Battle Frenzy

Battle Frenzy

Battle Frenzy
Chapter 1211 - Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1211: Dragon Emperor
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If this was all there was to it, perhaps the three-headed creature would be excited as this meant that their three Gold Cores were very strong, to the point that it could enjoy a great supplementary meal. In fact, it might even be able to come into contact with the True God Realm. After all, such Gold Cores who were able to resist Spiritual Gods were simply too rare.
However, this was in the Heavenly River… A restricted area that the Four Divine Gods had jurisdiction over and governed!
Currently, it was not yet the “productive” period of the Heavenly River. As a result, the vicinity of the Heavenly River was not protected by the four great races. The creature had just happened to pass by and realized that in the distance, there were people from the Land who had forced their way through the Heavenly River during this time. Thus, it secretly came over to wait for them. It thought that it would naturally be very easy to deal with some Gold Cores but never thought that they would be equally matched in combat abilities. If their fighting sounds alerted the four races…
The moment this thought flashed past its mind, it sensed a wave of extremely powerful might enshrouding it.
A monstrous hand seemingly randomly slapped down at it from the air.
Even when faced with massive creatures that were obviously a Realm higher than him, Lao Wang had never lost confidence. However, in the face of this palm, his belief was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.
Three heads and six arms? Netherworld King and Buddha? The Heaven and Earth Chessboard? All of these were like an illusion, like the reflection of the moon in the water. They were easily shattered to pieces by that invincible hand!
Closely after, they saw the three-headed creature, which had been extremely arrogant, shivering in fear. It instantly put away its giant true form and turned into a 1.7-meter-tall humanoid figure, which was almost as tall as Lao Wang and the others. It crouched on the ground in worship as it continuously lowered its head to the ground. “I have mistakenly entered the restricted area of the four races. It was an unintentional mistake on my end. Spare me, Divine King! Please have mercy, Divine King!”
“You entered the Heavenly River Restricted Area and even tried to devour the precious Gold Core Stars.” A vast and mighty voice sounded from the skies. “Die!”
The moment the word “die” was uttered, the face of the creature kneeling on the ground suddenly turned ferocious, and it soared into the sky from the ground. It wanted to fight back, but before it could display even a hint of its power, there was a clear exploding sound. Then, its entire body completely blew apart like a rotten watermelon.
But this was still not the end.
A small crystalline figure that resembled white jade suddenly fled from this body in panic!
“That’s its Soul Spirit!” Lao Wang narrowed his eyes.
In the Land, there were no so-called Soul Spirits in cultivation. The Gold Core Realm was the limit that the Land could contain, and no one could surpass this. Even if experts from the Heaven wanted to enter the Land, they could only suppress their strength and control it at the Gold Core Realm. If not, once a being that was too powerful appeared, they would not be tolerated by the world and would immediately be repelled by the Land. They would be forcibly “spat” out.
Thus, the people of the Land did not know what the path of cultivation after the Gold Core Realm was. Once they reached the king-leveled Gold Core Realm, it was the limit of all practitioners. If one wanted to continue cultivation, there was no other path besides choosing to ascend to Heaven.
But Lao Wang knew… He had observed the Dragon Emperor in the Mirror World for several years. In terms of time in the Mirror World, he had observed the Dragon Emperor for countless eras. Although even the Dragon Emperor could not change the laws of the Land and could only possess the power of a Gold Core there, Lao Wang could see that the Dragon Emperor had displayed the path after the Gold Core through some clues.
This was a cultivated spirit where one would integrate their true form and soul into one, achieving their real self. This was the small white jade-like figure that had escaped after the body of the three-headed creature was destroyed! It could be called a Soul Spirit or a Primordial Spirit. The physical body was only a medium, and the Primordial Spirit was where a practitioner’s roots and path lay at!
This was a realm that surpassed the Gold Core Realm. The three-headed creature’s Primordial Spirit was extremely bright, and the white flames around it were as dazzling as the sun. It even seemed to have unlimited power. It was a concentration of power from that massive figure that had been standing tall in the sky, and it was extremely fast and was like an actual ray of light! The moment it appeared, it instantly shot out several thousand kilometers into the distance!
