Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Chapter 1300 - Two Saintly Materials

Chapter 1300 Two Saintly Materials
Following the arrival of more and more prodigies, the true elites of the two realms also started to arrive in the surroundings. However, they wouldn’t reveal themselves to the crowds.
Who knew whether the elites of the enemy realm wouldn’t take this opportunity to massacre the prodigies of their realm? Thus, both sides would deploy elites to guard their own prodigies. For example, the Immortal Realm had deployed the Wide Travel Monk King and the Three Thousand Arhat Army to guard their prodigies.
The Netherworld had definitely deployed elites of a similar level too, though it wasn’t clear whom exactly they had deployed.
In any case, there was a clear boundary between the prodigies of the two realms, with one side waiting to the left entrance and one side waiting to the right of the entrance. After countless years and numerous gatherings, this had already become a convention. Neither side would venture into their opponent’s territory.
Several more days passed, and Faceless finally arrived.
He was especially low-key, and no one noticed his arrival. After finding Ling Han, he retrieved some fine wine and started to drink heartily with Ling Han. However, he paid absolutely no attention to the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. His personality was truly a little strange.
When the Regulations shrouding the Mountain River Forest suddenly dissipated, everyone knew that the Two Realm Prodigy Gathering was finally about to begin.
Those who wished to etch their names in the history books all started to venture into the canyon.
As long as one could pass this canyon, they would have proved their worth to be called a prodigy. Moreover, they would win the right to fight against the most powerful prodigies in the world.
However, such prodigies… were few and far between!
Many people were forced to retreat after advancing only one-tenth of the distance. Some people were stubborn, and they were able to advance two-tenths of the distance. However, they immediately started to vomit blood once they got back to the entrance. Many more people retreated after advancing only a single step.
This was an arena for prodigies, and ordinary cultivators and mortals were only worthy of being spectators.
Ling Han, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and Faceless were in no rush to enter the canyon. After all, this Two Realm Prodigy Gathering would last for 15 entire days.
Yang Lin was the first king tier prodigy to enter the canyon.
He appeared extremely relaxed, and he didn’t falter a single bit as he strolled to the end of the canyon. His four followers were also extremely powerful, and they all managed to pass the canyon, albeit with some slight stumbles.
This left many people speechless. Not only was Yang Lin freakishly impressive, but even his followers were tremendously powerful.
The Cloud Maiden also entered the canyon, a relaxed expression on her face. Her footsteps were as light and as graceful as a fairy’s.
Surprisingly, it was actually Zuo Quan who was struggling to keep up. It was clear that starting from this canyon, possessing a cultivation level above the Sun Moon Tier would be of no significance. The only thing that was important was the level one had achieved in the Mountain River Tier—had one reached the pinnacle level? If so, how far had they advanced in the pinnacle level?
Zuo Quan was indeed at the Heavenly Body Tier. However, whether or not he had reached the pinnacle level of the Mountain River Tier was another matter altogether. Even if he had reached the pinnacle level, he had most likely only reached the early stage. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense that he was struggling so much more than the Cloud Maiden.
Meanwhile, the Netherworld obviously had their own king tier prodigies as well. Ling Han saw a man who had a red sun hovering above his head and exuding a devastating aura. It was as if heaven and earth were about to collapse with each step that he took. After a gazing at him for a short while, the pressure that exuded from him made Ling Han feel an urge to vomit blood.
Ling Han turned to look at Faceless. Although Faceless didn’t have a face, he could still sense the strong sense of apprehension that was radiating from him.
However, this sense of apprehension quickly transformed into excitement. “Not only has this person reached the Heavenly Body Tier, but he’s definitely cultivated each preceding tier to a state of perfection as well. In fact, it’s possible that he possesses other abilities as well. He’s an extremely worthy opponent!”
“Chi Huangji!”
“Chi Huangji!”
“Chi Huangji!”
A deafening roar erupted from the Netherworld camp; they were all shouting a person’s name.
Ling Han couldn’t help but feel astonished. ‘This person is Chi Huangji?
‘I guess this makes sense. After all, how many people can reach the Heavenly Body Tier at such a young age?’
In terms of aura alone, Ling felt that none of the Cloud Maiden, Yang Lin, or Faceless could compete against Chi Huangji. They were all king tiers, yet Chi Huangji was a king tier among king tiers, an emperor among emperors.
