Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Do you need to go this extent just because of the Bathroom?
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The rookie training grounds had five steel buildings. The largest building was the classroom Instructor Hisith usually taught in.
The internal layout of the classroom was very similar to the room where the Rookie Evaluation Test was held. There were two rows of seats on each side of the room, but the only difference was that the seats slanted, and joined together to form a V shape. In the middle of the V shape where the seats joined, there was a podium that looked like a lecture stand. And near to the podium was a wall that was probably a large LCD screen.
After Shi Xiaobai left Hisith’s office, he went along with Lingcun and company to the classroom. At this moment in time, there were only a handful of people scattered around the classroom, but soon, people successively came in, back from their break.
Lingcun would keep entering a conversation with Shi Xiaobai for no reason at all. After having experienced the “torture” by Hisith, he was somewhat annoyed by Lingcun. However, he knew that Lingcun was not to be blamed, as “human nature” was something difficult to guess accurately.
But in any case, his first step of concealing his identity had succeeded. Shi Xiaobai’s name was now Tu Dahei.
Many people who entered the classroom noticed a new face in Shi Xiaobai. A few people came forward to inquire, while Lingcun would take the initiative to explain to them for Shi Xiaobai. People turned thoughtful after hearing this. In fact, a number of people were suspecting if this so-called Tu Dahei was Shi Xiaobai, who had played truant for the past few days. However, since Instructor Hisith had vetted his identity, and they had no idea what Shi Xiaobai looked like, they could only hide their suspicions in their heart.
The scenario of Shi Xiaobai concealing his identity developed as Lingcun expected. There were some frights but no danger.
Afternoon break time ended very quickly as all the rookies returned to the classroom.
“The [Annihilation] rookies in the classroom now has a total of 73 people, 63 male, and 10 female. There are none below the age of ten, while there are fifty-two from the ages of ten to fifteen. There are twenty between the ages of fifteen to twenty, and only one person above the age of twenty.”
Lingcun mentioned a series of numbers that made Shi Xiaobai feel dizzy in the head. He finally summarized, “This batch of [Annihilation] rookies are quite average in quality, except Shi Xiaobai. Everyone else are here just to make up the numbers.”
Upon hearing this, Shi Xiaobai quietly gave Lingcun a big thumbs up. He liked honest people the most.
Shi Xiaobai surveyed the surroundings and immediately noticed that the rookies sitting on the right side sat in a cluster, and seemed like a collective whole. It was quite obvious they were rookies from Team Blue. As for the side he was sitting on, there was a divisive split. It was probably the two fractured factions of Team Red that Lingcun had previously mentioned.
Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai’s gaze paused on a particular person. The person did not seem very tall, but looked very fit. He had sharp facial features and a calm expression. He looked like a sharp sword hidden in a scabbard. Shi Xiaobai felt surprised as this person was sitting alone in a corner. There was no one around him and he seemed like a loner, as if he had been ostracized by the two factions.
Lingcun traced Shi Xiaobai’s gaze and after seeing that person, he said, “That person’s name is Xiang Wu. He is Team Red’s third faction.”
Shi Xiaobai said in disbelief, “One person?”
How could one person form a faction himself?
Lingcun nodded and then sighed, saying, “Team Red’s two factions happen to have fifteen people each. When votes are cast to eliminate someone, it results in a stalemate. As for Xiang Wu, he is the only person that does not belong to the two factions. His single vote can influence the outcome of the vote. But it happens that this person is extremely stubborn and refuses to join any of the two factions, hence he has been isolated.”
As an antithetical person who refused to join any group, he had the power to change the outcome. Clearly, the two major factions in Team Red saw him as a thorn in the flesh.
Lingcun said with a sigh, “The third faction originally had three people. They called themselves the Xiang brothers, and were all pretty strong. As they thought that it was a despicable act of politics, they refused to join any of the two factions. Hence, in the previous two rounds of elimination, the two factions partnered up to eliminate two of them. As for the third round of elimination, if there aren’t any surprises, Xiang Wu will be the one eliminated.”
Ye Jiaquan said with a dull voice, “Me thinks that it is very unfair. Me thinks that the Xiang brothers aren’t wrong. The elimination vote should not be used to collectively target someone.”
Lingcun sighed and said, “If everyone were to vote according to his wishes, the outcome of the vote would be very fair. This ideal is very nice, but reality is very cruel. Under the elimination mechanism set by Instructor Hisith, the person who fails to make the mark will be the first to be eliminated. So for us who are not strong enough, we have no choice on the matter when it comes to joining a group. Our only choice is to decide on joining which group.”