However, it was fast, but the large hand in the sky was even faster… This did not refer to the speed of its movement, but the speed at which it grew! Five fingers that reached towards the sky instantly rose and intercepted the Primordial Spirit that was several thousand kilometers away. Closely after, the five fingers closed together.
There was a wave of might that resembled the explosion of a star. As a result, the surrounding space within a radius of several million kilometers swayed as a massive cosmic storm swept past. In the distance, an eye-piercing white light dazzled.
Lao Wang and the others could not help but close their eyes. They had stabilized their bodies in the face of the rapid storm after much difficulty, but when the white light subsided and they opened their eyes again, the massive hand and the escaping Primordial Spirit had both disappeared. There was nothing in the bright sky, as if nothing at all had happened.
However, at that moment, the four of them did not feel that they could heave a sigh of relief. They had chased away a wolf, but a tiger had come…
Humm humm humm humm…
A giant figure slowly took shape in the void.
He wore a thin robe, as if he did not mind revealing some private parts of his body.
His entire body was bathed in bright golden light, while six pairs of massive wings spread out behind his back! His aura was mighty. Even though he intentionally held back his power at that moment, it was enough for Lao Wang and the others to tremble in fear.
This was the legendary Heavenly Wings Race. They were only born with one pair of wings, but the more wings they had, the greater their strength and the higher their realm. Wang Zhong had the right to flip through some Heavenly Gates books that recorded the most powerful Heavenly Wings member to have ever come to the Land. Such an invincible being that was able to view the experts in the Land as nothing only had six wings! Meanwhile, this 12-winged Heavenly Wings… This was the king of the Heavenly Wings Race!
He was too powerful!
Furthermore, Lao Wang recognized him!
Lao Wang stared at the gradually appearing face. Then, a complex expression appeared on his own face.
Wasn’t that the Heavenly Wings Divine King, whom he had seen putting the Dragon Emperor in a difficult position at the Illusion Sea World?
The moment after they arrived, they had been stopped by one of the most powerful beings in the Heaven, as well as the sworn enemy of the Dragon Emperor. This was probably the worst scenario that Lao Wang had never thought about before coming to the Heaven.
“I have been waiting for you for so long.” There was a calm smile on the Heavenly Wings King’s face. He did not seem to take any action, but Wang Zhong and the others instantly felt as if their bodies had been firmly locked up by a wave of terrifying power. They could not even move at all!
“You were already here? Did you know that we would come?” Lao Wang instantly understood many things, and his heart rapidly sank.
The Divine King only spoke a few words, but none of the information revealed was good news!
It was fine if the Divine King had simply been attracted by the sounds of combat between the three-headed creature and Wang Zhong. However, since he had been waiting here for Wang Zhong and the others for a long time, this meant that he understood the situation in the Land very well. He was able to predict the determination of Wang Zhong and the others to enter the Heaven, and even predict the approximate time they would arrive. Then it was very obvious that scouts from the Heaven like Shannali had already reported all the information about Wang Zhong to the Heaven.
As a result, Lao Wang instantly lost all the initiative. It could even be said that he had suffered a crushing defeat, and it was not possible for him to bluff his way out by playing dumb.
“Of course.” The Divine King’s tone was rather relaxed and carefree. “I let that three-headed being loose just to see whether a more powerful version of yourself would actually come out. However, it’s a pity that the Dragon Emperor, who once swept across unbridled, is no more than a pitiful insect now.”
“Divine King, why did you kill the Dragon Emperor back then?” Wang Zhong asked in a deep voice.
“Kill? Ha ha ha…” The Divine King laughed out loud. There was even a hint of pity and relaxation in his gaze as he looked at Wang Zhong. “That’s fine. Even though you only have a small fragment of his soul left in your body, since you have truly come, I will tell you about it.”