Moreover, Chi Huangji was most likely publicly acknowledged as the number one prodigy of the Netherworld—at least in the galaxy that he resided in. In any case, the Immortal Realm and Netherworld were both far too vast, and thus this so-called Two Realm Prodigy Gathering was only attended by prodigies from certain regions of the two realms. For the Immortal Realm, this region was the Long Light Galaxy. Thus, this claim of “two realm gathering” was actually slightly exaggerated.
Anyhow, none among the Cloud Maiden, Yang Lin, and Yue Ying enjoyed a significant advantage over the others.
With such a comparison, Ling Han didn’t have very high hopes for the Immortal Realm.
Of course, this was because he hadn’t included himself.
Heaven and earth shook as a huge commotion erupted in the distance. It was as if an army of thousands were charging over. Everyone instantly became alert.
The battle between the two realms had only come to an end two years ago, and thus everyone was still very much on guard. They were afraid that another major war was about to break out.
However, when they saw the “army” clearly, their expressions all became strange.
This was merely a carriage!
Yet, this carriage could actually exude the might of an army of thousands? Strange! What was stranger was the fact that this carriage was pitifully small. It was only as large as a human palm, and it was being drawn by a purple-gold bull. If one looked closely, they would realize that this bull was actually forged from metal.
‘Is this a puppet?’
Everyone was stunned when they looked more closely.
The carriage whizzed by, and the space that it shot through collapsed in on itself. It was as if even the great dao was being suppressed and restricted, transforming into bursts of swirls in the void.
This was incredibly astonishing. Where on earth had this carriage come from?
“T-that’s Phoenix Blood True Gold!” an elder said in a quivering voice.
His cultivation level wasn’t high, yet he was extremely knowledgeable and well-read.
“What’s Phoenix Blood True Gold?” many people asked in confusion.
“Saintly Material!” There elder merely said two words, yet everyone was stunned upon hearing this reply.
Saintly Material—this represented material that had reached at least Level 17. Moreover, such material could be used to forge Saint Tools.
Saintly Material wasn’t limited to metals, either, and they could also come in the form of rocks, wood, or other things.
“That purple-gold bull is forged from Phoenix Blood True Gold, and it’s at least halfway to obtaining full intelligence. In fact, it’s already developed life essence and vitality!” The elder’s voice quivered with awe and excitement, and he continued, “Moreover, that carriage is constructed from Returning Dream Wood. It’s also a Saintly Material!
“Now that I’ve personally witnessed Saintly Material, I can truly die without regrets! I can truly die without regrets!”
‘F*ck, there are actually two Saintly Materials and not one?’
Everyone was numb with shock. Who was the owner of this carriage? Their background was far too terrifying!
The carriage stopped right in front of the canyon. Although the canyon wasn’t shrouded by the Regulations of heaven and earth anymore, this didn’t mean that the Regulations had disappeared. They had merely become non-lethal to those who entered the canyon. However, one’s cultivation would still be suppressed to the Mountain River Tier if they were to enter, even if they were a Genesis Tier Saint.
Meanwhile, the cultivators from the Netherworld were just as stunned as the cultivators from the Immortal Realm. There were also knowledgeable people among them, and they had also recognized the two Saintly Materials.
The carriage door opened, and a mini-person jumped out under everyone’s watchful gaze.
This was genuinely a miniature person, and they measured no more than three inches in height. They were dressed a purple-gold robe, and the might that they exuded was as if they yearned to suppress the heavens.
“That robe is knitted from Phoenix Blood True Gold that has been rolled into thread!”
“Good heavens! Someone was actually able to roll Saintly Material into thread and knit it into a robe! Just how profound is their power?”
Everyone was shaking with shock and awe. The grandeur of this person’s arrival was far beyond anything they could imagine. In fact, it was something that seemed transcendent above the Long Light Galaxy.
The mini-person shuddered slightly, and then grew to the size of a normal human. This was a handsome man whose skin was smooth and as delicate as jade—this wasn’t a metaphor, his skin literally looked like it had been carved from jade.
Saintly Material was obviously mysterious, and his purple-gold robe also grew in size to fit his physique.
“North Emperor, have you still not arrived yet?” the man shouted toward the sky.