Ancient Strengthening Technique
Chapter 41 - Qing Bei vs Lan Yan`er

Chapter 41 Qing Bei vs Lan Yan`er.

Ancient Strengthening Technique: Chapter 41 – Qing Bei vs Lan Yan`er
Despite the competition having no limits in regard to the number of people the clans could send, the clans would only select those who had at the bare minimum cultivated to the 6th Grade of the Martial Warrior Realm. The reason being that the divide between the 5th and the 6th Grade could be said to be the first huge cliff that cultivators would face. Cultivators of the 5th Grade could at most be considered slightly stronger humans. It was only when one broke through to the 6th Grade, that they would be considered having set foot upon the path of cultivation. As a result, no matter how many 5th Grade Martial Warriors were sent out, they would all be powerless against a 6th Grade Martial Warrior. They would just be casually defeated with naught but a single move, just like an egg smashing against a rock.
Qing Hu was the first competitor, and as he had just broke through to the 6th Grade of the Martial Warrior Realm, he decided to test his new found strength in the arena. Soon after he entered, an opponent of similar age had entered the arena.
Maybe because Qing Hu was empty-handed, his opponent did not bring any weapons with him as well when he entered the arena.
“Qing Clan, Qing Hu!”
“Lan Clan, Lan Xing!”
After the two fighters did their self-introductions, Situ Nan Tian softly announced the prelude to the battle.
Qing Shui was unsure if Qing Hu had learned any other martial techniques from the Qing Clan, but he was positive that the technique Qing Hu was currently using was none other than the Solitary Rapid Fist he taught him! In Qing Shui’s eyes, the strikes and stances executed by Qing Hu looked incomparably clumsy, but apparently it was enough to contend against Lan Xing.
The spectators beneath the arena could tell that when it came to level of strength, attack speed and body movements, Qing Hu was beneath Lan Xing. However, just based on that weird fist technique that he was using, Qing Hu relied on both his agile hands to adequately defend against Lan Xing, and was even successful in causing Lan Xing to retreat a single step. After that exchange, both parties backed off, and Lan Xing stood at the side with his brows furrowed while wringing his numbed hands, as if in shock.
Not giving his opponent any time to rest, Qing Hu rushed forward while carefully considering what were the best paths of attack. Qing Hu could already be considered knowledgeable regarding the locations of the human body’s weakest acupoints and important meridians. However, when he faced an opponent of similar strength, despite knowing the positions and weaknesses, the probability of striking at specific acupoints was not high. Even so, Qing Hu’s execution was brilliant, and after the second exchange Lan Xing was dumbstruck.
Despite his numbed hands, Lan Xing forcefully clenched his fingers into a fist, and roared as he rushed towards Qing Hu. It seemed that he had learned his lesson, and wanted to depend on his advantageous speed and body movements to fight with Qing Hu instead of fighting head on.
Qing Hu calmly held his ground despite Lan Xing’s speed. Qing Hu knew that if Lan Xing wanted to defeat him, it would not be an easy matter at all. Every time Lan Xing wanted to strike at Qing Hu, he would have to come in range of Qing Hu’s terrifying fists. Qing Hu slightly raised his arms and readied his fists, delivering devastating attacks whenever there was an opportunity. Gradually, Lan Xing’s reaction got slower and slower, while Qing Hu’s fists attacks got more and more nimble! This was the effect caused by experiencing actual combat!
As the rules forbade attacks that would cause death, and in addition because there was no hatred between Qing Hu and Lan Xing, Qing Hu refrained from attacking any of the deadly acupoints located on his opponent’s head area. Biding his time, and waiting for the right opportunity, Qing Hu finally sprang forward, and caught his opponent by surprise. Using his nimble arms to execute the Solitary Rapid Fist Technique, he positioned himself at Lan Xing’s back and skillfully jabbed at the Tian Zhu, Fu Fen, Da Zhu, Fei Yu acupoints [1] around the back neck region of Lan Xing.
Even Qing Shui was awed by Qing Hu’s graceful execution. When Qing Hu looked over, Qing Shui showed his approval with his eyes, and a with a slight smile on his lips, he slightly nodded his head in the direction of Qing Hu.
After the fight, the Lan Clan sent two more 6th Grade Martial warriors which were defeated by Qing Hu in the same skillful manner. At this point, not only were the other clans startled by Qing Hu’s performance, even the 2nd and 3rd generation of his own Qing Clan felt that he was incredible.
Gradually, Qing Hu was defeated by a 7th Grade Martial Warrior. There was glory even in his defeat. After which, a 7th Grade Martial Warrior of the Tong Clan defeated the 7th Grade Martial Warrior of the Lan Clan, but they in turn lost to a girl from the Feng Clan.
At the end of the 7th Grade Martial Warrior’s fight, Lan Yan`er was the only one left standing. There was simply no one that could match her under the 8th Grade. Looking at the unyielding woman he loved standing in the arena, a bittersweet feeling surfaced in Qing Hu’s heart.