Back then, countless civilizations built the Star Alliance together and divided it into the Land and the Heaven, just like dividing layers of chaos. The four level-9 civilizations and an extremely small number of experts lived in the Heaven and pursued the limits of the Fifth Dimension. However, an unforeseen event occurred very quickly. It seemed as if an amusing bug had appeared in the Heaven, which seemed to have everlasting energy and life. They suddenly became “hungry”. The experts did not know why they felt an extreme hunger that was terrifying. This was a desire that came from the soul. All creatures that had reached this level of power had broken free from their most basic energy needs, but at this moment, this need became extremely intense.
There was no heaven, paradise, or holy ground as war and chaos emerged. The most elite beings in the Fifth Dimension started to devour each other, and the situation was getting out of control. Thus, the Dragon Emperor and the four great races worked together to suppress this. In the end, they quelled the war, but only a few lives were left in the Heaven.
However, the problem had not been resolved. What was more terrifying was that the Heaven was like a cage that trapped them. Since they could not eat one another, they could only eat those who came from below. Gold Cores could also provide enough energy, and everything seemed to have become rather ideal.
At this moment, a super genius from the Dragon Race had appeared — the Dragon Emperor. He wanted to resolve this tragedy by opening up the cage and restoring all order. To tell the truth, the appearance of the Star Alliance had violated the highest laws of the Fifth Dimension. This was equivalent to a two-dimensional cartoon character trying to break free from the paper and enter a higher-dimension world. This was definitely not allowed as this would destroy everything. After all, the universe had limited self-healing abilities.
The surviving Primordial Spirits were not happy with this. They felt that their current situation was rather good. After experiencing turmoil, they had become the ultimate rulers of the Fifth Dimension. They collected belief and ate Gold Cores while they enjoyed using their clones and projections to disturb the various civilizations. Frankly speaking, the whole world was their playground, and all creatures were their food. They played with great pleasure and had reached the top. Why did they have to retreat?
“Then, a great war broke out. It was a pity that we gathered the strongest powers, and four of them even died, but we were still unable to defeat the Dragon Emperor. Thus, we agreed to cooperate with him. He was wildly arrogant and brought the Fate Slab and entered the cycle of Samsara in order to find a silver bullet that would resolve all of this.” The Divine King looked at Wang Zhong. “This silver bullet is you. Look at you, as weak as an ant. This is the result of giving up everything from the beginning. Reality has proven that we were right. You have to die. This is the destiny of all creatures in the Fifth Dimension!”
When Wang Zhong and the others heard this, they were dumbstruck. Simply speaking, a group of fellows had reached the peak and become gods, but in reality, they had become monsters at the top of the food chain. Meanwhile, the Dragon Emperor wanted to change all of this. He gave up on his physical body and used various secret techniques to start from the bottom worlds to find a cure for this.
Furthermore, Wang Zhong was supposed to be his descendant. However, everything from the beginning had been for naught.
“Then those who ascended from the Land…” Wang Zhong asked in a low voice.
“We ate them.” It was as if the Heavenly Wings Divine King was talking about something insignificant. Indeed, this matter was insignificant to them. “Belief provides the main survival energy, and Gold Cores are just like a snack. We are used to it.”
Wang Zhong and the others thought about Napier Mo, and a murderous intent flashed past their eyes. However, in a flash, the murderous intent was dispersed by the majestic might in the surroundings.
There were times when one’s will could not defeat reality. This was not a problem of whether one was willing to come to terms with reality or whether one had any courage. It was just like when a great mountain was pressing against a person. Would they also think that they had the will to face the Divine King? There was no need to bicker as they did not have the will at all. They would have been suffocated by the great mountain while they were considering whether they had the courage to face the mountain like a mantis trying to stop a chariot. Dead people could not possibly have any thoughts.
This was a form of sorrow. Lao Wang realized that he could not even produce killing intent and could not even be angry.
However, the Divine King did not pay any attention and looked at Mo Wen. Buddhists had not appeared in the Heaven for a very long time, but their Buddhist relics had intriguing supplementary effects and were several times better than “eating” ordinary Gold Cores. If they discovered such supplementary ingredients during normal times, the kings of the four great races would laugh loudly to their hearts’ content. However, it was different today as there was a larger fish that was several thousand times better.
He very quickly turned his gaze back to Wang Zhong. “I’ve finished answering your questions. Now, I want to ask you some.”
