Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Hero! Hero! Hero!
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“Heroes are unable to save this putrefying world. Magnificent Lord Sahadun will destroy it and kill those useless heroes along the way!”
“Big Brother…”
“I am not your Big Brother. I am Sahadun’s most loyal servant. Whatever I said to you was just a lie. Foolish mortal, your feebleness has never changed. You are only a fatty who has snot dripping down your nose, forever abandoned by your friends! You are the lowliest existence in the world!”
“Your fantasies will be shattered by me. Your pride will be trampled by me. Your insolence against His Excellency Sahadun will be met with the cruelest of punishments!”
“Little Rat, Little Lei…”
“Tremble and be filled with despair, mortal. Lord Sahadun is here! Your end is here! This world’s end has come! Your friend and the little girl you like will all die. They will die without proper burials because of you!”
Shi Xiaobai placed his foot on the fallen Little Fatso. With a ferocious look, he kept shouting, while Little Fatso wailed loudly under his foot, sounding depressed and looking utterly helpless.
Sahadun immediately watched this scene with interest. Having a lowly status in the Demon World, it had never been exalted before. Furthermore, this human’s showcase of a show titled “Despair” was quite fascinating. It was a rare indulgence for it to witness how despicable humans would lose their humanity in a bid to survive, slaughtering one another.
“So the best way of torturing humans is to make them experience despair.” Sahadun liked this newfound knowledge. Its three eyes looked at the youth whose back was facing it. Then suddenly, a cold glimmer appeared.
“Foolish human, do you think that by fawning over this Demon, this Demon will spare your life? After you have finished torturing that little fatty, this Demon will torture you and make your hopes of surviving turn completely into despair. Haha, what a great thing, this thing called despair. This Demon will definitely relish in your despair.”
With this thought in mind, Sahadun felt an increasing sense of anticipation. However, it soon found itself impatient. This was because it realized that the youth in front of it was only using words to torture Little Fatso. Nothing else was done other than the first kick causing Little Fatso to be slightly injured. After that, everything was just an empty show of strength.
Hence, Sahadun angrily boomed, “Enough! Let this Demon personally torture him!”
With his back facing Sahadun, Shi Xiaobai’s expression immediately changed. His eyes flashed with an intense struggle as he suddenly kicked Little Fatso’s belly with all his strength. Little Fatso immediately cried out as he went into a fetal position while grabbing his stomach.
Shi Xiaobai continued to kick Little Fatso’s body forcefully before turning around to speak politely to Sahadun. “May Your Excellency Sahadun please give this lowly one a chance. Let this lowly one kill this foolish human who dared offend you. To be able to contribute my meagre strength for Your Excellency is all the meaning of this lowly one’s existence!”
Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were full of respect, madness and infallible loyalty.
Sahadun turned silent for a moment before it nodded in agreement. To it, for humans to kill their own kind so as to survive, resulting in such an inhuman scene, made it extremely pleased. Besides…the greater the hope, the greater the despair. For this, it was willing to go along with the youth’s request, resulting in the most realistic illusion.
After Sahadun had agreed, Shi Xiaobai turned around and forcefully kicked Little Fatso a few more times before saying politely, “Your Excellency Sahadun, this lowly one knows of a mystical technique. Once it is used, the person hit by it will seem to experience an abyssal hell, craving a death that he would not be able to receive!”
Sahadun’s eyes immediately flashed with a hint of vigilance, but it could not feel a single shred of psionic fluctuations from the boy. Hence, although it was alert, it was also very curious. As a result, it said, “Hurry, this Demon’s patience is running out.”
“Yes!” Shi Xiaobai nodded with excitement. He immediately clasped his hands and placed them before his chest, while he began chanting.
“The nigritude of the burning inferno! Burn unto my body! With the key of darkness, open up the doors of my goal! When the sky is shrouded in a red veil, the land and I will prostrate before you! Awaken, awaken, awaken! Use my blood and make it the most cruel Cursed Flame!”
Shi Xiaobai extended his arms as he cried out loud. He looked up into the sky, as if he was summoning the power of some form of darkness.
“Fragments of the King of Demons, the demonic command of the God of Torture, let the infinite nightmare demons descend upon us, scatter the boundless bones, and let the soul-devouring wraiths rain down their curses on the sinner in front of me…”
Shi Xiaobai shouted in vehement earnestness, as he constantly changed his actions. He appeared devoted yet passionate. It looked like he was really about to summon a terrifying existence and unleash an extremely amazing mystical spell.
However, a few minutes later, Shi Xiaobai was still chanting away. Sahadun immediately harrumphed coldly, “How dare you fool this Demon?”
Shi Xiaobai turned around and showed fearful reverence. He said with a placating smile, “I’m almost done. The only flaw of this mystical technique is that it requires a long chant. However, please rest assured Your Excellency, once this mystical technique is unleashed, it would definitely let you witness the cruelest form of torture in the world!”
A cold glimmer flashed in Sahadun’s eyes. Its patience had been completely worn off. It suddenly raised its right leg and kicked Shi Xiaobai in the chest. Shi Xiaobai immediately cried out as he flew backwards, landing heavily outside the sandpit.
“Your pathetic life will be spared temporarily. Watch and you will see how this Demon tortures humans. The cruelest form of torture in the world? This Demon will show it to you!” Sahadun immediately looked downwards at Little Fatso, whose face was completely covered in tears and snot. Sahadun revealed the cruelest smile.
“Stop!” Shi Xiaobai felt like his chest was being ripped apart after being kicked. However, when he heard Sahadun’s words, he immediately screamed.
Seeing Sahadun raise his right arm’s sickle, Shi Xiaobai’s eyes stared painfully as he shouted towards the sky loudly. “Hero! Hero! Hero…”
Sahadun was momentarily stunned as a derisive smile appeared on its face. It said, “Foolish human, so you were actually trying to stall for time. Unfortunately, this world doesn’t have Heroes. You will not succeed in waiting for a Hero. Once this Demon is done torturing this foolish pig to death, true despair will be bestowed unto you.”
Shi Xiaobai turned a deaf ear to Sahadun’s words. He was in a frenzied state and constantly shouted “Hero”. Every shout seemed to tear his throat apart as it echoed throughout the park, as if it was about to break past the gloomy mist of despair.
When Little Fatso heard this, he too began yelling together with him. The yelling that intertwined with a weeping accent echoed alongside Shi Xiaobai’s yelling, as they resonated into the most heart-wrenching wails.
“Hero! Hero! Hero…”
“Shut up!” Sahadun bellowed in anger. Without any further hesitation, it swiped its sickle-shaped right hand towards Little Fatso’s neck!
A silvery moonblade blocked Sahadun’s sickle!
A not-so-tall figure had suddenly appeared between the calamity fiend and Little Fatso.
A charismatic voice filled with warmth, regret and anger echoed.
“The Hero is here!”