Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Chapter 2131: Breaking through to Earth Soul

Chapter 2131: Breaking through to Earth Soul
No wonder Shang Zhiwei had suddenly gone mad. It was because she had discovered the heir of her old love.
More importantly, this heir of her old love was actually running towards the Roc Palace. This naturally made her want even more to raze the Roc Palace to the ground.
What gave them the right?
She was no match for Tianyun, and now, even in the next generation, she could not win over Tianyun's reincarnation?
"Go and rest first." Long Yuexi waved a hand, a sliver of weariness seeping from her gaze. She had already struggled wearily for countless years, and this time, Shang Zhiwei had changed her mind. It was highly possible that it would really shake the Roc Palace's foundations.
…In the past, they could only gather together, and endure the tribulations together. That was because all of them would share the same fate of death if the Roc Palace were to be conquered.
But now?
This compromise from Shang Zhiwei immediately caused a great many people to lose the motivation to fight hard.
If Long Yuexi was in a good condition, or Hu Niu matured and reached Seventh Heaven or Eighth Heaven Celestial King Tier, then everyone would still have the confidence to hold on. However, Long Yuexi was already at the end of her line, and Hu Niu was still who knew how many years away from the Celestial King Tier. How were they supposed to hold on during such days when there were practically no future prospects that could be seen?
Moreover, Shang Zhiwei had even promised that whoever unlocked the great formation of the Roc Palace would be appointed as the Vice Imperial Empress of the Four Seas Palace. This naturally was a massive temptation.
There was pressure as well as temptation. It was hard to guarantee that there wouldn't be any traitors.
Thus, Long Yuexi had to keep a closer watch. Otherwise, if they lost the protection of the Heavenly Venerable Tier great formation, Shang Zhiwei would be able to penetrate straight into their heart. With her present battered body, Long Yuexi was definitely no match for Shang Zhiwei.
"Ling Han, come play!" Hu Niu was simple-minded. Even if the mountain entrance was under siege, she was still casual and careless, completely unconcerned about it.
Ling Han pulled her hand, and asked, "Where are my parents?"
"Oh, they are in a small town 10,000 miles away from here," Hu Niu answered casually.
"They… Are they all right?" Ling Han was slightly nervous. After all, 10,000 years had already passed. If his parents had not raised their cultivation level, they would have long since died of old age.
"They're fine!" Hu Niu replied with a smile. "They are both in the Genesis Tier already."
She blinked at Ling Han.
Immediately, Ling Han understood. This little girl had given a lot of special attention to his parents. Otherwise, with the aptitude of his parents, it should not have been possible for them to advance to the Genesis Tier, especially in as short a period of time as 10,000 years.
He gave Hu Niu a thumbs-up as a symbol of encouragement.
Hu Niu was immediately pleased with herself, gladly accepting Ling Han's praise.
"What about Luan Xing and the others?" Ling Han asked further.
Hu Niu immediately blinked her eyes, looking shifty.
Ling Han sighed, and asked, "What have you done again?"
"Hehe!" Hu Niu laughed guiltily.
As expected, Hu Niu was still a jealous and petty lover. The moment Lu Hairong had brought them back to the Roc Heaven, she had imprisoned the Empress, Bewitching Maiden Rou, and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. Thus, she was naturally guilty now that Ling Han was asking about them.
"You mischievous little girl!" Ling Han was speechless.
Reluctantly, she released the Empress and the others. Hu Niu almost came to blows with the Empress. Thankfully, Ling Han was there to play mediator, and taught Hu Niu a good lesson. Only then was the dispute finally concluded.
Ling Han looked at the Empress and Hu Niu. This made him think of the love triangle between Yuan Sheng, Tianyun, and Shang Zhiwei. If he did not deal with matters appropriately, perhaps the circumstances in the future would also evolve to that situation.
He wanted to see his parents, but because they were under siege from the troops of the Four Seas Palace, no one could enter or exit, so how was he supposed to leave?
Fortunately, the Roc Heaven was an ancient great sect, and was incredibly wealthy. There was a Severing Mundane Tier Mystery Realm in the mountains of the Roc Heaven, and there was also a Yang Soul Ocean, Yin Soul Valley, Earth Soul Mountain, and Heaven Soul Pool.
You wanted to break through to the Immortal Palace Tier? There was also an Immortal Palace Tier Mystery Realm here, so it was absolutely no problem.
