Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Please shatter it!
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In the eyes of the majority of the rookies, Tu Dahei was a bumpkin who did not even know about Psionic Shield. Although he got lucky and survived the Body Incineration Curse, allowing him to open up a psionic sacred meridian, his Psionic Ability control had just reached “Grasped Basics”. The Psionic Shield he produced, was at best, at the primary school level.
Although Chen Lingcun was the rookie with the poorest evaluation this batch, Tu Dahei was likely the one with the weakest strength.
Hence, when Shi Xiaobai pointed to himself saying “This King is the true weakling and trash”, the rookies realized amidst laughter that in this room, it was indeed true that this bumpkin was the most qualified person to say so.
However, what was the point of you saying it so righteously and awe-inspiring? Why did it seem like proving that your weakness was something glorious? You told us to shut up just to say those dumb words that played to the gallery?
A number of rookies felt as though they had been fooled. The tiny bit of pity for him immediately disappeared, giving rise to baffling anger.
There was also a number of rookies, who despite finding it funny, felt a sense of admiration. For this bumpkin to deprecate himself in this manner, it was clearly to help Chen Lingcun resolve the situation. To be able to deprecate oneself for a friend was not something any ordinary person could do.
A very small number of rookies turned solemn. Their eyes looked as though they were pondering over his words, such as Xiang Wu, the strongest rookie, Wang Lin and the honest Ye Jiaquan. They spontaneously had a strange thought—Tu Dahei was not simple.
“The most lamentable thing for weaklings is not their weak strength, but that they refuse to admit that they are weak. Although he claims to be a weakling and trash, is he supposed to be considered dumb, or a master that looks like a fool?” A smile suffused on Xiang Wu’s lips.
Hisith similarly had a smile on his face. His joy was effusive, but he remained silent. No one could guess what was on his mind.
As for the handsome silver-haired youth onstage, he was still the focus of attention. Most of the people’s gazes landed on him. This bumpkin was willing to deprecate himself for him, so what would be his reaction?
Lingcun’s reaction was beyond everyone’s expectation.
He laughed. His laughter was like a silver bottle shattering.
His laughter did not stop. It was as though he was trying to curb his laughing but failed. It was staccato as he continued laughing. His laughter was beyond description, it gave people the feeling that it was like a silver chime, soothing to the ears. However, it was also like a silver needle scratching a wall with an ear-piercing screech.
Tears rolled out of Lingcun’s eyes as he laughed. He took a great deal of effort to stop his laughing, and by then, his breaths sounded like chokes, but the smile on his face was clearly filled with joy.
Lingcun knew Tu Dahei was Shi Xiaobai, and he definitely knew Shi Xiaobai had monstrous talent. When he first met Shi Xiaobai, he thought that Shi Xiaobai was a person who failed to show restraint, thinking that he was like a common genius who was arrogant. Hence, he had intentionally said the words, “Shi Xiaobai is still a weakling”, so as to remind Shi Xiaobai that he was still a weakling.
However, he did not expect that Shi Xiaobai knew this better than anyone. Furthermore, Lingcun did not expect Shi Xiaobai to say it without qualms, as though he had a clear conscience.
“Phew, I always thought I was very clever, but compared to you, I’m truly too dumb.”
Lingcun felt respect for Shi Xiaobai and he was touched by him. All of this was reflected in the way he looked at Shi Xiaobai. He said softly, “Dahei, you are stronger than anyone.”
“No, This King is very weak!”
Shi Xiaobai smiled and stretched out his right hand. In front of him, a broken white shield that was extremely thin and nearly transparent appeared.
“Come, I’ll show you how weak This King is!”
The white shield looked extremely fragile, as though a touch would shatter it.
“I can’t do that.”
Lingcun shook his head gently. It was unknown if he meant that he was powerless at shattering it, or he was unwilling to shatter it.
“If you want to know where that man is, you have to do it.”
Hisith, who had been silent all this while, suddenly spoke. He had a heavily jesting tone. “I don’t like toys without ‘fun’.”
Lingcun’s expression changed. Hisith’s words struck the weakest spot in his heart. His will to resist, which just rose up, was immediately shattered.
Lingcun looked at the weak shield once again. Shattering it was very simple, but also very difficult. Although Shi Xiaobai did not mind being viewed as a weakling, he did not want to personally shatter what seemed like weak dignity. However, if he were to resist Hisith’s will, that would be a most irrational act. Besides, he had to know where that man was.
What was he to do?
Suddenly, a voice broke Lingcun’s line of thought.
