Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Gimmimoni’s Devotees!
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A depressed atmosphere brewed in the room. It came from the cold aura that came from Mos and from the burning fighting spirit in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes.
This bumpkin was not going to go easy!
The rookies could not help but have this idea flash across their minds. Immediately, they felt like weeping but had no tears. With Instructor Hisith’s status in [Gaia], he could basically do anything to rookies such as them. Even if the upper echelons tried their best to negotiate with Hisith, only those rookies with higher evaluations would be retained.
If nothing unexpected happened, a large number of people would be eliminated ruthlessly by Shi Xiaobai!
At this moment, the person named Gao Song, who was called out by Mos was one of those rookies in a precarious situation. His Psionic Ability realm was only at the first level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. He was ranked in the bottom five amongst the rookies, so how could he shatter Shi Xiaobai’s Wavelet Shield!?
“Gao Song!”
Mos impatient voice sounded once again. Cold killing intent emanated, causing many timid rookies to begin trembling.
The moment Mos finished his words, a slightly plump 12–13 year old boy stood up forcefully. His body was trembling and his facial expression looked uglier than crying.
Although Gao Song did not wish to be eliminated, he was more afraid of disobeying Mos, which would enrage Mos further. So he quickly stumbled onto the platform.
When Gao Song reached the platform, he saw Shi Xiaobai prop up a Wavelet Shield at him. The extremely hard looking shield had wavelets undulating, making Gao Song feel a deep sense of despair.
How was he going to shatter it!?
Gao Song’s expression, which looked like he was about to weep, was like a bullied lass’. That expression looked quite funny when placed on his rotund face, but the number of rookies, who laughed because of that, were few in number. All of them could not help but feel a sense of dread.
Sensing Mos’ cold stare, Gao Song did not dare hesitate. He knew that there was no way he could avoid the fate of elimination. He gritted his teeth immediately, hoping to give his all at the Wavelet Shield. Although he knew that nothing would happen even if he engaged in a fight to the end, he still had to “end” spectacularly!
Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai’s voice resounded. Gao Song was stupefied as he opened his eyes. He saw Shi Xiaobai place his right hand by his ear, as if he was listening to something.
Shi Xiaobai placed his left hand’s finger on his lips, gesturing for silence. In a listening pose, he constantly nodded. He kept producing murmuring strange sounds of “Oh”, “Ah”, “OK”, “Huh”. It was as though he saw an invisible person, who was speaking to him, and he was listening and conversing in response.
Everyone was stunned speechless, unsure of what Shi Xiaobai was doing. Gao Song could only stare at Shi Xiaobai in a daze. Mos’ stare was cold, but it did not seem like he had any intention of stopping Shi Xiaobai.
Not long after, Shi Xiaobai dropped both his arms and raised his right hand’s finger and pointed at Gao Song. “Youth, do you know that you are very lucky?”
Gao Song was stunned, having no idea what Shi Xiaobai meant.
He heard Shi Xiaobai say solemnly, “The God, Gimmimoni used His divine powers to talk to This King through the distance of a thousand worlds. He told This King that you, a lucky boy, has the excellent potential to be His pious devotee!”
Gao Song still gave a blank look, but Shi Xiaobai suddenly sighed. “This King and the God, Gimmimoni have deep ties of friendship, so I have to consider His feelings. It looks like I need to go easy on you, changing the fate of your elimination!”
Everyone could not help but roll their eyes when they heard this. What God Gimmimoni, what devotee, can you make it any more ridiculous? Forget it, you are the best now, so do whatever you please!
When Gao Song heard this, he was overjoyed. He said with a trembling voice, “You, you will really go easy?”
This was like seeing a silver lining! But why did he keep feeling that things were not so simple?
Indeed, he saw Shi Xiaobai suddenly sneer, “But you need to become a pious devotee of God Gimmimoni!”
Gao Song swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked, “How do I become a devotee?”
Why did this conversation sound so much like a cult’s recruitment for followers?
Shi Xiaobai’s eyes sized up Gao Song, before stopping at the lower half of Gao Song’s body. He pointed at Gao Song’s trousers and said loudly, “Of course, you need to give your faith!”
When everyone heard Shi Xiaobai’s words, they realized where Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were aimed at. Immediately they felt a dark shade cloud over them. This bastard…
With a mournful face, Gao Song asked with tears nearly pouring out, “Und…Underwear?”
This underwear freak even dared to ask Instructor Hisith for his underwear, so how could he spare this little fatty? Gao Song immediately felt mixed feelings. His face turned red, wishing he could just close his eyes and tide this through.
“Of course it’s not underwear!”
Shi Xiaobai sighed deeply and gave a look that seemd to think that Gao Song was an intractable person. He said, “Gimmimoni, wants you to put up your money! Do you understand? Quick place your cash, oh, that’s not the right choice of words… Hurry up and profess your faith!”
So it turned out Shi Xiaobai was not targeting the underwear but the cash in his trousers’ pocket!
Gao Song was stunned. He never expected Shi Xiaobai to spout a bunch of “dumb nonsense” just to extort him for cash! What a joke. If spending money prevented elimination, he would agree to it a hundred times!
Seeing Gao Song in a daze and silent, Shi Xiaobai immediately said coldly, “Quick hand over all your cash, or don’t blame This King for turning ruthless!”
“Elimination or cash, make your choice, youth!”

