Cerberus…
After Shi Xiaobai constructed every legendary being he could think of, he began to create things that did not even exist, such as a devouring beast that masqueraded as a mountain range, a fat worm that spat out numerous red butterflies, a dress-wearing white cat, about the size of a palm, which stood on its hind legs, a black skeleton that could speak…
Shi Xiaobai taxed his ingenuity, as he imagined his subjects. After an unknown period of time, he felt like the inhabitants in this world had reached a barely acceptable number.
“Next, This King has to set the laws of this world. Eh~ Then there is a need to set a world view, the power system, the history. Oh, some legendary stories are necessary. Then, it will be national wars, ethnic conflicts, the opposition between good and evil…”
Just thinking of the fact that he could create a world that belonged to him made Shi Xiaobai feel a blood rush. All sorts of strange ideas began to flow incessantly out of his mind.
A Will might not be Eternal, but it could create a temporary world.
And with reality as the source of his imagination, to mold this completely inverted world, maybe it should be named—Inverse Sourced World?