“I always knew I’m a weakling, but I do not know how weak I am. I have always been running, running away from the fact that I’m powerless.”
Lingcun was stunned. The person, who spoke those words, was Shi Xiaobai. At this moment, he looked serious and stern. Everyone was stunned. This was the first time this bumpkin did not address himself as “This King” in front of them. The way he spoke looked as though he was a different person.
“I do not know what Psionic Shield is, but I know it is true strength, a strength I have always desired.”
Shi Xiaobai looked at the broken white shield in front of him.
“I desire, desire, desire, desire, desire…desire to possess true strength.”
Numerous words of “desire” came out of his mouth, as though he wanted to let everyone clearly understand how much he desired it.
“So, what I’m in eager to know is how great a difference I am from all of you. Because only then, my desire will be real.”
What did it mean for a desire to be real? It was that the desired object would possess realism. For Shi Xiaobai, he still did not know the shape and form of the power he desired.
“Shatter it. Tell me how weak I am. If you are the weakest one here, then, prove to me that I’m weaker than the weakest.”
Shi Xiaobai pointed to his Shield and looked at Chen Lingcun, his eyes flickering with anticipation.
“Let me witness how weak your strength that is mocked by everyone. Let me experience how powerful that weak strength is to me!”
“Shatter all that fake illusions. Tell me the harsh reality. Only then will I know what strength is, and what the thing I desire is. For that, I am willing to pay the price.”
“Please shatter all my weakness and hesitation!”
“Please shatter it!”
The moment Shi Xiaobai finished his words, Chen Lingcun’s fist finally came smashing over.
The fist was very slow, and looked weak and powerless. The white energy around his fist was so thin that it looked transparent. It gently smashed into Shi Xiaobai’s shield, like a soft tofu colliding into another tofu.
That punch was infuriatingly weak.
However, Shi Xiaobai’s shield shattered. There was no “boom” explosion, but a crack that appeared like a frozen surface of water. The cracks slowly emanated, as a crisp sound sounded, “Pu” it shattered. The white shield turned into numerous tiny fragments, melting in the air.
There was nothing astounding about this punch, in fact, it was somewhat ludicrous. However, no one produced any derisive laughter. A strange repression seemed to fill the entire room.
Shi Xiaobai was stunned as he saw his shield shatter so easily. He lowered his head gently.
“Sorry, thank you.”
Lingcun sighed as his fist turned into a soft palm that patted Shi Xiaobai gently on his shoulder. He turned to leave the platform. As he passed Hisith, he coldly said, “I will look for you. No matter the game, it’s fine by me.”
“Also, if your goal is to shatter Dahei’s dignity and hope, or that you want to personally wipe away the luster of a gem, then from the very beginning, you have already lost this meaningless game!”
After Lingcun finished speaking, he returned to the crowd. Everyone’s eyes followed him, but at a certain moment, their eyes suddenly glazed over. Other than Hisith and Ye Jiaquan, the others moved their gazes away from Lingcun. Their minds vaguely remembered that a very weak person had shattered Tu Dahei’s shield, however, as for who it was, what his name was or how he looked, none of them could remember.
It was as though someone with an intense presence had disappeared from their memories.
The rookies focused their eyes back on the platform. The bumpkin’s head was still lowered, so his expression could not be seen clearly. Although they had forgotten a particularly important person, they still remembered that the bumpkin’s Psionic Shield had been shattered by the pathetic strength of a weakling who had the poorest evaluation.
He must have received a terrible setback, right?
“So, now I am the weakest weakling, right?”
Shi Xiaobai had his head down, his voice trembling.
“Yes, my beloved toy. You are really the weakest here. You have proven what is true weakness. You have let everyone witness what a weakling and trash truly looks like. You did a terrific job.”
Hisith’s voice was filled with fiery praise, but this made everyone draw a gasp. They felt a shattered coldness rise up their hearts.
Was it so joyful for Instructor Hisith to trample on dignity that was already stamped to the ground?
Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai raised his head. When his expression landed in everyone’s eyes, everyone was stunned.
Shi Xiaobai was laughing. A smile that came from the bottom of his heart bloomed on his delicate face. His eyes were sparkling like stars, and the corners of his mouth were gently curved upwards.
Why did he have such an expression?
“Since This King is already the weakest weakling, then what are the ones who can’t shatter This King’s shield?”
Shi Xiaobai faced the seated rookies as he roared with laughter. “There are still 71 more opportunities. This King will definitely achieve ‘destruction before establishment’, and eventually defend against your attacks!”
“Tremble and be filled with despair, foolish mortals. This King will show you who is the true weakling!”