“I don’t really want to answer your questions.” Lao Wang laughed cheerily. He could not be angry nor form any killing intent, but at the very least, he had the authority to smile while rejecting.
“Heh heh. Do you know why we allowed you to be so savage in the Land, and why no one caused any trouble for you when you targeted someone from the Dragon Searching Race?”
“It’s because you have no ability to do so. The Land cannot accommodate beings that are stronger than Gold Cores, so you cannot deal with me even if you go down.”
“You are deceiving yourself and others.” The Divine King laughed. “If you actually think this way, then you should have obediently hidden in the Land. Why did you come here to seek your death? It was just because you saw the history of the Earth and knew the methods of the four races in Heaven. Even if we suppress our power to the Gold Core Realm, with our understanding and control of laws, it will be enough to deal with you.”
“Then why didn’t you come down?”
“Do you not know the reason why?” The divine kings returned the question.
Lao Wang was silent. They were not afraid of him, but the Dragon Emperor. He simply listened as the Divine King continued, “I will give you an opportunity to hand over the Fate Slab. You know that it’s something we have been looking for all along. If you obediently cooperate, I will not touch the Earth. After all, your existence has no significance to us. In fact, I don’t mind letting you go back to the Land. You will pose no threat to us in the Land that cannot grow.”
“If you have nothing else to say, I might actually believe that.”
“Whether you believe it depends on you.” The Heavenly Wings Divine King’s voice turned majestic. “But whether the Earth goes extinct is up to us.”
“Hand over the Fate Slab!”
“Hand over the Fate Slab!”
“Hand over the Fate Slab!”
This was not an echo from the Heavenly Wings Divine King. Instead, three equally mighty and vast voices suddenly sounded from the east, south, and west!
Then, three massive figures appeared.
In the west was a pure elemental creature. Its entire body was on fire, and it looked like a humanoid. There was no need to mention its terrifying might. Wang Zhong could not even look directly at it as the light was too dazzling. If he looked at it for one more second, he would be blinded.
The Elemental Divine King!
Meanwhile, the figure in the south was completely shrouded in darkness. However, unlike the deathly silent darkness that surrounded Mu Zi, this darkness was extremely wild and impatient. It was violent and devastating. The figure that formed was not humanoid, but had three heads and six arms. In the darkness, the faint eyes that were widened in anger made it look like a Raksha with glaring eyes that emitted an extremely strong killing intent. Anyone with a slightly weaker heart might be affected by its terrifying killing intent just by looking at it. This figure was a bloodthirsty creature that only knew slaughter! This was the Violent Demon Race, the most warlike race in the Heaven!
The Violent Demon Divine King!
Meanwhile, the figure in the east was not humanoid, but beast-shaped.
Its figure was very large and had extremely sturdy limbs, making it seem like a primeval beast from the legends. The aura that surrounded its entire body spread into the air like a colossal wave. Even the random bead of sweat on its body was a bright blood-red and contained boundless vitality… The Wilderness Race among the four races in Heaven were born in the primeval era and had the most powerful physical bodies. They were called the source of preliminary life in the Fifth Dimension and were the oldest race.
The Wilderness Divine King!
They were just as powerful and as lofty as the Heavenly Wings Divine King and released boundless might. They watched over this world from all directions, as if they were deities that stood in this world and supported it!
The four Divine Kings berated at the same time. The anger of the deities moved the universe and changed the position of the stars. In an instant, the heavens and the earth shook, and the moon and stars stopped shining! This terrifying might caused Mu Zi, Mo Wen, and Aiolos to simply vomit a mouthful of blood. Even Lao Wang’s body trembled, and his face instantly turned ghastly pale.
They were powerful! They were unimaginably powerful! So powerful that they could not even see the difference in power! This differed greatly from their predictions.
Back then, Lao Wang had the confidence to come to the Heaven, largely because of his experiences in the Illusion Sea World, as well as the observations of the Dragon Emperor’s history in the Mirror World.
