Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 39

Chapter 39: That Poker Card
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“I never expected it was you, One-Pun.”
Hisith smiled coldly with a tinge of disbelief.
The figure that suddenly appeared in front of Shi Xiaobai wore a white cape over a yellow tight-suit. His facial features were soft, and the top of his head was smooth, there was not a single strand of hair. It was the Hero, Baldy One-Pun, who had previously saved Shi Xiaobai from the hands of Sahadun!
After pinching the poker card, One-Pun gently threw it back into Hisith’s hand. He sighed as he said, “You have been making things difficult for this child, wasn’t it just to force me out? Now, are you satisfied?”
Hisith fell silent for a moment, but did not answer One-Pun. Instead, he asked, “Since you are the person who appeared, were you the one who cast a ‘Realm Seal’ on this little toy?”
One-Pun did not answer. He turned to take a glance at Shi Xiaobai who had a lingering fear. He suddenly took a step forward, and a black barrier emanated out from his body, enclosing Hisith and himself within. This black barrier was enclosed by Hisith’s barrier, so there was a barrier within a barrier.
Shi Xiaobai immediately felt that intangible suppressive feeling disappear. His body regained its freedom.
“This King just heard the word ‘Seal’. Do they already know that This King was sealed by the Evil Gods of the various worlds?”
Shi Xiaobai felt curious, but he quickly ignored his curiosity. He studied his surroundings and realized he was in the middle of two barriers. The black barrier was like a special glass that allowed him to see outside, but people on the outside could not see in.
Shi Xiaobai could see the rookies outside the bigger barrier talking, and was also able to hear their noisy discussion, but he could not see or hear One-Pun and Hisith inside the smaller barrier. Hisith’s barrier isolated the three of them from the rookies, while One-Pun’s barrier isolated Shi Xiaobai from the two of them.
Shi Xiaobai attempted punching the black shield but felt like he was smashing into steel. Having felt the pain, he could only depressingly give up his struggle. Out of boredom, he sat on the steel tiles on the ground, and began producing Psionic Power. He began controlling the Psionic Power’s shape.
“This King will definitely produce a castle!”
Shi Xiaobai’s eyes burned with intense fighting spirit!

The reason why One-Pun enclosed himself with Hisith in the small barrier was naturally because he did not want Shi Xiaobai to hear the conversation they would be having.
“The ‘Realm Seal’ was set up by me, so as to protect him.” One-Pun calmly answered Hisith’s question.
“Heh heh, I understand. That naughty little toy took just ten days to go from an ordinary mortal to the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. Such cultivation speed already overturns humanity’s understanding. It would be difficult not to attract the attention of others. To protect him, you sealed his cultivation realm to the first level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. That is indeed the best method.”
Hisith threw up his hand and said, “Although I’m similarly curious as to what sort of Cogitation method he used to achieve such a crazy cultivation speed, but the ‘interest’ he gives me far exceeds my curiosity. That’s why I did not disturb your plan, and just helped him slightly so that he can grow faster.”
One-Pun coldly said, “You tricked him in using ‘Body Incineration Curse’, and you call that slightly?”
Hisith frowned slightly and said, “You used “Divine Elf Water’ on him, so the flames of the ‘Body Incineration Curse’ naturally won’t burn him to death. Since he won’t die even if he fails, why not make the bet? From the outcome, you should thank me.”
One-Pun had a cold expression and did not say a word. If he ignored the process and just looked at the outcome, Hisith’s method of accelerating growth through excessive means was indeed a success.
Hisith suddenly thought of something as he frowned, saying, “I thought that in this world, only Riko Minamiya will be treated specially by you. I never expected you to go through so much effort to set up a ‘Realm Seal’ on this little toy. You even wasted a drop of the sacred level item, ‘Divine Elf Water’.”
One-Pun fell silent as he said seriously, “According to the Elves’ Pontifex Maximus’ prophecy, the fourth Apocalypse will happen in the next forty years. When that happens, this child will become one of the hopes of all humanity. Since he is in [Gaia], we should be protecting him with all we got, so that he can mature smoothly.”
