Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Chapter 2075 - Blessing of the Hundred Dragons

Chapter 2075: Blessing of the Hundred Dragons
A column of light soared into the sky from the throne, enveloping Ling Han and Ji Wuming. At the same time, columns of light also soared from all four sides of the platform, although these columns of light were far dimmer than that from the throne.
The Blessing of the Hundred Dragons had begun!
Because both Ling Han and Ji Wuming were in the vicinity of the throne, and because neither of them was able to push the other out, it was ultimately the two of them who enjoyed 99 percent of the benefits of this Blessing of the Hundred Dragons. Meanwhile, the Empress and the others shared the remaining one percent of the benefits.
This was a huge difference.
Ling Han, Ji Wuming, and the others all retrieved their Heavenly Dragon Bone Ashes. However, this wasn’t to be ingested. Instead, they needed to scatter these Heavenly Dragon Bone Ashes. Puffs of white ashes danced in the air, transforming into numerous coiling dragons under the illumination of the light.
These dragons were very small, not even measuring one foot in length. However, their occasional roars were deafening and resounding.
These were roars that directly entered one’s divine sense.
Numerous dragons hovered around Ling Han, preparing to enter his body.
Knowing that this was the Blessing of the Hundred Dragons, Ling Han naturally wouldn’t reject these dragons. He relaxed himself and welcomed these dragons with open arms.
The first dragon slithered into his body, instantly causing a powerful energy to course through him. This raised his physique in all aspects, and it also mended the slight imperfections that he had left during his journey of cultivation.
This was quite similar to the Heavenly Dao Jade in that it could mend his innate shortcomings, thereby allowing him to reach a state of perfection.
At the same time, his physical strength was also increasing.
When cultivators reached the Eternal River Tier, their strength could theoretically become limitless, perhaps even reaching the Genesis Tier, the Severing Mundane Tier, or even the Celestial King Tier. However, without the support of the corresponding cultivation level, no one had the ability to master such terrifying strength.
Thus, with the Blessing of the Hundred Dragons and the tenfold increase in benefits due to the Heavenly Dragon Bone Ashes, Ling Han’s physical strength rose by an explosive amount after temporarily stopping at the peak stage of the Dividing Soul Tier. In the end, his strength exceeded the Dividing Soul Tier, and entered the Immortal Palace Tier.
Ling Han’s physique was powerful enough, so he was more than capable of wielding this strength. However, if his strength continued to increase, perhaps he would no longer be able to withstand it.
In any case, brute strength alone wasn’t enough. For example, if one used a cotton club to hit someone, regardless of how hard they swung, the force of the strike would still be minimal. With the addition of the power of Regulations, however, it would be as if one had wrapped a sheet of metal around the cotton club. At that time, its strikes would definitely be painful.
Thus, obtaining physical strength at the Immortal Palace Tier, Ascending Origin Tier, or even the Celestial King Tier wasn’t very important. Of course, there were still benefits in doing so. The stronger one was, the more attacks they could unleash in unison. This could also elevate one’s battle prowess.
Moreover, as long as the growth of one’s power of Regulations could keep up, their strength could also give them significant help.
Ling Han sat cross-legged as he greedily absorbed the Blessing of the Hundred Dragons.
He was slightly astonished at this moment. This blessing actually contained a sliver of the power of Regulations? It was of the water element, and it caused his Xuanyin Source Water to feel extremely comfortable as it was nurtured by this Source Power of heaven and earth.
As time passed, the dragons hovering around them also decreased one by one. Three days later, all of the dragons had already been absorbed. The soaring columns of light also rapidly dissipated, ultimately vanishing without a trace.
The Blessing of the Hundred Dragons had concluded.
Ling Han and the others felt their bodies suddenly tensing up. Before they knew it, the scene before them flashed, and they already reappeared in Hundred Dragons City. The gate of light above them slowly closed.
“Huh? Where’s Tian Qingyue and Yu Huaqing?”
“I don’t see Xia Houtong and Zhu Huiyun, either.”
“The only monarch tiers are Du Shaojun, Ma Xian, and Fan Yi!”
“Du Shaojun and the others are definitely no match for supreme monarch tiers like Tian Qingyue. Perhaps the four supreme monarch tiers all died at each other’s hands?”
