Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Chapter 1973 - Astonishing Identity

Chapter 1973: Astonishing Identity
Ji Wuming flashed a smile and asked, “Girl, you’re not going to attack me anymore?”
“Lord!” Shu Yarong exclaimed as she suddenly fell to her knees, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She was beside herself with emotion.
‘What’s going on?
‘This battle has suddenly become a family reunion? Judging by her prostration, Shu Yarong will probably smile and accept her fate even if Ji Wuming wants to kill her.
‘In fact, it seems as if she’s Ji Wuming’s subordinate. However, as a supreme monarch tier, how can she be someone else’s subordinate?
‘Moreover, she clearly didn’t recognize him at first. At the very least, not his current identity. Only when he recited those lines did she finally come to a realization and shed tears.
‘This Ji Wuming… Who in the world is he?
‘Not only that, but this Shu Yarong most likely has another identity as well!’
Ling Han frowned, and said, “Instead of having a happy little reunion, perhaps you should explain this to everyone?”
“You don’t have the right to know,” Ji Wuming said in a calm voice. He stared at Ling Han, and a golden speck materialized in his eyes. His voice was meaningful as he said, “Apart from two Source Powers of heaven and earth, there also seems to be something else with you. Moreover… its value is even greater. Because even I can’t see through it!”
Ling Han was stunned. Just what kind of freak was he?!
A value even greater than his Source Powers… Ji Wuming had definitely discovered the existence of the Black Tower. However, Small Tower had once told him that the Black Tower couldn’t be discovered unless he used it before Celestial Kings. Of course, this was referring to low-level Celestial Kings.
However, Ji Wuming naturally wasn’t a high-level Celestial King. Instead, he was only a fifth severance cultivator! That being the case, how had he discovered the existence of the Black Tower?
Yan Xianlu, Shan Jitong, and the others were also astonished. Ling Han actually possessed two Source Powers of heaven and earth!
These were Source Powers of heaven and earth, things that were as valuable as Divine Metal! Even Celestial Kings could only dream of such treasures! Yet, as a Severing Mundane Tier cultivator, Ling Han already possessed Source Powers? And two at that? This was inconceivable!
Moreover, he even possessed a treasure that was more valuable than the Source Powers of heaven and earth!
What could it be?
Yan Xianlu and the others were unable to fathom this.
Ling Han composed himself, and asked, “Reincarnation of a Celestial King?” He wasn’t only looking at Ji Wuming, but also at Shu Yarong.
Since he suspected Tang Minglong of being a reincarnated Celestial King, why couldn’t Ji Wuming and Shu Yarong also be reincarnated Celestial Kings?
Ji Wuming shook his head, and it was clear that he didn’t want to say anything more. He simply stared at Ling Han with his gleaming eyes, saying, “Something that even I can’t see through… Such kind of treasure… Hahahaha, I have some confidence now.”
He retracted his gaze before walking up to the stone tablet. He then sat down and started to comprehend it.
His actions were bold, and he didn’t put up any defenses.
However, upon sitting down, his back was like a towering mountain that soared into the heavens. This was a mountain that one could only gaze up at. This was a mountain that no one dared to attack.
This was a kind of aura, a profoundly domineering aura.
‘In his previous life, this person was definitely a paramount Celestial King, someone who stood at the pinnacle of cultivation!’ Ling Han said in his mind.
He then communicated with Small Tower.
“What do you think about this person?” Ling Han asked.
“He’s extraordinary, very extraordinary,” Small Tower said in a cautious voice. This was extremely rare, with Small Tower often being proud and relaxed, and also taking joy in teasing him. It was truly rare that it showed such caution.
“His Divine Fetus is developing toward a state of perfection,” Small Tower added.
“What does that mean?” Ling Han asked.
“A Divine Fetus is born if one has a Celestial King ancestor and their bloodline suddenly returns to this ancestral state, giving them a wisp of Celestial King power,” Small Tower explained. It was rare that it didn’t use this opportunity to scold Ling Han for being ignorant and ill-informed. “Whatever Regulations the Celestial King cultivated is whatever Regulations their descendent will obtain.”
This was very easy to understand. For example, chickens could only lay chicken eggs. If they suddenly laid a duck egg, that would definitely be the work of the duck next door.