Shi Xiaobai was currently a bit nervous. When the ‘daily-style choice’ appeared, he realized that [ Choice 1: In one hour, earn 100,000 China currency. The criteria of the ‘earning’ has to be cash ] had a D level reward, while the other choice was an F level reward. Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment before resolutely choosing the first option.
Although he only had one chance, and would receive a punishment of the same level if he failed, and that earning 100,000 China currency in an hour wasn’t easy, Shi Xiaobai…still chose the first choice. There was only one reason—instinct!
Alright, it was also because of the illusion that the D level reward gave him.
However, Shi Xiaobai firmly trusted his instinct and chose the first choice. And without disappointing himself, he quickly thought of a method to earn cash. And it was now the most crucial moment!
Would this boy, Gao Song, hand his cash over!? Would such cash be able to meet the condition of ‘earning’? All of these determined Shi Xiaobai’s success!
Shi Xiaobai held his breath!
Gao Song finally reacted and hurriedly took out his wallet from his pocket. He took out all the cash in his wallet and placed it in Shi Xiaobai’s hand, proclaiming loudly, “I want to be a devotee!”
“Earned 300 China currency. Still 99,700 short of completing the choice.”
The moment Shi Xiaobai received the cash, the familiar voice rang in his head. He was immediately satisfied and pointed to his shield. “Very good. God Gimmimoni will protect you. Come and shatter it!”
Gao Song nodded crazily as he used all his strength to punch at the Wavelet Shield. The moment his fist touched it, the shield shattered.
The dazed audience was immediately at a loss whether to laugh or cry. This “dirty” transaction was completed in such a manner?
“Next, Hua Pengfei!”
Mos’ cold voice sounded at this moment. Everyone was shocked as they realized Mos had remained silent all this while. They looked in surprise because the bat, Mos had a deadpan expression, but he did not plan on stopping Shi Xiaobai’s misdeeds.
What was going on? Why wasn’t Mos interfering with Tu Dahei’s shameless cheating?
“The reason is very simple. Hisith’s rules did not state that Shi Xiaobai can’t go easy, and Mos is just going in accordance with the rules. Furthermore, as a calamity fiend, Mos’ values are different from humans. Dahei’s despicable act of extortion might instead be appreciated by Mos.” Lingcun explained to Ye Jiaquan, as a faint cheerful smile hung on his face.

Hua Pengfei and Hua Pengju were brothers. At this moment, when Hua Pengfei heard his name, he immediately felt disturbed. He blamed his brother for acting “disrespectful” to Tu Dahei, and was wondering how he could “beg” for Tu Dahei’s mercy.
After Hua Pengfei came in front of Shi Xiaobai, he immediately took out his wallet and said with eager eyes, “Can this little brother ‘put up money’ to become the God’s devotee?”
Shi Xiaobai immediately sneered and said, “Don’t think that This King doesn’t know that you are associates with that Erectile Dysfunction! That Erectile Dysfunction sneaked up on This King, so you are unlikely to be any better. The God Gimmimoni only accepts kind devotees!”
Hua Pengfei was almost about to cry. He took out a wad of cash and pleaded, “Although this little brother only has 3000 cash, but this little brother can go draw more out. Name your price, this little brother will definitely not say a thing!”
Hua Pengju was ready to give everything to prevent elimination!
Shi Xiaobai was momentarily stunned as he silently calculated the difference between 3000 and 300.
“Sufficient faith can be exchanged for the God’s forgiveness. Whatever, This King shall forgive you!”
Shi Xiaobai beamed and pointed to the wad of cash and said loudly, “Then, hand your faith over!”

That day became a painful memory for Division [Annihilation]. Because of this day, a long-haired youth named Song Xiao was eliminated and forgotten.
But that day became an unforgettable memory for that batch of rookies. Other than the few people at the beginning, and Wang Lin, who barely managed to break Shi Xiaobai’s shield, everyone else emptied their pockets.
And a long, long time later, whenever they saw Shi Xiaobai’s figure on the television, or heard Shi Xiaobai’s name on various news, they would recall this shameless Tu Dahei, who only wanted cash, and immediately be filled with mixed emotions.
O’ time, it whitens so many hairs, blackens so much fungi, aging so many faces, ruining so many beauties, but what sort of changes would it do to Shi Xiaobai in the coming years?