Indeed, Lan Yan`er was the little genius that was the pride of Lan Clan. Even Qing Yang and Qing Hui had suffered defeat in her hands. The short moment of glory Qing Hu brought to the Qing Clan, quickly dissipated as the Lan Clan stole the limelight.
Looking at Lan Yan`er who was currently in high spirits and exhibiting an air of unbound arrogance standing on the stage. After she had defeated another 7th Grade Martial Warrior at the peak of the 7th Grade, Qing Bei grit her teeth and jumped into the arena.
“Sigh, forget it, letting this little kid experience the pain of defeat can only be beneficial for her future cultivation. ” Qing Hai bitterly said.
Although there was a distance between Lan Yan`er who was at the peak of the 7th Grade, as well as Qing Bei who just stepped into the 7th Grade; Qing Bei showed no fear as she narrowed her eyes and locked her gaze onto Lan Yan`er.
Lan Yan`er had already fully matured as she had already gone through puberty, and could be considered enchanting by males anywhere as they were hooked by the flirtatious expression in her gaze. In comparison, Qing Bei was a rose that had yet to fully mature, who emitted a pure and vivacious feeling.
“You are not my opponent, just obediently retreat, elder sister wouldn’t bear to see you in pain.” Lan Yan`er smiled widely, with her eyes twinkling, as they narrowed to the shape of crescent moons.
“Ahh, what a pity. Even she was older, her character is definitely not my cup of tea. Furthermore, Qing Hu is in love with her.” Qing Shui told himself secretly, as he gazed upon the enchanting visage of Lan Yan`er.
“Ten moves! I only need ten moves to defeat you. If you are still not defeated by then, I will admit defeat.” Qing Bei calmly said as her words left everyone in the audience thunderstruck.
Even Qing Shui was thunderstruck. He had always thought of Qing Bei as a gentle little lamb, and it seemed that this was not so. Qing Bei had actually dared to issue such a proclamation!
Maybe the proclamation had humiliated Lan Yan`er, as she did not expect Qing Bei to act so bold. As her smile froze on her face, she grimly said “Oh is that so, you better be careful then.” Lan Yan`er drew out a light blue sharp sword that had defeated countless others. The color of the sword was as clear as water, such that it could be likened to the limpid eyes of a woman.
In response, Qing Bei took out a set of gauntlets that were made of chains and equipped them. The gauntlets covered all the way up her arms. She inclined her head to look at the waiting Lan Yan`er.
Qing Shui knew that the chain gauntlets Qing Bei was using were made from the silk of the icy silkworm only found far in the northern regions. It was impervious to cuts and slashes from ordinary weapons. Beneath the arena, earlier when Qing Hu was fighting, Qing Bei had already told Qing Shui about the origins of this set of chain gauntlets. It was bought by Qing Luo, and there was only one pair of them within the Qing Clan. It could be considered an above average weapon, as the user could still move agilely with them equipped, compared to being encased in heavy gauntlets made of gold and steel which slowed the user down.
The moment Qing Bei first made her move, Qing Shui was dumbstruck. Not only Qing Shui, even the entire Qing Clan was too. Who would have known that Qing Bei had already reached the initial stage of the Qing Clan’s Lotus Step. Combining the Lotus Step along with the Solitary Rapid Fist, it was truly a dazzling sight to behold!
Of course, that would not be enough to warrant such startlement. What was truly magnificent, was that the execution of the Solitary Rapid Fist by Qing Bei was even more spectacular that Qing Hu’s execution earlier. It seemed as though Qing Bei had already grasped the true essence of the words “Solitary and Rapid”, and had truly understood the quintessential essence of this set of fist techniques!
Qing Bei was comparable to a ferocious leopard, lithe and agile, yet she also possessed overbearing strength. She left the audience gasping in admiration as she advanced towards Lan Yan`er.
“No wonder this little brat dared to issue such a proclamation. It seems like she wants to use the pressure of a psychological battle in combination with the insights she grasped to thoroughly crush Lan Yan`er.” Qing Shui came to this realization as he watched the small frame of Qing Bei delivering strikes with the pressure of Mount Tai, as she slowly pushed Lan Yan`er back.
To win in a fight, one had to tread the narrow path of bravery to victory. Currently, this description best outlined the situation between Lan Yan`er and Qing Bei. The intricate strikes of Qing Bei were comparable to the storms of a typhoon. Her arms could be likened to snakes, as she mercilessly struck out.
“The 8th move!” Qing Bei stated, as her body flashed past while she avoided the horizontal sweep of Lan Yan`er’s sword.
After being accustomed to the sword strikes of Lan Yan`er, Qing Bei wasted no more time. “I have already seen through all your techniques,” she said before nimbly rushing forward with the speed of a shooting star, and mercilessly striking her fist at Lan Yan`er’s Tian Tu Acupoint (2), which knocked her unconscious.
This was the 9th move of Qing Bei!