“However, the Divine Fetus of this person… possesses extremely varied and complex powers. Theoretically speaking, it shouldn’t be like this,” Small Tower said in puzzlement. “However, with this person, all kinds of Divine Fetus powers are fusing together, becoming the foundation of his dao.
“It’s as if his Divine Fetus can absorb the dao of all Celestial Kings. With the knowledge and wisdom of so many predecessors, you can try to imagine just how profound his foundations are.
“Why do I urge you to obtain more Source Powers of heaven and earth before becoming a Celestial King? It’s so that you can solidify your foundations. That way, you can easily soar to new heights after becoming a Celestial King.
“This person… is doing the exact same thing!
“The Celestial King Tier is divided into nine heavens, with each subsequent minor tier allowing one to ascend to a new heaven. However, if one has already grasped all Regulations in the world when they advance to the Celestial King Tier, perhaps they can even kill Third Heaven Celestial Kings while still at the First Heaven!”
If this were said in public, perhaps others would treat them as fools.
Who didn’t know that there existed a strict hierarchy of power in the Celestial King Tier? Second Heaven Celestial Kings could definitely crush those at the First Heaven. This was equivalent to Dividing Soul Tier cultivators pummeling Severing Mundane Tier cultivators. This was like a father beating their son. The son could do nothing but endure the beating.
Now, however, someone was claiming that a First Heaven Celestial King could not only defeat a Third Heaven Celestial King, but they could even kill them? Was this not a hilarious joke?
However, Ling Han didn’t look like laughing at all. Ji Wuming had definitely been a Celestial King in his previous life. Moreover, he had definitely been a high-level Celestial King. After reincarnating, was he not aiming to become the most powerful in the world?
This was only speculation, yet Ling Han had indeed hit the nail on the head.
Ling Han was burning with fighting spirit. He definitely had to defeat this person.
He had to defeat him fair and square. He wouldn’t borrow the power of the Black Tower, nor would he use something like the Red Spotted Green Bamboo.
This person… could raise his martial intent to a higher level.
“That’s the right attitude,” Small Tower said with a nod. It gave affirmation to Ling Han’s intentions.
“Don’t spy on my thoughts! You freak tower!”
“If I weren’t connected to your mind, do you think I would want to read your dirty thoughts?” Small Tower said in retort.
Ling Han ignored Small Tower. He then strode over to the stone tablet and also sat down. He started to comprehend the true meaning of the great dao.
Under Ling Han’s lead, the Empress and Hu Niu also walked over. Ling Han then released Bewitching Maiden Rou from the Black Tower. Apart from them, Yan Xianlu and the others all walked before the stone tablet. It was just that Yan Xianlu and the others were still filled with apprehension and caution. They were afraid that Ji Wuming might suddenly leap over and attack them.
As if reading their thoughts, Ji Wuming suddenly turned around to flash a smile at them. Ji Wuming and Lao Song almost wet their pants in fright. Meanwhile, Yan Xianlu also leaped up and prepared to defend himself.
Ji Wuming turned back around and continued to comprehend the true meaning of the great dao. It was as if he were only trying to frighten Yan Xianlu and the others.
However, after experiencing this, Yan Xianlu and the others didn’t dare to venture any closer. They had to maintain a safe distance from that freak. Otherwise, what would they do if they were eaten?
Yet, it was necessary that they walked closer if they wanted to see the true meaning of the great dao clearly. With some mysterious power of heaven and earth concealing the stone tablet, they naturally couldn’t see the symbols clearly from far away. Yan Xianlu and the others were extremely frustrated by this.
Meanwhile, Shu Yarong was like a maid as she respectfully kneeled behind Ji Wuming. This was an incredible sight.
Was this still the second-most powerful Severing Mundane Tier cultivator of the Wide Prosperity Heaven? Was this still the most beautiful woman of the Wide Prosperity Heaven?
After just three days, Ji Wuming stood back up. He glanced at Ling Han, and said, “Take care. Next time we meet, I’ll collect all of your treasures from you.”
Ling Han opened his eyes, and said in retort, “After defeating you, I’ll spare your life.”
In comparison, his words were much more domineering and confident.
So what if Ling Han spared his life? Regardless of how he chased and pursued, he would never be able to catch up to Ling Han.
“Hahahaha!” Ji Wuming roared with laughter as he confidently strode away.