Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Chapter 1737 - The Celestial King appears again

Chapter 1737: The Celestial King appears again
“Hoho.” Small Tower laughed.
Ling Han was driven mad for a while, but could do nothing. This Small Tower looked completely unaffected, so what could he do to it?
“Go and take a look at that Celestial King,” Small Tower urged him. “Logically, even if a Celestial King cannot collect the Source Water, he shouldn’t have died, either. He should have been able to retreat safely.”
Ling Han was also curious. He slowly approached, and with the burning of the Nine Heavens Flame, he was able to resist the pressure of a Celestial King. Otherwise, he couldn’t have possibly come here at all. He would have long since been killed by the corrosion of the lake waters.
This Celestial King was male, and wore purple and golden robes. They should have been woven from incredibly high-quality materials, but due to the endless corrosion of the aura of a Celestial King, they were already worn-out and torn, and could no longer be used.
He was totally different from other human beings. There was a vertical eye on his forehead, but it had been stabbed by someone, and this had also been a fatal blow, directly penetrating his mind and destroying his spirit.
Ling Han couldn’t help but feel rueful. So what if one was as strong as a Celestial King? He could still encounter a powerful foe, and be unable to escape the fate of death.
“There are words on the ground.”
By the side of this Celestial King’s right hand, there were several patterns inscribed. When Ling Han looked over, a telepathic message instantly flashed in his mind, speaking of some matters in a disjointed manner in the form of a thought.
Ling Han couldn’t help but feel stunned. It was only a few patterns, and they could actually transmit so much. As expected of a Celestial King, this technique was too astonishing.
This Celestial King was known as the Multitude Beasts Celestial King when he had been alive.
The Multitude Beasts Celestial King cultivated the great dao of Water, and invented his own Celestial King technique, which could turn the Water Regulations into battle beasts. When he battled, there would be a stampede of wild beasts, and each of them would possess battle prowess that was equal to his cultivation level.
However, what was most frightening was the 10 battle beasts that he reared. Not only was their power equal to his, their battle prowess was only that slight bit inferior to his own.
Through this Celestial King technique, he could claim to be invincible among the Second Heavens Celestial Kings.
Unfortunately, he had encountered a very strong foe, the Imperial Void Celestial King, and his spirit had been destroyed by the latter. However, a Celestial King was still a Celestial King, after all. Even if he was only left with an empty shell, the Multitude Beasts Celestial King had still come here, hoping to collect the Source Water of heaven and earth, and develop his spirit again through its nurturing.
He was a Celestial King that had succeeded through the Water Regulations, and thus there was indeed a sliver of possibility that this was theoretically possible.
However, he ultimately failed, and collapsed at the last step.
“Those that can become Celestial Kings are all supreme prodigies that have stood out among the rest in the long passage of history, and all of them are king tiers.” Ling Han sighed. “No wonder he was so unwilling to die.
“But why is it the Imperial Void Celestial King again?”
In the past, the Celestial King ancestor of the Cheng Clan disappeared without a trace after the great battle erupting due to ideological differences, and the Cheng Clan was massacred by another Celestial King, and that was the Imperial Void Celestial King!
If it had to be said that there were two Celestial Kings in the Celestial Realm that simultaneously were named Imperial Void, Ling Han would definitely not believe that.
This was the same Celestial King!
“This Celestial King is really quite active; just how many Celestial Kings has he killed? Could it be that he is a Celestial King Killer?” Ling Han mumbled to himself. He searched through his memories. Previously, the Multitude Beasts Celestial King had transmitted a great many memories to him, but they were all broken up, and the information was not very complete.
“Imperial Void Celestial King… Sealed Emotion Palace… Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable…”
Ling Han rubbed his chin. The information about the Imperial Void Celestial King was extremely limited, but he seemed to have a very strong connection with the words Sealed Emotion.
“Did he come from the Sealed Emotion Palace? However, what the hell is the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable, then?”
“Don’t speak his name!” Small Tower suddenly called out, appearing to be incredibly stirred up.
“Why?” Ling Han did not understand.
“Never, ever recite the true name of a Heavenly Venerable Tier, or it will attract his divine sense. Even with how expansive the Celestial Realm is, his divine sense will immediately manifest, and can reach anywhere in the Celestial Realm!” Small Tower stated, its tone more serious than it had ever been.
Ling Han curled his lips, and said, “This is only a bestowed name, I don’t know his real name.”
Small Tower was still very stirred up, and warned him repeatedly. It was best not to speak of even the bestowed name. Otherwise, if the person just happened to spontaneously make a prediction on a whim, he would still be able to see everything clearly.
“Hey, just who is this guy? I have never seen you so excited before?” Ling Han asked curiously.
“There is no need for you to know now. You only have to work hard on cultivation. Furthermore, forget about this incident; it does not have the slightest benefit for you!” Small Tower warned.
Ling Han chuckled, and said, “You should know I have always been a very curious person. The more you say this, the more I want to know.”
“Ling Han!” Small Tower’s voice rose in volume. “Don’t play around with fire. Otherwise, even if I take the risk of self-destruction of both Tool and spirit, I will not be able to save you!”
So serious?
Ling Han’s expression finally became solemn, and he asked, “All right, I won’t ask now. But you at least have to tell me when I will be qualified to know the truth.”
Small Tower paused, and replied, “Celestial King Tier.”
Only a Celestial King would be qualified to know the truth, hiss!
Ling Han nodded, and said, “All right, then we’ll speak again of this matter after I become a Celestial King.”
He had already advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier, and began his path in the Celestial level. Becoming a Celestial King was only a matter of time—that was how confident he was.
“Now, how do I go about collecting the Source Water?” he asked.
Small Tower rose up slightly, and said, “That is the Xuanyin Source Water of the Nine Great Source Waters, the coldest and furthermost on the Yin scale. Wrap yourself in the Nine Heavens Flame, and then try to form a resonance with it… right, you can also try channeling the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll.
“Next, it’s all up to luck.
“If the Xuanyin Source Water approves of you, it will take the initiative to enter into your body and become a power of your life force. Otherwise, the Xuanyin Source Water will break through this space and leave to seek another hiding spot.”
Ling Han nodded. He channeled the Nine Heavens Flame once more, and walked towards that pond.
When he had walked a few steps nearer, he immediately discovered that the temperature here was beginning to drop at a maddening pace, but the Xuanyin Source Water was actually still in liquid form. This scene would really make anyone click their tongue in amazement.
In this place, the patterns of great dao were interwoven. They were on the level of Celestial King Tier, and if it was not for the fact that Ling Han still had the protection of the Nine Heavens Flame, he would be instantly crushed.
He walked very slowly. Even with the help of the Nine Heavens Flame, if his movements were slightly stronger, the patterns of great dao would still be able to rip through the defenses of the Nine Heavens Flame, and destroy his physical body and soul.
Finally, he arrived at the side of the pond.
That jellyfish-like object seemed to have its own awareness. It looked like it was shrinking back, and even seemed like it was about to fly off.
Ling Han hurriedly channeled the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll. The life force of the heaven and earth could not be collected forcefully. At least, he would not be able to do so with his current strength. Thus, he could only drink it directly.
‘Come on then!’
Once the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll was channeled, golden light immediately flickered on Ling Han’s body, but this was different from before. The images of Immortal Phoenix, Heaven Dragons, Black Tortoise, Giant Golden Ants, and others were clearly seen.
These were all Immortal Beasts, and they were all of the Celestial King Tier!
The Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll was a cultivation technique that had been drawn from the life force of these Celestial King creatures, and further fused with the comprehension of a supreme great elite, being formed by keeping what was valuable and rejecting what was worthless.
The Xuanyin Source Water immediately calmed down. It clearly had no eyes, but Ling Han had a feeling that it was presently “staring” at that Black Tortoise.
That was the Thousand Transformations Tortoise, Water Element.
Xiu, with a flash, the Xuanyin Source Water had arrived in the palm of Ling Han’s hand. Then, it squeezed in, and traveled from Ling Han’s palm all the way upwards, through his palm and reaching his shoulder, then taking a turn downwards, and it reached his heart, and then his Dantian.
And in this process, Ling Han’s body was completely encased in ice.