Back then, Lao Wang could see the difference between him and the Four Divine Kings. He felt that the distance between them was very large, but they were not so far away that he could not reach them. Perhaps he would be able to chase them head-on when he reached the Heaven and broke through the shackles of the Gold Core Realm. After all, the Earth was very special, and he was possibly the reincarnation of the once-invincible Dragon Emperor!
But he was obviously wrong.
From the simulated records to his prediction of the strength of these gods, all this had been a mistake as the Land could not accommodate combat levels above the Gold Core Realm. Even the laws and images that were produced could not break free from this scope. Thus, using those records as a basis to predict the strength of these Divine Kings was a grave mistake.
One mistake led to another? Choosing to come to the Heaven was simply like walking into a trap!
The Fate Slab was the Fate Stone. This was the only thing that Lao Wang could be certain of. However, would handing over the Fate Stone truly be able to protect the entire Earth? Lao Wang did not think so. With the vicious and merciless methods of the four races in Heaven, how could they allow the bloodline of their sworn enemy to grow freely?
Handing over the Fate Stone would mean death! Furthermore, if he wanted to protect the entire Earth, history had shown the way — to prevent the four races in Heaven from finding the Fate Slab for the rest of eternity! As long as they could not find the Fate Slab, they would not destroy the Earth and would not slaughter Earthlings on a large scale as they still needed native Earthlings, who were close to nature, to help them find the whereabouts of the Fate Slab on Earth…
Resisting these Divine Kings was an impossible task. Thus, Lao Wang gave up on all other ideas. “Simba! Activate the Fate Roulette and judge whether to destroy the Fate Stone!”
During the Civilization War, Lao Wang was already able to absorb beliefs and recharge the Fate Roulette. Furthermore, he was now at the peak of his power in the Land, and millions of creatures believed in him. Thus, the Fate Roulette was fully charged to the point that it could not absorb any more energy! However, it was obvious that even the fully recharged Fate Roulette could not help him to judge the Divine Kings. He had to risk everything on destroying the Fate Stone!
However, Simba, who was usually most easily energetic during these times, miraculously did not jump about at this moment. On the contrary, a completely opposite opinion sounded in Lao Wang’s sea of consciousness.
“There’s no need for that.” This was Simba’s voice. However, it was completely different from his typical comical self. This voice was extremely calm and contained a sense of leisure. Furthermore, the moment he finished speaking, a colorful figure had appeared in front of Wang Zhong.
This colorful figure gradually formed, and its back seemed somewhat foreign, yet familiar.
Before Lao Wang could recover from his shock, a strong and dazzling light shone, and two items flew out from his body. They quietly hovered beside the colorful person and shone with him. The items were of the highest quality and emitted rays of dazzling light that calmed down the voices of the Four Great Divine Kings that reverberated throughout this space. It was as if the entire world had fallen silent as a result!
This power was able to easily disrupt the might of the Four Great Divine Kings. This was…?!
Not only was Lao Wang shocked, even the Four Great Divine Kings suddenly narrowed their eyes and flashed a cautious expression.
One of the brightly dazzling items seemed like a disc-shaped archery target used in games, but there was only black and white on the disc, as well as a bright red needle that resembled the color of blood. It seemed very simple. Meanwhile, the other item was a three-dimensional cone-shaped object with 12 empty spaces, as if it lacked 12 parts.
Meanwhile, the figure that was illuminated by the items wore a wide clown outfit and had a brightly colored head. His bright red nose and the obviously crooked lipstick over his mouth made him seem as funny as one imagined him to be. It was a standard clown. However, at that moment, the clown did not have any amusing expressions on his face. On the contrary, there was a calm smile on it.
“It’s you?!”
“This aura… You didn’t reincarnate?!”
“Dragon Emperor!”
The Four Divine Kings blurted out. It was obvious that the powerful Four Divine Kings were now showing some fear.
Meanwhile, Lao Wang simply felt a buzz in his head.
It was Simba!
However, from the tone of the Four Divine Kings, Simba was the Dragon Emperor? This…
He still looked like a clown, but his aura was completely different. Simba calmly looked at these four people and said, “After such a long time, you are still so useless.”
