Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Chapter 1299 - Arrival of King Tiers

Chapter 1299 Arrival of King Tiers
The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was radiating with might. A pair of kilometer-long phoenix wings unfurled behind her, burning with raging divine flames. She was like a formidable True Phoenix that had just descended into this world.
She naturally couldn’t stand to hear others slandering Ling Han.
There were no Heavenly Body Tier elites in this place, so how could ordinary Sun Moon Tier cultivators withstand her devastating aura? All of them trembled in fright, feeling as if this woman could incinerate them with a slight flap of her wings.
“Hahaha, young lady, what a powerful aura you possess! Might I be able to witness your strength?” There was a long laugh, and a young man had already appeared before the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. There was a look of admiration and possessive desire in his eyes.
Beautiful women were easy to find, yet beautiful women who were at the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier were as rare as pearls on the imperial crown.
The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden didn’t reply. She simply raised her right hand toward the man, causing countless bursts of flames to condense into a single sword.
The young man chuckled, and said, “I’m Rong Tao. May I know your beautiful name, young lady?” Although he was challenging the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, he had absolutely no intention of generating ill will between them. Rather, he was merely using this as an excuse to talk to her.
However, how could the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden reply? She simply waved her hand, signifying for him to hurry up and make his move if he wanted to battle.
“Well then, please excuse me!” Rong Tao charged at the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, not holding back a single bit. He was going to suppress this stunning beauty as quickly as he could.
He was experienced with women, and he knew that beauties like the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden were all extremely proud. If he wanted to capture their hearts, simply flattering them wouldn’t be enough. He would have to defeat them first, and only then would they let go of their pride.
The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden wielded her sword of flames as she moved to meet Rong Tao’s attack. She was also unleashing her full strength. She would subdue her opponent as quickly as possible to clear Ling Han’s name.
The two of them became locked in an intense battle, and a look of shock quickly spread across Rong Tao’s face. This was because he discovered that his opponent was… extremely, extremely powerful. In fact, she was so powerful that he saw absolutely no chance of obtaining victory.
They were both at the peak stage of the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier, yet the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was a four-star genius, while Rong Tao was only a two-star genius. With a difference of two stars between their battle prowess, it was clear that the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden enjoyed a crushing advantage.
It wasn’t long before Rong Tao was sent flying by a sword strike. He had no choice but to surrender and flee with his tail between his legs.
The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden retracted her sword of flames and phoenix wings, and faintly said, “When battling at the same cultivation level, Ling Han can defeat me with a single strike.”
Everyone gasped in astonishment. This was a frightening proposition. Rong Tao was already so powerful, yet he was still defeated by the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden after only a few exchanges. Moreover, they were both at the same cultivation level, and this conformed to the rules of battle in the Mountain River Forest.
Yet, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden had announced that she couldn’t withstand a single strike of Ling Han’s!
‘Is Ling Han truly that powerful?’
At the very least, they were now aware of a young prodigy called Ling Han. They knew that he was a prodigy who would perhaps rise to ultimate glory.
Ling Han smiled, and said, “Why bother with them? When I crush everyone and win first place, my actions will speak louder than any words ever could.”
“I can’t stand listening to others slander you!” the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden said. There was a sense of womanly stubbornness about her.
Ling Han’s heart fluttered, and he said, “Let’s head somewhere else. Your husband will make sure to reward you well.”
The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden rolled her eyes, and said, “You dare? Be careful of being pummeled by me!”
Ling Han grinned, and said, “Didn’t you say that I could defeat you with a single strike if we were at the same cultivation level?”
“I was only lying to them. If you dare to get physical with me, I’ll send you flying with a single smack!” the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden warned.
Ling Han laughed loudly before leaning in next to her ear, and whispering, “Say, Wife, I’ve also become stronger, so you can’t view me as you did in the past. Right now, I’m genuinely capable of suppressing you in a single move!”
“You dare?!” The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden shot a glare at him. However, the look in her eyes was extremely entrancing and seductive.
