Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Chapter 1301 - Astonishing Backgrounds

Chapter 1301 Astonishing Backgrounds
“Haha, you merely arrived one step before me. Don’t act as if you’ve been waiting for me for a long time.” A voice traveled over from the distance, yet it was as if this person were whispering next to their ears. His words were especially crisp and clear.
The handsome jade-like man chuckled, and said, “Arriving one step before is still arriving before you, no? Are you not satisfied with this?”
“Heh.” There was a faint chuckle, and another person had already appeared next to the jade-like man. He was an extremely handsome man who possessed a mighty and regal aura.
Another supreme being!
The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden couldn’t help but feel anxious. Although she was fully confident in Ling Han’s abilities, these two people, as well as Chi Huangji, were all transcendent above the level of ordinary young king tiers. In fact, their might was so lofty that people couldn’t even look up to them while standing. They had to kneel down in awe and submission before they could truly gaze up and admire their might.
These two men… were both at the Heavenly Body Tier. Moreover, they were astonishingly young, with their flames of life still raging and bright. No matter how one looked at them, they were definitely under 10,000 years old.
“Is that a naturally born Rock Spirit?” a knowledgeable person asked.
“Gasp! I know who they are now!” someone suddenly shouted in fervent excitement.
“Who on earth are they?” the others all asked.
“In the distant Plentiful Sea Galaxy, there exists a Saint called the Plentiful Sea Saint. He only has a single disciple, and that disciple’s name is North Emperor! Meanwhile, there’s also a Saint in the Universal Dao Galaxy, a galaxy that neighbors the Plentiful Sea Galaxy. The identity of this Saint is actually a peculiar stone that developed intelligence and eventually entered a path of cultivation. He’s called the Cloud Stone Saint, and he has a child with a human. This child inherited a portion of his bloodline, and he was born incredibly powerful. His name is… Stone Emperor!”
Everyone was speechless with shock and amazement. Saints… Saints had actually appeared in their galaxy!
Compared to them, Yang Lin—who had merely obtained a damaged Saint Tool—seemed like an absolute pauper. Would you look, the Stone Emperor was casually riding a carriage that was constructed from Returning Dream Wood and pulled by a bull that was forged from Phoenix Blood True Gold. These were both Saintly Materials!
However, this Stone Emperor person was truly high-profile. Compared to him, the North Emperor was much more restrained. Not only did he not have a carriage, but he didn’t even have a single follower.
‘Are they also here to attend the Two Realm Prodigy Gathering?’
Ling Han nodded in his mind. The Immortal Realm finally had prodigies who could compete against Chi Huangji. Moreover, these two individuals would also become formidable opponents of his.
If they fought a fair battle, of course he wouldn’t be able to defeat them. After all, they were both Heavenly Body Tier elites. However, once they entered the Mountain River Forest, everyone’s cultivation would be suppressed to the Mountain River Tier. If they battled at the same cultivation level, Ling Han reckoned that he definitely wouldn’t lose to anyone.
Otherwise, he would have genuinely wasted the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll. It was a cultivation technique from the Celestial Realm!
The Stone Emperor and North Emperor paid no heed to the other prodigies gathered here. They strode into the canyon and quickly disappeared into the distance. However, even though the Stone Emperor had left his carriage resting here just like that, not a single person dared to have any greedy thoughts about it.
Of course they didn’t! Those were Saintly Materials, and that bull had even developed a shred of intelligence. If it unleashed its power, even Eternal River Tier elites would be obliterated if they dared to near it. That being the case, who dared to touch the carriage and bull?
The appearance of the two kings among kings took the wind out of the Netherworld’s sail. Who would’ve thought that two extragalactic prodigies would suddenly appear at this Two Realm Prodigy Gathering?
In reality, there were three such prodigies, if one counted Ling Han.
“Sure enough, it wasn’t a mistake to come here! This trip is completely worth it!” There was a gleam in Faceless’ eyes, and this could be seen even through the cloth that he wore around his face.
Young king tiers wouldn’t cower no matter how powerful their opponent was. Even if they couldn’t defeat their opponent, they would view them as a goal to strive toward and eventually surpass. In fact, being invincible would leave them feeling extremely lonely—invincibility would mean no motivation to improve and no target to strive toward.