Ascending to Celestial King Tier was the only exception. In that case, you could only walk the Celestial Path.
Since they could not leave for the moment, Ling Han thus decided to first break through to Earth Soul. He had already attained the conditions for breaking through.
However, the Roc Palace did not have the custom of accepting male disciples. In fact, they did not even welcome males to stay temporarily here, but Ling Han could not leave. Thus, whenever he walked out, he would be the target of peculiar looks from the disciples of the Roc Palace.
Hu Niu, the Empress, and Bewitching Maiden Rou had all broken through before him. Not only had they broken through to Earth Soul, they had even already crossed over to the threshold of Heaven Soul.
Ling Han then gave the Heavenly Sun Black Gold and Purple Spirit Flames to the two women, allowing them to pick first, and then collect it for their own.
Whether they could or not would be up to the two women's own good fortune.
The Empress chose the Heavenly Sun Black Gold, while Hu Niu chose the Purple Spirit Flames. They entered into the Black Tower, and communicated with these two Source Powers of heaven and earth. With the time acceleration effects of a thousandfold, they could take it slow and easy.
Meanwhile, Ling Han headed towards the Earth Soul Mountain.
At first, the Earth Soul Mountain did not belong to the Roc Palace, but the Source Beast Roc used its mighty strength to move the whole mountain here. From then onwards, the disciples of the Roc Palace would be able to advance to Earth Soul without taking a step outside.
The real Earth Soul Mountain pierced straight into the clouds, hundreds of thousands of meters tall, but the Roc was an expert of Regulations of Space. With it using a mighty technique to make some adjustments, the Earth Soul Mountain had been perfectly assimilated into the mountains when looking from the outside.
Only when one set foot on it would one realize that this mountain was far higher than it looked.
Ling Han arrived at the foot of the mountain. He raised his head and glanced upwards, and then began his ascent.
All four levels of the Dividing Soul Tier would need a specific item to become the container for a divided soul. However, a freak like Ling Han could use the Source Powers of heaven and earth to condense his fifth divided soul and so on. In that case, there was no need for so much trouble.
…There was no container or Mystery Realm like that in this world, either.
The container for the Earth Soul Tier, Truffle Crystal, was only produced on Earth Soul Mountain, and once it left the mountain, it would disappear. This was a restriction of heaven and earth, and no one could keep it in abundance.
Of course, there were good and bad Truffle Crystals. This was mainly reflected in their height—the higher the altitude, the higher the quality of a discovered Truffle Crystal would be. Thus, Ling Han did not stop at all as he climbed towards the summit.
This mountain repelled all cultivators above Yin Soul, and those below Celestial King Tier could not enter. If a Celestial King were to forcibly barge in, this Mystery Realm would be burst and destroyed, being completely unable to sustain the great might of a Celestial King.
Thus, even if you asked for someone else's help in the matter of retrieving Truffle Crystals, they could only be Yin Souls as well.
Ling Han climbed the mountain as if he was walking on flat ground.
Every 30,000 meters or so, he would encounter a barrier. It was formed by the mystical power of heaven and earth and manifested in human form. It guarded the passage, and he could only continue his advance after defeating it.
The Source Beast Roc had not just simply moved this Mystery Realm here, but had used supreme methods to make slight adjustments so that the difficulty level of each stage had been considerably weakened.
Yet Ling Han was unconcerned. With a single punch from him, he instantly resolved all his battles.
He had already been capable of matching a Heaven Soul long when he had been a Yang Soul. When the Great Clash of Source Powers exploded, it could even pose a threat to Heaven Soul monarch tiers. This kind of battle prowess was naturally incredibly terrifying.
Hence, could a Yin Soul-level barrier be capable of becoming a dilemma for him?
At the last 30,000 meter barrier, the human-shaped monster that was on guard had finally attained the standard of an Earth Soul monarch tier, but Ling Han still managed to defeat it easily.
He arrived at the summit. There were Truffle Crystals that were the size of a human head here, and it was also the best quality.
Ling Han took one, and with a thought, the Fiery Flame Lightning Strike Wood immediately surged out of his Dantian, entering into the Truffle Crystal.
From the outside, there was a sapling spreading out its slender branches inside the translucent crystal, and there were vague flickers of flames and lightning.