Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!
Chapter 1746 - Heavenly Flame (1)

Chapter 1746 “Heavenly Flame (1)”
“Don’t cry Jin Tian, mother here will wait for you and everyone at the outer domain. Make sure you listen to your father during this period, we will be reunited one day.”
Bai Yan wanted to reach out with her remaining free hand and touch the little glutton’s head as one final farewell, but by then it’s already too late. The red barrier light had already covered most of her upper body with only the sole of one foot free.
Red in the nose, Jin Tian didn’t care about any so-called barrier or limits though, all he cares about was being with his mother. Therefore, he rushed at the light without thinking it through, his face pitifully sad as he got repelled in the next by the recoil. Thankfully Bai Xiachen was right behind the baby and caught him midfall, otherwise we would have a serious problem.
Bai Yan’s heart hurt so much upon seeing what happened. She wanted so dearly to run back over and give her young baby boy a huge hug to stop his tears, but she also knew she couldn’t for Ling Yan’s sake since the child’s presence was growing increasing more distant through the portal. Gritting her teeth at what she’s going to do, the demon queen decisively swings her head towards the portal and jumped in with her all and allowed the blackness to devour herself.
That was it, both the mother of these children and the precious pipsqueak had become out of reach for the remaining men of this family.
“First Elder, go and find out immediately where those outsiders are coming from and why they are sneaking into the Demon Realm. I’m going to clean them up once and for all before pursuing my wife’s footstep.” Di Cang’s voice radiated a violent air, telling everyone who heard it that their king has become truly enraged and wants blood.
“Father, will Mother return?” Jin Tian remains oblivious to his own father’s mood and asked with an sobbing face, those tears rolling down nonstop.
Retracting his murderous aura to face his youngest son, Di Cang forces a softened smile so he doesn’t get scared: “She will.”
Even if she doesn’t come back, he’ll go to her and follow instead.
“Then why didn’t Mother take me with her? Am I not good or not cute enough?” Jin Tian continues to ask with a sorrowful voice, “I can eat less if that’s the reason. I promise to be good and obedient, can you make Mother and Ling Yan come back? I want them to come back….”
The little guy’s poor voice truly was heart-wrenching for those present. It’s no different from an orphaned child asking where their parents were when in fact they had already passed away. How was one supposed to reply to such a question like that?
Bai Xiachen felt equally as pained as his little brother so he immediately wrapped his arms around that tiny body to give him a sense of security. “Jin Tian, Mother and Ling Yan will definitely return to us, you only need to wait a bit before Father finds a way. We shouldn’t disturb everyone while they get to work, okay?”
“Uhmmm, I will be very good and wait for Mother to come back, I won’t disturb Father too… Father, you must bring Mother back, okay?” The little glutton sniffles his nose in a pitiful attempt to stop his snot from leaking.
As long as Mother and Ling Yan returns, I will do whatever it takes.
Reaching down to touch both of the boy’s head to show how proud he was of them at staying strong, Di Cang’s voice sounded resolute: “Xiachen, take care of your brother while I’m not around.”
“Don’t worry Father, I will be sure to look after Jin Tian, I won’t let anyone hurt him or Dragony or Auntie or anyone else.” In this moment, the little man’s face showed the determination of a king, just like his old man right now.
Di Cang did not say more since anything else would be pointless at this point. Glancing over the two boys and Dragony who’s also flushed in the eye but kept quiet throughout the ordeal, the man slowly turned away to leave his back to them: “First Elder, summon the entire Demon Council, I want everyone to come see me right away. Also call the four sacred beasts as well.”