Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 26

Chapter 26: This King, Tu Dahei
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The silver-haired youth who pointed at himself was exceptionally handsome. The corners of his mouth revealed a confident smile, which was both bedazzling, and at the same time, gave a sense of reliability.
Not only did Ye Jiaquan’s eyes light up, even Shi Xiaobai began to faintly feel a sense of anticipation. The way to resolve the situation? What was it?
Lingcun said, “On the surface, Shi Xiaobai seems to have only two choices. First, it is to voluntarily concede the position of captain, and try to be on friendly terms with Song Xiao, so that he wouldn’t be eliminated. However, this approach is too humiliating for Shi Xiaobai. Even the two of us might not be able to accept it.”
When Ye Jiaquan heard this, he shook his head and said loudly, “Me doesn’t accept it!”
Lingcun chuckled and carried on, “The second choice is to continue playing truant, and only appearing after his strength rises to the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. As long as he can beat Song Xiao, Shi Xiaobai’s position as captain will not be taken away from him.”
“But even a S+ Class genius would take at least three months to reach the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm from a mortal state. Although the rookie training can be said to be optional for a genius like Shi Xiaobai, it is extremely important for members of Team Red. In three months, probably most of Team Red’s members would be eliminated, with nearly none left. So this approach might work, but as a member of Team Red, I really do not wish for Shi Xiaobai to make this decision.”
Ye Jiaquan scratched his head and agreed, “Me does not wish Captain Shi Xiaobai to carry on playing truant. But Me..really can’t think of any other way out. Lingcun, you are so smart, you must have an idea, right?”
Upon hearing this, Shi Xiaobai could not help but look at the silver-haired youth. The two choices Lingcun mentioned were naturally something he vehemently opposed. However, he could not think of a better solution in such a short period of time. From the look Lingcun gave, it was like he had already thought of a feasible approach. Shi Xiaobai pricked his ears up as he looked forward to it.
Lingcun did not plan on keeping them guessing, as he directly and simply said, “There naturally is a solution, and it is very simple. I think Shi Xiaobai should join the rookie training, but he has to conceal his identity!”
Once these words were said, Shi Xiaobai and Ye Jiaquan were momentarily stunned. They never expected that the approach Lingcun placed so much confidence in, was actually so simple. In fact, it sounded like there was nothing special about it. However, on further thought, concealing his identity could avoid the previous two scenarios, but was concealing his identity going to be easy?
Ye Jiaquan doubtfully asked, “Me might be dumb, but Me knows that for rookies to enter the team, they have to go through a review. How will Captain Shi Xiaobai be able to deceive Instructor Hisith?”
Lingcun smiled lightly and retorted with a question, “Why is there a need to deceive Instructor Hisith?”
“Ah?” Ye Jiaquan was stunned.
Lingcun did not expect this simpleton, Silly Ye, to be able to figure out the mystery behind his words. He immediately and directly revealed the answer.
“I said before that any game’s creator will intentionally or unintentionally leave hope for the game to be won. A game that is impossible to complete is destined to be boring. As an avid game fanatic, Instructor Hisith, by already deliberately designing a silly game that targets Shi Xiaobai, then he must naturally have left some loophole he didn’t think of that allows the game to be completed, and that will also please him.”
Lingcun dug his hands back into his pockets and then rocked his body. He said while looking up, “And the loophole Instructor Hisith unintentionally left behind is what I just said—concealment of identity. Shi Xiaobai can think of a way to conceal his identity, and continuously grow stronger while joining the rookie training. When the time is ripe, he can reveal his identity, and then defeat Song Xiao. This way, not only would he defend his position as captain, he can also join the training. This is undoubtedly a good method that serves both purposes.”
“And Instructor Hisith is the factor we do not need to worry about at all. Instructor Hisith will actually be very happy to see Shi Xiaobai conceal his identity. An ingenious method of cracking the game is what a game creator looks forward to the most. Although Instructor Hisith might very likely increase the difficulty of the game because of this, there is one thing for sure, Instructor Hisith will not only not expose Shi Xiaobai’s identity, he will instead help Shi Xiaobai conceal his identity. That’s because he wishes that the game will have unexpected developments while under his control.”
“The most important thing is that the information of Shi Xiaobai’s identity is very scarce. It was said that at the Rookie Evaluation Test, Shi Xiaobai’s appearance and departure were all very sudden. As such, no one in the testing room had managed to snap a photo of him. The upper echelons of [Gaia] would not easily reveal information about Shi Xiaobai. As for those rookies that took the test with Shi Xiaobai, for some unknown reason, their faces will show a look of displeasure at the mention of Shi Xiaobai, unwilling to say anything else. So although most rookies already know of the uproar Shi Xiaobai’s testing results has caused, none of them knows what Shi Xiaobai looks like.”
“Hence, concealing his identity is definitely something absolutely feasible.”
