Aloof King and Cool (Acting) Queen
Chapter 44

Translated by Amaryllideae
There was no Othello at the party.
(Othello is 2 player board game in which you try to flip as many black and white discs to the color of your side.)
Leo-sama and I left the secret garden and went to Leo-sama’s private room by ourselves.
“Haruto, I would like to fulfill another promise, would that be okay? I want to make you mine. “
I could feel that my face was getting red.
Still I did not hesitate.
Leo-sama’s hands grasped my chin that I was lowering, and directed it upward.
And thus I looked up into the burning eyes of Leo-sama.
I naturally closed my eyes as Leo-sama’s lips overlapped my lips.
His lips moved to my cheeks and eyelids.
After a little, it was ticklish, so I opened my eyes, and Leo-sama said,
“Open your mouth.”
It was said with a slightly husky voice. Although I was embarrassed, I still obeyed.
Leo-sama ‘s tongue came in from gap of my slightly opened lips.
In spite of my own tongue attempting at escape, Leo-sama licked it as we became more intimate.
“Nn… fu…”
My sound of my voice caught me off guard.
In the meantime, Leo-sama gently hugged me and carried me to the bed.
He gently placed me onto bed and kissed me again.
And during that time my clothes began to steadily disappear.
Leo-sama showed his experience with just how skillful he was in using his hands.
The clothes were taken off quickly, Leo-sama’s lips were gradually moving towards my lower parts.
And after he stretched out his hand and made me a little hard.
“Leo-sama, hold on, please wait a moment,”
I hit Leo-sama's back to interrupt him.
Leo-sama raised his face for a moment as if something was wrong and said:
I was answered with a single word and it was dismissed.
"Wait, please wait. I hate being the only one naked. Please take off Leo-sama's clothes as well. “
Leo-sama got away from me quickly and took off everything in no time.
Leo-sama’s bare skin, which I saw for the first time, was solid with beautiful muscles.
But when you looked closely, you could see he has many scars.
I noticed and wanted to kiss them.
“Haruto, stop staring, it's embarrassing."
“You want me to stop embarrassing you? Even though you were doing the same thing to me a while ago? “
Hearing that I became a little naughty.
“I understand. Then I will do it again, but slowly this time. Now, I want to touch Haruto. “

Leo-sama, who said that to me, put my hands together and pressed them over my head.
He reached below once more and opened my legs.
“I will not do it anymore, please let go of my hands. I also want to touch you. “
I did like being the only touched.
Leo-sama kept his hands gentle.
With one hand, Leo-sama touched himself.
He firmly grasped that below and it grew large, from medium hardness to complete firmness.
When thinking about what would happen soon, there was some fear, but also a strong desire to fulfill the promise with Leo-sama like that.
After doing so for a while, Leo-sama took out a small bottle from the side of the bed.
He poured the liquid in his hand to begin to stretch me from behind.
“Haruto, I will go slowly so you can get used to it.”
He said it gently, but a little nervously in a small voice.
I answered.
One finger came in slowly.
I felt a sense of incompatibility that was unavoidable, it was a sense that I have never felt, but while I was getting used to it, at the same time I was accepting a second one.
“Haruto, are you okay? Is it not painful? “
I strongly felt that I wanted to accept this person properly.
“Yes ….nn. It is a bit tight, but it’s okay … unn, aah, nnn… eh, aah… here…"
As soon as Leo-sama’s fingers touched a particular place, an incredible voice came out of myself.
“I guess this is a good spot for you, Haruto. You can call out without worry. Everyone would feel good if you touch that over there. “
Even so, I still had a little resistance that I had called with a voice like a woman's.
But Leo-sama’s hand attacked me and I did not have time to care about such a thing.
The number of fingers was increased, and the thrusting of his hand also increased in speed.
“Fuu …. Leo-sama, please stop your hand …”
I patted Leo-sama’s back again.
But it was ignored again.
“Please bear it this once. I will not be able to enter after this if I stop. “
Leo-sama said so, and moved his hands further.
“Mmm, already… waah …”
I was worn down in a short while.
And while I was out of it, Leo-sama leaned forward and his hard-on entered me.
“Ahhh.. just wait~ eh~ a little.”
“L-loosen up a little more.”
Whether or not I was comprehending his words, Leo-sama came into me steadily.
Because I was stretched out, I did not feel severe pain.
Even so, the sense of pressure as if pushing at my internal organs increased my fear.

Looking up at Leo-sama, he was perspiring slightly and he had wrinkles between his eyebrows.
When I saw Leo-sama also being patient and going slowly, I wanted to wipe his sweat and stretched out my hand.

At that moment, it went in steadily to the hilt.

“Nn, ah~”

“I entered all the way. Will you be okay if I move? “

“Fu~ you do not have to ask such a thing.”

I was not able to answer anything else anymore.

Leo-sama, who began to move slowly, occasionally touched my good spot, occasionally aimed near it, teasing me sinfully….

It was my first time and I could only raise my voice.

“Haruto, how is it?”“Nnn, eh? Everything is okay ~ah there~”
“Here? I will do it properly, so let’s come together. “
In the blink of an eye, he had me worked up and we finally came.
And after a little while, I felt Leo-sama call me and interrupt my half-consciousness.
The next time, I had woken up, Leo-sama seemed to have already taken care of me, I was in clothes and in Leo-sama’s arms.
From the window where we had forgotten to close the curtain, you could see the sky getting brighter little by little.
“It’s still before dawn. You can still sleep for a little longer. “
I heard a voice from behind and someone kiss my hair.
“Yes. I want to see the sky before dawn. “
“I see. It’s beautiful. I want to protect it, that beauty. “
“Yes. I’ll help you.”
I answered, and immediately after I heard the rhythmic breathing of sleep from behind.
While listening to it, I kept watching the sky for a while.
The difficulties, sufferings, dangers that you will face from now on.
Whether it was in Japan or Orania, I would stay by his side and aid him.
Still, I wanted to be with him to realize his wishes no matter what he decides to sacrifice.
The next time I wake up I would begin thinking about what to do, but now I thought that all I wanted was to taste this happiness, and I fell asleep again as I hugged Leo-sama.