Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!
Chapter 838

Chapter 838 "Be the Judge (2)"
Quietly following behind the two females in his group, Bai Xiachen's disgruntled face showed he's frustrated and depressed.
“Why do I feel like I am redundant now that Mother has accepted Baddie Father…."
Swinging around to blink her curious eyes, Dragony comes to the boy's side: "Why?"
"Because Mother would normally give me some hugs and kisses whenever possible, but now it's always Baddie Father tossing me aside when that happens. I'm starting to feel like I'm not his son and was picked up from the streets…."
Clouded in a mist of white, the Holy Land's main base was akin to a wonderland in how surreal it appears from afar. But unlike the usual serene and peaceful picture, Bai Yan was surprised to find her former home crowded with unfamiliar faces.
“What’s going on here in the Holy Land?”
I've only left for a while, why are there so many people coming to the Holy Land?"
“Lady, aren't you here to attend the recruitment process? Why do you not know what's happening?" One of the young lads nearby offers a explaination after seeing how pretty that face was.
“The Holy Land is going to recruit disciples again?” A pang of dismay filled Bai Yan's face.

Didn't we recruit people before already by sending examiners out into the world? Why are we recruiting even more? This can't be right…. Did something bad happen?
“Mother,” Bai Xiachen makes a yawn, obviously bored by the unrelated matter. “I want to go see my grandshifus and Godfather, can we go ahead first?"
“Okay.” One hand holding the boy, the other the girl, Bai Yan led the way with her children for the main gateway.

Unfortunately, due to the huge numbers of attendees today, she's now forced to squeeze through the main crowd where the unexpected happens….
“Move aside!” Suddenly, a hand reaches over from one side in an attempt to push her aside.
Thankfully Bai Yan reacted in time. Pulling the little steambun to the other side, their small little group was able to dodge the rude man's act and remain unharmed.
“Do you not see our Fiery Flame Sect's big lady is coming through? Idling people are to make room!" Not only did the person not apologize for trying to push children and females alike, this bastard actually glared at Bai Yan upon realizing his hand had missed.
Just like the Demon Beast Sect that has submitted to Bai Xiachen, this Fiery Flame Sect was also a second-rate power in the human world, making it only one tier lower than the three major powers. So, when most of the attendees overheard the rude and pompous outcry of the big lady from this sect has arrived, it was either a display of awe or fear.
Looking over at the indicated direction as well, Bai Yan could see a young female wearing a lavishly adorned dress of red that's suited for outdoor use coming forward. Aside from this, the most eye-catching part had to be the long silvery snake wrapped around that wrist as well. It's very beautiful yet intimidating.
“Did you know? The big lady of the Fiery Flame Sect, Huo Yun, is also a snake tamer. That silvery snake is tamed by her."
“Che~ if that's true then I bet even the Demon Beast Sect would beg to have her become their disciple. Too bad this girl is the Fiery Flame Sect's big lady, there's no way she would go become another power's disciple when she's the heir."

Many among the onlooking crowd were sighing at their own misfortune. In their view, the chances of them being accepted has dropped by another notch due to another powerhouse coming to compete.
“Mother, that auntie is so ugly, why is she wearing red? Only Mother should wear red because only you are that beautiful." Though childish and not exceptionally loud, Bai Xiachen's little remark still drew the attention of a lot of people.
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