“So that’s the case. Since it has to do with the survival of humanity and world peace, it is understandable why you pay so much attention to him. Don’t worry, he is now one of my beloved toys, so I will definitely protect him well.”
Hisith smiled sinisterly. “However, a toy that maddens its owner has to be taught a good lesson. On this, I will not take a step back.”
One-Pun said coldly, “Is your so-called lesson using a cruel hex like the ‘Heart Devouring Snake Storm’? This child is only thirteen years old. He would not be able to withstand such a hex, and his mind might even collapse. You will be destroying him.”
Hisith shrugged his shoulders and said, “What you said makes sense. I was a bit rash in my fit of anger. Since Seven of Clubs is too much, why not Three of Clubs?”
One-Pun shook his head and said, “Since I have appeared, I will not let you fool around. That child’s heart is simple. For his first day here, he probably doesn’t know about your taboos and definitely did not say that word deliberately. Since his act was purely unintentional, spare him, would you?”
“What if I say no?” Hisith’s eyes turned cold as a chilling aura emanated from his body. Inside the barrier, it became a world of ice and snow.
“I will stop you.” One-Pun slowly pulled out the blade from the scabbard by his waist. The blade’s edge revealed a cold luster.
“Then I’ll see you try!” Hisith roared out coldly. Inside the barrier, with a “Pu” sound, hundreds of poker cards appeared, hovering in mid air. It filled the entire barrier, surrounding One-Pun completely.
One-Pun sighed and unsheathed his blade. As he held it in his hand, his stance caused his white cape to flutter high up. The dull and lifeless eyes turned sharp, emitting a cold beam.
The numerous poker cards hovering mid air were about to move, while One-Pun’s blade seemed like it would slash forwards.
“Ding! Ding! Ding!”
Suddenly, an alerting sound spontaneously chimed from their bodies. One-Pun and Hisith raised their right arms immediately and looked at something that looked like a watch. At the same time, their expressions changed.
“An A Class calamity!?”
“Meteor shower!?”
The two of them shouted two different things, but it seemed like they were referring to the same thing. They raised their heads and glanced at each other. A wry smile appeared between the two of them.
“It looks like we do not have time for this.”
Hisith shrugged his shoulders as all the poker cards immediately disappeared. He said, “The A Class meteor shower calamity will take three hours to hit Southern Gold City. As S Class Heroes, we have to be there. We can still barely make it in time if we rush there now.”
One-Pun nodded and sheathed his blade. At the same time, he removed the black barrier and after hesitating, he said, “You go first.”
Hisith fell silent for a moment and took at a glance at Shi Xiaobai, who was squatting on the ground, attempting to produce a castle. He had a look of indignation in his eyes, but with a wave of his hand, he removed the black barrier he set up. Following that, he rushed out of the door with a speed like the wind, disappearing from sight.
With the barriers removed, the rookies were surprised to see One-Pun’s figure. They immediately screamed.
“His Excellency, One-Pun!?”
“Holy shit, isn’t this that…invincible One-Pun?”
“Heavens, I actually got to see my idol with my own eyes!”
“One of the three powerhouses of Gaia, ranked alongside Hisith, an S Class Hero! It’s said that no one dares fight him!”
“I entered Gaia so that I could one day be able to meet His Excellency One-Pun. I never expected my dream to be realized so soon!”
When One-Pun heard those flattering words, his face went dull. After he stood there for a few minutes in silence, confirming that Hisith did not return, he nodded at the seated rookies. With a wave of his hand, he bade farewell, and rushed out the door at an extremely fast speed. Just like Hisith, he disappeared from everyone’s vision.
Everyone was stunned as they began to engage in conversation, discussing what had happened vividly.
“This King succeeded!”
Suddenly, a pleasant yelp sounded from the platform, instantly attracting everyone’s attention. They saw the squatting Shi Xiaobai suddenly stand up. He turned to look at everyone, and in his hands, there was a pure white object. Looking carefully, it was an exquisite-looking castle.
“This King’s castle, completed!” Shi Xiaobai’s bright smile shimmered like the stars.
Everyone was dumbfounded. How the fuck did he do that?
That’s not right, why are you so fucking calm, sitting there playing with yourself?
At this moment, a poker card fell from the top of the building. It gently landed on Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder.