Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice

Absolute Choice
Chapter 47

Chapter 47: One-Pun man
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As the cameras zoomed out, a thin purple beam of light moved rapidly at the Chimera’s heads, like a flying arrow that shot at the three heads. One-Pun’s thin body appeared in front of the massive Chimera. It looked like an ant encountering an elephant.
This world’s filming technology was very well developed. All sorts of angles were captured perfectly. It constantly switched angles, and gave One-Pun close up shots. As a series of shots kept changing, it looked like it was the calm before a storm. And when the female broadcaster said the words, “He’s here, our most beloved Hero, One-Pun man is here”, it made one’s blood surge.
Shi Xiaobai’s breathing sped up as his eyes blazed. One-Pun, who had shot forward from a distance, quickly arrived in front of the Chimera. The Chimera also noticed the arrival of an unexpected enemy. Its three heads looked simultaneously at One-Pun, and then slowly opened its three mouths at the same time. The battle began immediately.
It was very likely going to be a bitter fight.
Shi Xiaobai’s heart thumped in palpitation. He looked forward to the beginning of the battle, but was also worried for One-Pun’s safety. After all, One-Pun had previously saved his life.
“Go Baldy Superman!”
Shi Xiaobai quietly cheered on One-Pun.
As for the female broadcaster on television, for some reason, she fell into silence. After she said, “he’s here”, she did not speak a word. What was she waiting for this time?
The camera suddenly switched to the three heads of the Chimera, whose three mouths had already opened fully. Its three heads jerked forward suddenly, and blackish-red flames spewed out from the dragon head. A deafening sound blast roared from the lion head, while an invisible mysterious force blew out from the goat’s head at the thin figure that was already heading towards it in mid air.
The debris strewn on the wrecked buildings and roads either flew up or were incinerated. If not, the lion’s roaring sound blast would shatter them into numerous tinier pieces. These three completely different forms of energy, but emanated a similarly terrifying destructive power, blasted straight at One-Pun.
The camera closely followed One-Pun, as his body was covered in a thin layer of purplish glow. He charged straight into the black and red mess where the flames and sound blast converged. His fearless look made Shi Xiaobai involuntarily hold his breath.
“Go on, One-Pun man!” The female broadcaster’s agitated voice suddenly sounded.
Before she finished her words, the flame had engulfed One-Pun completely. A sound blast violently struck him, causing One-Pun’s momentum to abruptly stop. The camera zoomed in, and the purple figure had bent his back, shrinking before the Chimera’s chest amidst the blackish-red flames. He tilted slightly, and clenching his right fist, he gave a posture of being about to punch out.
“Kill it in one punch!” The female broadcaster screamed.
The moment she said that, One-Pun punched out!
This punch was very ordinary. It looked like an ordinary punch when ordinary people fought. Furthermore, it only punched into air.
But this punch destroyed everything!
The first thing that was destroyed was the blackish-red flames. Following that was the Chimera’s three heads, then the Chimera’s massive body exploded. Following that, it’s tail with the mouth also got consumed by the storm created from the punch.
What was destroyed were also the ruined buildings around the Chimera. Instantly, everything turned to smithereens. Dust filled the air, as a ravine appeared behind the Chimera, about dozens of meters wide, but nearly a kilometer long.
This punch made Shi Xiaobai nearly pop his eyes out. He even forgot to breathe.
“One punch, another one punch! This is our One Punch Man, One-Pun!”
The female broadcaster said with a trembling but excited voice, “Have hope everyone. Our Heroes will definitely wipe out all the hateful enemies! Be it a meteor shower, a legion of calamity fiends or extraterrestrials, our favorite Heroes will definitely protect our homeland, protecting all of mankind!”
Was this a Hero? This was what a Hero was!
Shi Xiaobai looked at the television showing the bald superman, who could nonchalantly turn a massive Chimera into dust with a single punch, standing between Heaven and Earth. He felt his chest burn, as if something wanted to come out of his throat. A hot liquid was sloshing in his eyes.
The cameras slowly panned, as the screen switched to the land where the Chimera stood. Minced meat and dripping blood depicted the death of the monster. The long and deep ravine portrayed how much devastating power the normal-looking punch had.
After the cameras panned for a moment, it slowly turned towards the figure in midair, who had dissolved his purple glow. The cameras zoomed in, as a solemn and sanctified atmosphere brewed. As the cameras zoomed into him, the look of the Hero’s victory appeared in the eyes of the audience.
Suddenly, One-Pun, who was mid air, lowered his head to look at his right wrist and then immediately transformed into a purple beam of light, shooting away to the east. He became smaller and smaller on screen, eventually disappearing.
The female broadcaster’s voice sounded at the same time. “Emergency alert. It is estimated that in ten minutes, there will a meteor estimated to be above S Class dropping on the east side of Southern Gold City. This meteor might very well be the king of this astral beast meteor shower. The seven S Class Heroes that had come forward to help in an evacuation and rescue mission have all gathered at the meteor’s point of impact. Everyone watching before your screens, if you are a powerful Hero, we beg you to come to Southern Gold City. This meteor shower is one of the rarely seen ‘Thousand Stars’ level. Southern Gold City is in desperate need of your support!”
The television’s picture constantly changed. It showed corpses that were there because they failed to evacuate in time, or Heroes escorting citizens of Southern Gold City to safety. There were numerous collapsed buildings and crumbling roads. An Astral Calamity Beast that was as large as a mountain was wreaking havoc in the city, and Heroes who charged over to battle Astral Calamity Beasts. All these scenes seemed to say the same thing.
“Southern Gold City needs you, Heroes!”
The female broadcaster’s choking voice sounded along with a melancholic accompaniment. It was very moving.
The moment those words were said, Shi Xiaobai broke into tears. He constantly reached up to wipe the hot flowing tears off his face, staring intently at the shocking images on television.
Shi Xiaobai seemed to recall some unpleasant memories. As he sobbed, he began to vaguely chant, “Hero, Hero…”
After a long time, Shi Xiaobai seemed to gradually calm down. His sobbing slowly came to a stop. His swollen eyes and wet tears recounted the young boy’s grief.
Suddenly, a melodious voice rang in his ears.
“Youth, do you desire power?”
Shi Xiaobai turned around in surprise, and he saw a girl with dark purple long hair sitting on the sofa beside him. The girl was as beautiful as a pixie, and was smiling cheerfully at him.