Ling Han’s heart fluttered again, and he was just about to act on his words. At the very least, he would steal a kiss. However, a loud rumble suddenly boomed over from in front of them, and he looked up, only to see a starship descending from the sky. Everyone in the surroundings hurriedly ran aside.
After a short while, a hatch on the starship opened, and youth stepped out. No, it would be more accurate to call him a teenager, as he only looked to be around 16 or 17-years-old. However, the aura exuded from him was incredibly powerful.
He was a young king tier. Whenever he took a step, it was as if the entire world were shaking. One couldn’t help but feel impressed by him.
“Yang Lin!” someone yelled his name out in a trembling voice.
Yes, this person was none other than Yang Lin, a supreme prodigy who was not only talented but also unbelievably lucky. He had obtained a damaged Saint Tool and, as a result, could even suppress lower level Heavenly Body Tier elites.
“Yang Lin, I love you!”
“I want to have children with you!”
Some bold women immediately started to profess their love for him. They were fervent with excitement.
Yang Lin strode forward, four people following behind him. They were all dragons among men and phoenixes among women, the aura that radiated from them also incredibly overwhelming. However, it was clear from their posture that their status was below that of Yang Lin. They were most likely his followers.
This was astonishing. These four people were definitely prodigies, yet they were actually willing to become Yang Lin’s followers. However, this also accentuated Yang Lin’s image as a supreme prodigy.
‘As expected, he’s no weaker than Faceless,’ Ling Han thought to himself.
However, Yang Lin definitely wasn’t as young as he looked. Rather, he had probably eaten some Divine Fruit that had caused him to look especially young and “tender”.
Yang Lin continued forward, and everyone automatically moved aside to clear a path for him. To say nothing of Sun Moon Tier cultivators, even Heavenly Body Tier elites might be suppressed by his damaged Saint Tool. So, who would dare to stand in his way?
Ling Han couldn’t help but sigh in emotion. Yang Lin merely owned a damaged Saint Tool, yet he was already able to command such respect and awe. Meanwhile, he owned a Saint Tool in the Black Tower, yet all he could do was use it to hide and protect himself. This was far too embarrassing!
“Well, I’m so sorry,” Small Tower grumbled coldly.
A short while after Yang Lin’s arrival, another heavyweight prodigy arrived. It was a woman who was as beautiful as a fairy. In fact, she was no less beautiful than the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. Her aura was extraordinary, and she was like a noble and graceful princess.
She was the Cloud Maiden, daughter to the emperor of the Thousand Peak Imperial Empire. She was the embodiment of nobility, beauty, and talent.
Next to her, there stood a strong and handsome young man. The two of them walked side-by-side, and they appeared to be especially intimate with each other. One could imagine just how many men were red-eyed with envy.
“He’s Zuo Quan, the disciple of the Thousand Peak Emperor. He’s also an outstanding prodigy, and he’s only a tad less talented than the Cloud Maiden. However, he’s cultivated for longer than her, and he’s already reached the Heavenly Body Tier.”
“It’s said that the Thousand Peak Emperor intends to betroth his daughter to him. Judging by the Cloud Maiden’s expression, it seems like she’s also interested in Zuo Quan.”
“Sigh, all the amazing beauties have been won over by pigs. Why has no one discovered my outstanding talent?”
“Yeah, keep dreaming.”
The Cloud Maiden had been accompanied here by Zuo Quan, and she had also arrived on a starship. Her starship was with glowing with extravagance, and it was inscribed with all kinds of formations that could withstand galaxy-level catastrophes.
Ling Han’s eyes gleamed with yearning when he saw this starship, mainly because it was constructed from a huge amount of Godly metal. If he could obtain this wealth of Godly metal, his Divine Demon Sword would advance at least half a level, if not directly to Level Eight.
A feeling of jealousy arose in the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden’s heart, and she couldn’t help but aggressively pinch Ling Han’s waist.