Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!
Chapter 4

Chapter 3: Treasured Fox soon to be born (4)
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"As expected of a b.a.s.t.a.r.d child lacking the upbringings of a mother… My son is your maternal uncle, what's wrong with sacrificing a little bit for him? For someone like you who isn't chaste nor clean, now that someone is actually willing to have you, you should be secretly happy!"
She hadn't managed to scold to her heart's content, so she didn't even realised that Bai Yan's surrounding temperature had dropped so low, then coldly stated, "But, you and your sly mother seemed to have the same revolting behaviors. The whole person is filled with strong foul smell. Firstly, you seized the Prince, and is now involved with matters which had offended the public morals! Plus, you would even be so heartless towards your own relatives! Wait till your father comes back, I'll immediately have him beat you to death!"
Bai Yan raised the corner of her mouth, quietly listening as the old madam Yu continued to reprimand her, staring at her with a pair of ice-cold eyes. Those eyes contained a surging murderous intent, as if it could burst forth at any moment.
"Mother, don't say anymore." Yu Rong feigned persuasion, she then turned towards Bai Yan again, "Yan'er, as a relative, one ought to mutually help each other, your uncle needs help, how could you not help? Besides, you father dislikes people who are cold and heartless."
In the past, Bai Yan cares the most about Bai Zhenxiang, this father. Yu Rong would always made use of Bai Zhenxiang's name to pressure her, making her agree to anything.
She would even be willing to hide the matters of her suffering, harsh treatments at the Bai house, she didn't even reveal a single word.
But, the current her, is no longer the previous Bai Yan……
"As relatives, one ought to mutually help each other, these spoken words…that's right! Yu family is after all your, Yu Rong's relatives, it has nothing to do with me! You can let Bai Ruo or Bai Zhi be married off, surely they don't wish to be a cold and ruthless person."
Yu Rong's face distorted, towards her sweet coaxing manner of talking, she actually have the cheeks to refuse?
Moreover, she made use of Bai Zhenxiang's name to pressure her, it's unexpectedly not effective?
"Presumptuous!" Old madam Yu fiercely glared, "My Zhi'er is only 12 years old, you would actually let a 12 years old to marry off to a 60 years old man as a concubine? How could you suggest such malicious things? You're really no different from that poisonous mother of yours!"
In the eyes of the old madam, Lan Yue is the most malicious person. If not for that woman, her daughter wouldn't become a concubine for so many years.
Bai Yan suddenly had the urge to laugh.
Bai Zhi is just 12 years old, but as for her, she's just 17 years old. Aren't they both young maiden, all the same?
Letting Bai Zhi be married of as a concubine is considered malicious, so just what she ought to be?
"As for Ruo'er……" Old lady Yu coldly snorted, "Which part of you could compete with Ruo'er? In a few days, she'll soon be married to Second Prince as the imperial concubine. A pregnant but unmarried woman like you, even dared to suggest that Bai Ruo is to be married off as a concubine to an old man? Someone as selfish as you, who would let their sisters be married off as concubines…. what qualifications do you have to act like the honorable young miss of the household?"
Bai Yan had learned about something useful, this old Madam Yu is quite talented, she could even turn black into white, otherwise Bai Zhenxiang wouldn't have preferred trusting his mother-in-law, rather than his own daughter.
"I'll reaffirm once more, I, Bai Yan, will absolutely not be married off as a concubine!"After Bai Yan's voice fell, the atmosphere of the entire room became suffocating, as if compressed by a heavy pressure.
Her gaze was similarly like a sharp blade, coldly shooting a glance towards Yu Rong and old madam Yu.Yu Rong's breathing turned sluggish for a moment, this smelly girl's imposing manner… when did it turned so powerful?
This must be my own imagination, Bai Yan is merely a waste, nothing more!
Slowly relaxing her tone, she wanted to drag Bai Yan for a berating by the old madam. Yu Rong slowly stood up, then calmly walked towards Bai Yan.
"Bai Yan, tonight, there will be people from Qian family coming to receive you, even if you're not willing, you'll still have to be the concubine of the old master of Qian family!" She raised her head high, seemingly aloof and remote, there was no trace of the previously fake gentleness.