“Song Xiao might be the strongest person in Team Red, but he is extremely authoritative. People who join his group have to abide by his decisions. It is equivalent to eliminating anyone he wishes. Although Han Feng isn’t any better, he would at the very least, not deliberately deprive the voting rights of his peers. Han Feng’s group will first have an internal vote before the candidate to be eliminated is decided.”
“Dahei, you must seriously consider it. Currently, you are very similar to the three Xiang brothers. It can be said that your choice can tilt the balance between the two factions. As far as I’m concerned, I would hope that you join Han Feng’s faction.
Shi Xiaobai felt his heart turn slightly heavy hearing this. It was no wonder he noticed so many people giving him strange looks when he walked in. The people that came to ask about his identity had queer looks in the eyes. So it was all because he was currently in hot demand.
“Sigh, This King is always the focus of attention no matter where he goes!”
Shi Xiaobai exclaimed, and could not help but consider Lingcun’s words. Song Xiao and Han Feng were like a dictator and a constitutional monarch respectively. Personally, Shi Xiaobai would lean towards Han Feng.
But Shi Xiaobai could not help but look at that lonely figure.
Under the cruel elimination mechanism, once a group of people huddled together, their voting rights would collate into a distinctive force. The person left out would not be able to resist in the face of this force.
People were selfish. No one wished to be eliminated, so hugging on to the biggest pillar was their best option. Clearly, Song Xiao and Han Feng were the two relatively biggest pillars.
However, the groups gathered by Song Xiao and Han Feng happened to be fifteen each. As such, their voting strength reached an awkward balance. But as long as they gained another person, the balance would be broken. One side could then slowly devour the other group, ensuring that no one from their side would be eliminated.
The three Xiang brothers were independent from the two factions, so it was clear that they could join any side to ensure immunity from elimination, and even throw the other side into a spiralling abyss. However, the three Xiang brothers would rather be eliminated one by one than choose to join one of the two factions.
Why did they do that? Why were they so stupid? What were they trying to insist on?
Shi Xiaobai looked at Xiang Wu who was sitting alone at a corner. Suddenly, he felt his heart palpitate.
“This King…” Shi Xiaobai stood up.
“I know!”
Lingcun hurriedly stopped him with his words and got up. He stretched out his hand to press down on Shi Xiaobai’s shoulders and said seriously, “Dahei, I know you don’t want to join any of the two factions. I also know that you wish to help Xiang Wu! I share the same feelings as you, but you need to be aware of one thing. If you were to be left out like Xiang Wu, then the next person to be eliminated is very likely you. Dahei, are you willing to eliminate yourself the moment you arrive?”
“This King…” Shi Xiaobai knitted his eyebrows slightly.
Lingcun cut him off by saying, “Dahei, if you were to join Han Feng’s faction, it is actually the best method to help Xiang Wu. After you join us, Han Feng’s faction would have sixteen people, one more person than Song Xiao’s faction. Then, in the next round, the sixteen of us can vote together to eliminate Song Xiao’s members. As such, we can prevent the fate of Xiang Wu being eliminated!”
“Sigh, This King…” Shi Xiaobai sighed.
Lingcun cut him off once again and said seriously, “Dahei, I know you don’t like to join the factions of others, and even more, you dislike voting out someone by combining forces. You advocate justice and believe in freedom, but, I wish you can seriously consider it. Joining Han Feng’s faction does not mean you are ignoring your conscience, but it is a very rational and mature way of doing things. Not only will it protect yourself from being eliminated, it will also help Xiang Wu.”
“Dahei, whether you and Xiang Wu can stay behind or not all depends on a thought of yours!”
Both of Lingcun’s hands were already on Shi Xiaobai’s shoulders. His pale blue eyes revealed a sense of anxiety. His handsome face was slightly taut, afraid that Shi Xiaobai would give a capricious answer.
The rookies, who were already paying close attention to Shi Xiaobai, also began to look over. The rookies from Han Feng’s faction, who were closest, pricked up their ears. From their conversation, this rookie named Dahei seemed to be on the fence?
“This King—”
Shi Xiaobai shrugged his shoulders, saying helplessly, “This King just wanted to go to the bathroom. Is there a need to be so nervous?”
Upon hearing this, Lingcun was dumbfounded.
So all the heartfelt advice he gave was all fucking nonsense!?