Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Chapter 1562 - Harvesting frui

Tan Feng continuously circled around the ancient site. On the outside, it was only 3,000 meters wide and a few hundred meters high. As this powerful Demon Master circled, he was calculating by his knuckles[1]. If Ling Han had seen this, he would definitely have been incredibly stunned.
This was making a prediction.
Even someone as strong as the Star Sand Saint was unable to predict the affairs of the world. This seemed to be a secret technique that belonged solely to the Forbidden Lands, and could also possibly be an ability that only the Eight Stones Forbidden Land possessed.
But now, Tan Feng had that ability too!
Just where exactly had he come from?
“Extraordinary! Extraordinary!” Tan Feng’s eyes became brighter and brighter. “This is definitely not left behind by any Black Demon. A Black Demon does not possess such strong power to be able to block off my prediction. Even a Heaven Demon could not; I would still be able to find out one or two clues.
“This definitely must have fallen from the Celestial Realm. In that great turmoil those eons ago, who knows how many powerful forces have been overthrown, and it would not be strange for the ancient sites of the Celestial Realm to appear in the Immortal Realm.
“This is not something that a few juniors can deal with, even I could not… There is a need to ask the grand elder to come personally.”
He unobtrusively walked to one side and drew out a stone, which he spoke a few words to. A wave that even the Demon Masters were not able to grasp was already being transmitted to the depths of the universe, and in an instant, the message traversed millions and millions of miles.
Though the Overlord Sword Demon Master and the others turned to look at him, they did not discover anything off. Even for those as strong as they were, there were in truth a great many things that they were not aware of.
Boom, the huge wave swept over them, and multiple cracks had already appeared on the flying raft. It looked like it definitely would not survive the next wave.
Mo Li directly drew out a second flying raft, and everyone switched onto it. The first raft was allowed to drop into the ocean.
Their distance from Tan Mo and his group was a little smaller now.
Mo Li steered the flying raft, but did not catch up to them.
Tan Mo showed an expression of arrogance. Because there were shards of Regulations in the waves, he could not see how Ling Han and his group had dealt with the barrage of the massive wave, but it was obvious that these people were very wary of him. They didn’t even dare to approach him too close.
They were merely a few ants of the Netherworld.
After travelling a further while, a green bamboo appeared ahead of them. It was protruding from the wide ocean just like that.
It could already be seen even when there were at least a few thousand miles separating them from it. It was clear how wide and tall this green bamboo was.
They had found it, the Nine Segment Divine Bamboo!
Tan Mo and his group naturally saw it as well because they slightly changed their course, and headed towards that Divine Bamboo.
Mo Li frowned slightly. Once Tan Mo and his group wanted to snatch that Divine Bamboo, how was she to stop them? Putting aside the fact that there were only herself and Ling Han here, even if all the disciples and juniors of the 17 Demon Masters were all here and combined forces, they might not be able to stop Tan Mo, either.
His strength had reached an overwhelming extent, and the advantage of numbers was completely insufficient to compensate for this gap in power.
But to give up just like this… she was definitely unwilling!
Follow them.
There was absolutely no need to spend too much time to cross a distance of a few thousand miles for a Flight God Tool. In a short while, they had already come endlessly close to this Divine Bamboo.
It was really too huge.
Merely the part that was sticking out from the ocean bed was already 30,000 meters tall, and it was several hundred meters wide. Furthermore, at the top of the Divine Bamboo, a green fruit could clearly be seen. Even from such a far distance, a refreshing fragrance could vaguely be smelt.
“The Divine Bamboo is already dead,” Mo Li said slowly. They had never thought that she would actually have such an emotional side to her.
This Divine Bamboo was indeed already dead. Though the body of the Divine Bamboo still had divine seals of great dao floating on it, its vitality had already disappeared. However, at the top, that green fruit was still flourishing with life. This was a fruit that the Divine Bamboo had poured all its essence into.
A precious treasure!