“Brother Ling, should we also set off?” Faceless asked. After seeing so many king tier prodigies arrive, he was already burning with fighting spirit. He was hungry for a battle.
“Sure!” Ling Han said with a nod.
He left Little Qing outside as its cultivation was still too weak. There was simply no way it could pass through the canyon. Moreover, Ling Han didn’t want to expose the secret of his Black Tower, so he naturally couldn’t place Ling Qing back inside now.
Little Qing belonged to the skies anyway, so he might as well let it soar through the sky for a few days. Ever since hatching, this little chick had never experienced independence for several days in a row.
As for the old ginseng and Rabbit, he would also leave them to their own devices. First of all, they didn’t necessarily possess the ability to pass through the canyon. Second of all, they had absolutely no interest in becoming king tiers.
Ling Han, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and Faceless walked into the canyon. After taking just a single step, they immediately felt an overwhelming pressure bear down upon them. This pressure made them feel the urge to immediately turn around and leave.
However, Ling Han and Faceless were both young king tiers. Although the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was slightly inferior, she was still a four-star genius. So, how could they be troubled by this amount of pressure?
They channeled their Origin Power for a moment before starting to stride forward. They weren’t affected by the pressure a single bit.
However, after reaching the halfway mark, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden started to show signs of exertion. She couldn’t maintain her relaxed demeanor anymore, and sweat started to roll down her forehead. Meanwhile, Ling Han and Faceless still appeared just as carefree and as relaxed as before.
It was clear that the lowest threshold for passing this canyon was being a four-star genius. However, such prodigies would still face a significant amount of pressure. In order to pass this canyon, they would need not only strength but also willpower.
Upon seeing the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden start to struggle, Ling Han reached over and grabbed her in his arms.
“Ah, what are you doing?” The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was caught off-guard, and she couldn’t help but yelp in surprise. She hurriedly tried to push Ling Han away.
“Wife, you look so tired. How about I carry you through this canyon?” Ling Han suggested with a smile.
Embarrassment spread across the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden’s face. If it were only the two of them, she wouldn’t mind Ling Han being so close and intimate. However, this wasn’t the case. “There are others watching!” she said softly.
“Brother Ling, both of us are striving to reach the pinnacle of the cultivation path, so I suggest you don’t waste your time on women!” Faceless said coldly. He glanced at the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and there was a hint of killing intent in his eyes. It was as if he wanted to exterminate a “potential danger” for Ling Han.
The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden’s impression of him instantly dropped to rock bottom. This person actually wanted to separate her from Ling Han! Moreover, his method was incredibly ruthless and brutal!
‘This faceless b*stard. He deserves to never find a wife!’
Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, “Brother Faceless, you should also try to look for a lover. Believe me, having a lover definitely won’t have detrimental effects on your cultivation. In fact, it will provide you with even more motivation to reach the summit of cultivation. Wanting to protect those close to you is an incredibly powerful motivation.”
Faceless shook his head in reply. His heart was especially pure, and cultivation was the only thing on his mind. He didn’t need to place his attention elsewhere.
With Ling Han carrying her, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden naturally didn’t feel any more pressure. The three of them passed through the canyon in no time at all. The overwhelming pressure instantly disappeared, yet a peculiar power suddenly enveloped their bodies and suppressed their cultivation to the Mountain River Tier.
No, no, no, this wasn’t power. Rather, it was a type of Regulation. Not only did it suppress them to the Mountain River Tier, it even suppressed their ability to wield Regulations to the Mountain River Tier. It was as if the Mountain River Tier was the absolute upper limit of this world. Thus, it mattered little how freakish and how prodigious one was. Could humans defeat heaven?
“Sure enough, we’ve been suppressed to the Mountain River Tier.” Ling Han familiarized himself with the power in his body. The four Suns and Moons in his body had mysteriously disappeared, and even his physique had suddenly become far weaker than just then. It was only as tough as Level Five Godly metal.
However, the toughness of Level Five Godly metal still belonged to the Sun Moon Tier. His physique hadn’t been nerfed completely.
Apart from a select few king tiers who had reached a state of perfection in the pinnacle level of the Mountain River Tier, ordinary king tiers wouldn’t even be able to penetrate Ling Han’s defenses.
The Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll was a cultivation technique from the Celestial Realm—this was no joke!