Even though the Four Great Divine Kings were full of imposing momentum, they did not refute him. In fact, his appearance that was laughable in the Land was completely useless here. What the Four Great Divine Kings saw was the power of his soul.
“Wang Zhong, my apologies… I just woke up. Thanks for your trouble.” Simba turned around and did not even pay any attention to the enemies standing tall around them. “The laws of lower dimensions suppressed me too much.
“All creatures in this world have three souls and seven mortal forms. I sealed a large portion of myself in the Fate Stone and hid there to rest and build up strength, while only a fragment of my soul was left in the Fate Roulette. I believe in the balance of the universe. The Heaven is in a hopeless situation. Fate will not destroy me, and will definitely give me hope and bring me to the space of the True Gods. My soul will only be unsealed and come back to life after returning to the environment of the Heaven and breaking free from the fetters of the laws.”
In reality, a few sentences were enough to explain a seemingly difficult problem. The memory fragments from the Illusion Sea World and the Mirror World had connected. The Dragon Emperor had destroyed his physical body, allowing his Soul Brand to return to the sea of fate. He wanted to find a way to resolve the civilization curse, but fate was not as easily controlled as he had imagined, and his soul had been floating all along.
For someone as powerful as the Dragon Emperor, he could continuously send out soul clones to find a way to return to the Heaven. Thus, time, space, and the like were of no significance to him. When he found the Earth, the Dark Ages had arrived, and the Human Race’s natural endowments in cultivation had exploded. Furthermore, during the failure of the black hole experiment in Inca City, fate had chosen Lao Wang in that large explosion by pure coincidence, starting this intriguing journey of teacher and friend.
“Lao Wang, thank you. Leave the rest to me. This is my battle.” Lao Wang’s voice had summoned back all his memories. He was the Dragon Emperor, but he was also Simba. His memories would not disappear, and his life had been formed by his memories. When his memories were stripped away, he was nothing.
The moment he finished speaking, a wave of indescribable power shrouded them. Lao Wang and the others simply felt that their surrounding space had been isolated, as if there was an invisible protective barrier around them. Even though they could clearly see the Four Great Divine Kings, their oppressive aura had instantly vanished.
Simba was able to sever the power of the Divine Kings, but he did not even take any action yet. It was as if everything would only take a single thought.
This came from the heart, and the power of the laws followed when he spoke — this was a true ruler. Back then, the invincible Dragon Emperor swept across the Heaven and was able to defeat the joint effort of the Eight Great Divine Kings by relying on his power of dominion derived from integrating 11 kinds of laws. Lao Wang had inherited this power. In fact, the cultivation ideas on the Earth followed this as well, but they lacked greatly when compared to Simba’s current realm.
“You’re still using this method!” The Violent Demon Divine King laughed out. “Reincarnation did not make you weaker, but it did not make you stronger either! After countless eras, do you think that this pattern will still work?!”
“Do it!”
The Four Great Divine Kings widened their eyes in anger. After so many years, they were still deeply troubled by their defeat back then. Now, it was finally the time for them to take revenge.
The Violent Demon Divine King motioned with his large hand, and a wave of vast darkness enshrouded them. Whoever acted first had the advantage!
In this world, all light, sound, and even senses were instantly severed in this moment. This was a darkness domain!
Simba’s light was instantly covered, and the aura that seemed to be able to dominate everything else was ruthlessly devoured by this darkness. Then, boundless darkness enveloped the entire world, not just bringing about the lack of light but also despair that made people wail mournfully.
There were no other manifestations as the world had become a part of his laws or rules. As long as one was born in this world, they could not covet these rules, not inspect them, nor resist them. This was a completely different realm from the manifestations of rules that Lao Wang had once understood.
But this was not the end. One could see chaotic changes in the darkness, as if countless dark shadows had broken out from it. These countless dark shadows seemed to be drawing in the darkness, causing it to decrease until it eventually gathered in one spot.
This took a long time to describe, but in reality, the changes only took 0.0001 seconds. When all the darkness gathered in one spot, it was as if the entire universe had fallen silent and was shocked by the highly concentrated and terrifying energy. Even Lao Wang and the others, who were behind the protective barrier, could not take their eyes off the dark spot. It was as if that spot was the only thing in the universe!