Lingcun was extremely eloquent and explained it to the point. Ye Jiaquan kept nodding as he listened. When the explanation came to an end, he applauded and cheered, giving a silly smile.
Shi Xiaobai also understood Lingcun’s idea, and immediately felt that Lingcun’s argument made sense. If Instructor Hisith truly behaved like Lingcun’s analysis, and was a game maniac who was extremely wicked, then the strategy of “identity concealment” was indeed within the defined rules. It was more likely for Instructor Hisith’s to connive with him than expose him. If the upper echelons of [Gaia] had deliberately concealed his identity, and along with the fact that Yang Yang and company kept their mouths shut, then none of the other rookies knew what he looked like.
Furthermore, if the current situation was understood as a game, then the only challenge Shi Xiaobai was facing was to level up and encounter enemies. If he wanted to level up, he had to first engage in a battle with enemies several times stronger than him. If he wanted to avoid the battle, then he needed to give up on the orthodox path of leveling up.
And concealing his identity had basically resolved the two aforementioned conundrums. It was equivalent to mixing with the enemy undetected, and secretly leveling up. When he reached a sufficient high level, he could defeat the enemy’s BOSS so as to complete his counterattack. Thinking it through carefully, it was indeed a very ingenious method of clearing the game.
“Although This King prefers to face things head on, This King was after all, once called the King of Strategy back in the days of raiding the world of games. This strategy of ‘identity concealment’ seems pretty interesting!”
Shi Xiaobai was already beginning to seriously consider Lingcun’s suggestion.
Ye Jiaquan, who was simpering by the side, suddenly thought of something as he said with a wry face, “But how can Me let Captain Shi Xiaobai know of this good idea?”
Shi Xiaobai was surprised hearing this, as he couldn’t help but be amused.
“This King is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient!”
Shi Xiaobai felt that he had been silent for too long. He was considering whether he should show them mercy by revealing his identity. After all, the two people in front of him were his pious devotees. Although one was passionate but brainless, and the other was cold and wise, there faith was beyond doubt.
Just as Shi Xiaobai was hesitating, Lingcun suddenly said, “Silly Ye, do you think Shi Xiaobai can’t think of something I thought of? Shi Xiaobai, is definitely a lot smarter than me!”
Ye Jiaquan’s eyes immediately lit up, as he smiled and said, “Why did Me forget? Captain Shi Xiaobai must have already come up with this idea!”
Lingcun nodded and said, “Maybe Shi Xiaobai will soon join the rookie training with his identity concealed. No, maybe he is already hiding amongst the rookies!”
Ye Jiaquan immediately asked with excitement, “Really!?”
Lingcun chuckled. “So look forward to it. Although Shi Xiaobai is temporarily unable to be the hope of Team Red, he will one day suddenly appear before everyone and prove his glory! Maybe a person beside you is actually Shi Xiaobai, and maybe while Team Red has been suffering, he has been silently accompanying us, silently growing stronger! Maybe Shi Xiaobai will similarly see the hard work we put in. And maybe by the time he reveals his identity, we might already be his friends!”
Lingcun’s pulled his hand out from his pocket and pointed to the sun, proclaiming loudly, “Maybe, as we think he is hiding in the dark night, while we wait for dawn, he has already appeared by our side, emitting the light and warmth like the sun.”
“Silly Ye, maybe Shi Xiaobai has always been by our side!”
Ye Jiaquan turned agitated listening to this as his eyes went red. He nodded continuously in a forceful manner, producing choked sounds of “Un”!
Shi Xiaobai was similarly inexplicably touched listening to this. He felt that the Shi Xiaobai as described by Lingcun was such an endearing person, a person so worthy of respect.
“This King, has always been by your side!”
Just thinking of himself standing in front of everyone in Team Red and saying those words, made Shi Xiaobai’s heart palpitate, his chest turning warm.
“Oh, right. This brother, have you considered which team you plan on joining?”
Lingcun, who never looked straight at Shi Xiaobai, suddenly turned to face Shi Xiaobai and asked him lightly.
Shi Xiaobai’s stirring thoughts were interrupted, and was unable to react in time. He subconsciously said, “This King will join Team Red!”
Ye Jiaquan immediately cheered, “That’s great!”
Lingcun also revealed a faint smile and took a few steps forward and stretched his hand out, “Welcome to Team Red. I am Chen Lingcun.”
His slender, white fingers looked very long, and under the illumination of the sun, one could see crystalline blood vessels under the nearly transparent skin.
Those hands were like delicate boneless hands.
Shi Xiaobai hesitated silently before reaching out with his equally white, but apparently generous and warm hand, gripping Lingcun’s hand lightly.
“This King, Tu Dahei 1 .”
Shi Xiaobai reported a name he fabricated at the last moment, while his heart was blooming with a smile.
However, Shi Xiaobai did not seem to notice that the silver-haired youth in front of him had a similar smile, however, that smile seemed like it had a playful and strange hint to it.