Tens of thousands of people had entered, yet the number of survivors was only a measly 3000. Moreover, the most powerful prodigies had all vanished without a trace. There was only one explanation for this—they had all died in the Hundred Dragons Mystery Realm.
How was this possible?
To say that this mystery realm was incredibly dangerous, posing a perilous risk to even top-notch monarch tiers, this was indeed possible. However, even though the four supreme monarch tiers had died, some of the weaker monarch tiers had somehow managed to survive. This was what instilled disbelief in their minds.
“What in the world happened?”
Everyone was asking this in curiosity.
However, only Ling Han and eight other people had entered the Divine Dragon Mountain, so how could the others know about what happened? Thus, they could only reply with blank gazes, completely unsure of how to answer.
Anyhow, regardless of this, news of Tian Qingyue and the other supreme monarch tiers’ deaths would definitely trigger overwhelming commotion.
The forces behind them definitely couldn’t accept such a mysterious disappearance of their successors. They had to get to the bottom of this no matter what.
If their successors had been killed by ferocious beasts or natives in the mystery realm, they could only accept this with exasperation.
However, if they had died at the hands of their fellow cultivators… they wouldn’t let this slide so easily.
Even if the adults didn’t step forward, they would definitely send some juniors over to win their face back.
However, even elite prodigies such as Tian Qingyue and Zhu Huiyun had been killed, so could anyone else at the same cultivation level as them exact revenge for them? If they had to dispatch cultivators of a higher level, that would be far too humiliating.
“Brother Ling, Brother Ling!” Fu Yue shouted as he ran over. “This is so incredibly strange! Even supreme monarch tiers like Tian Qingyue and Xia Houtong were killed in the mystery realm. I truly wonder which vicious person did this.
“Oh, that’s right, Brother Ling, what dragon bridge did you arouse?
“You probably aroused an ordinary dragon bridge, am I right? Although I know you’re powerful, you’re still slightly inferior to Tian Qingyue and the others. If I were to guess, I would say that you aroused seven or even eight dragon bridges. Say, am I correct?”
Ling Han smiled, and replied, “You guessed very correctly.”
Fu Yue hadn’t entered the Divine Dragon Mountain, so it was impossible for him to know that the man before him was one of the culprits who had played a hand in Tian Qingyue, Zhu Huiyun, and the other monarch tiers’ disappearance.
“Come on, let’s go and rest.”
They found another inn, and their journey through the Hundred Dragons Mystery Realm drew to a conclusion. Afterward, they would attend the gathering of alchemy.
After settling down in the inn, Fu Yue couldn’t help but immediately head out to gather information again. He was someone who couldn’t bear peace and quiet. Only after running around for three days did he finally return.
“I’ve heard that Tian Qingyue and the others were all slain by someone. Moreover, it was someone who entered the mystery realm with us,” Fu Yue said with vivid emotions. “Brother Ling, who do you think this powerful person is? They were even able to slay four supreme monarch tiers!”
He glanced at Ling Han before shaking his head. He slapped his own head, and said, “If Brother Ling had been at Heaven Soul now, I would have guessed that it had been Brother Ling. Hahahaha!”
Fu Yue roared with laughter, thinking that he had told a funny joke.
However, Ling Han patted his shoulder, and said, “I was indeed the culprit.”
“Brother Ling, you’re truly a jokester!” Fu Yue said, laughing even more gleefully.
Ling Han’s expression was serious, and he said, “I’m telling you the truth!”
“Hahaha!” Fu Yue clutched his stomach in laughter, and he said, “Brother Ling, stop with your jokes, I can’t hold on for much longer.”
Ling Han was rendered speechless. Why did other people always think he was joking when he told the truth?
The two of them wanted to continue their conversation, yet they were dragged to a restaurant by Hu Niu.
“Oi, Brother Zhang, have you heard? Tian Qingyue, Zhu Huiyun, and the other supreme monarch tiers were all killed by someone.”
“Of course I’ve heard! Everyone’s talking about this right now!”
“Heh, but do you know who killed them?”
“Huh? You know?”
“Of course.”
“Then hurry up and say!”
When Ling Han and the others passed this table, the two guests were conversing with fervent excitement. Fu Yue’s ears immediately pricked up.
“Heh, there were two people in total. One was Ji Wuming, and the other was Ling Han!”
Fu Yue immediately coughed and spluttered.