The body of the bamboo could be made into a Demonic Tool, while the fruit was a supremely valuable medicine.
“Get down here!” Tan Mo suddenly shot out a fist at the body of the bamboo, wanting to shake this fruit down with brute force. He previously should have tried this before. The air here was filled with a frightening pressure, and even he dared not be rash.
Weng, densely packed seals on the body of the bamboo lit up, but they returned to an undisturbed state very soon. It did not even tremble.
What a joke; this was Saintly Material here, and you thought you could deal a shock to it?
Tan Mo involuntarily frowned. He couldn’t climb up, and the fruit would not drop down from being shaken, so what was to be done? Furthermore, he also wanted to collect this divine bamboo. If he refined it to the length of a few feet, it would definitely be a supreme Demonic Tool.
Ling Han stood up, and said, “You guys wait a while for me.”
Without waiting for Mo Li and the others to react, he was already soaring upwards into the skies.
This guy was planning to fly directly to the top of the Divine Bamboo and harvest the fruit!
“This guy’s physique is astonishing, so perhaps he really does have a chance,” someone said.
“But Tan Mo and his group are just watching from the sidelines. Even if Ling Han got it, they would be snatching it, right?”
“Once he gets it, we will flee as quickly as possible. I am sure they will not be able to catch up.”
“That’s right, the fact that we managed to catch up to them clearly means that our speed is faster than theirs.”
Everyone was conversing excitedly. At this time, even Wu Jue did not set himself against Ling Han, and proposed ideas from the sidelines.
However, Mo Li’s expression was grave. She had exchanged blows with Tan Mo before, and had a real idea of how powerful the latter was. If Ling Han really succeeded, that decree might indeed be unable to catch up to them, but wouldn’t Tan Mo be able to attack them on his own?
He absolutely did not need the decree to be able to sweep aside all Eternal River Tiers. That level of strength was practically enough to make anyone hopeless.
But Ling Han had already flown up into the skies, so they could only proceed with caution now. When he came back down, they would act according to the circumstances.
Tan Mo and his group also saw Ling Han’s action, and couldn’t help but scoff in disdain.
“What an idiot. Even we do not dare to exceed the height of 3,000 meters, and this brat actually deludes himself into thinking about flying up directly to harvest the Divine Fruit. He is really out of his mind.”
“Ignore him!”
“Brother Mo, with this divine bamboo being so sturdy, it is completely impossible to shake the Divine Fruit down, so what do we do?”
Tan Mo pondered for a moment, and then said, “The value of this Mystery Realm possibly far surpasses the estimation of those Demon Masters outside. I think Lord Sixth Elder should have already informed the clan, and by then, even if Grand Elder does not personally come, either Fifth Elder or Fourth Elder will definitely come—the whole Mystery Realm will be ours!”
“That’s right, it’s all ours!” the other four young people all proudly declared, considering this to be inevitable and right.
They looked at Ling Han. Though they were sure that he definitely would not be able to succeed, they did not leave. In any case, the distance of 30,000 meters could be crossed in a short while for Eternal River Tier, so it would not be too late for them to leave once they witnessed his failure.
Ling Han shot through the air, and as his altitude increased, he gradually felt a pressure exerted on him.
The air itself was like knives, and was incredibly sharp.
However, this was completely not enough to wound him. His speed did not decrease, and he rushed madly all the way. Very soon, he had broken through the forbidden elevation of 3,000 meters, and was still shooting upwards.
“No way!”
Seeing this scene, Chi Huangji and the others were all dumbfounded. They knew that Ling Han’s physique was astonishing, but they did not have a substantial idea of how strong it was. Now, with a clear comparison, they couldn’t help but gape.
On Tan Mo’s side, those four were also exchanging looks and rendered speechless, yet Tan Mo’s eyes lit up, a smile curling up the corners of his lips.
…If Ling Han could harvest it, that would be good too. It would be just right to benefit him instead!
[1] TL/N: This is a Chinese prediction method used typically in fortune telling.