The Violent Demon Divine King’s frenzied laughter was clear. “The present is different from the past. You are no longer the Dragon Emperor of the past, and we are no longer the losers of the past. Today, we will show you what despair is!”
Wu wu wu wu~
A terrifying trembling sound that came from the soul reverberated throughout the entire universe. This was the rage of the deities!
Closely after, the spot exploded, just like how the universe had exploded forth from nothing. This was a resurgence of the creation of the world! The opposite of life was death, and the opposite of death was life.
There was a frenzied assault of energy that spread at an unimaginable speed that surpassed the speed of light. Boundless darkness energy surged forth and swept past… No, this was no longer the power of darkness, but an evolution of it.
The evolution of laws was integration. Darkness and chaos were integrated, returning them to the primeval state of the universe!
—— Chaos Realm Destruction!
Furthermore, at the same time, the 5 Elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth gathered in the boundless darkness. Even though there were only five elements, when they merged, they turned into the rules of the world and created things out of thin air! The ground rose in all directions from the dark void and hid within it, filling up the entire world.
The Elemental Divine King!
Were these the 5 Elemental Laws? No!
Lao Wang’s face was full of shock. He was also an expert who thoroughly understood the 5 Elemental Rules, but the more he understood the rules, the more he understood the difference between them. Perhaps thoroughly understanding the rules was the ultimate pursuit of all experts in the Land, as well as the limits of their imagination. However, when one reached the realm of the Divine Gods, they no longer simply understood the rules thoroughly. Instead, they integrated them and created their own path!
When Lao Wang integrated the 11 laws, what emerged was a ruler; when the Violent Demon Divine King integrated darkness and chaos, what emerged were the chaos rules.
Meanwhile, the 5 Elements that the Elemental Divine King had integrated were the rules of the world! They were filled with a powerful momentum that was much more potent than his own Laws of Domination. It was not the more elements one integrated, the more powerful the rules would become, as they would all be on the same level. It depended on how one understood and used the rules, as well as how much they could display.
These were the rules of the world! Filling up the world was only the prelude. Then, when the world took shape from its primeval state, a giant holding a massive axe appeared.
Lao Wang called it a giant as he could only see the giant’s arms and that enormous axe. The giant was too tall and was unimaginably lofty. It was enshrouded in the darkness and chaos, preventing people from seeing the reality.
The giant moved slowly. It raised its massive axe high in the sky and was about to split this chaos world apart. This was a combination of laws that was derived from the cooperation between the Darkness Divine King and the Elemental Divine King!
Crack crack crack crack crack crack…
The moment these combined rules appeared, Lao Wang and the others could feel the invisible protective barrier around them producing cracking sounds from the heavy burden that the accumulated level of pressure exerted on the barrier! Furthermore, this was only the pressure from the axe. If they waited for the massive axe to strike, they did not know what kind of terrifying power it would produce. They might turn into ash without feeling any pain from that brutal power!
Lao Wang simply felt a large drop of sweat falling from his head. He had imagined the gap between him and the Divine Kings, and even thought that perhaps he might be suppressed, but Lao Wang had never thought that in the face of this level of power, he could not even think of resisting.
This was too powerful! Only two people had attacked, but it was already this frightening. How would Simba resist this?
However, there was no panic on Simba’s face, as if this level of power was not a difficult problem for him.
Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh~~
In a flash, 11 divine figures had gathered in front of Simba.
This was the Ruler’s Domain!
They emitted a pure and holy light that forcibly dispersed the darkness and chaos. Even though these divine figures were not as lofty as the giant that was prepared to split the world apart, they were not much smaller than the giant either. Eleven of them gathered and stopped the hands that lifted the massive axe high in the air. As a result, the giant could not strike for now.
Had they stopped the giant?
The Dragon Emperor was indeed very strong, as expected, since he was the top in the Heaven who was able to defeat the Eight Great Divine Kings working together. The power of domination that integrated 11 kinds of laws was not something an individual Divine King could resist. However, there was no joy on Lao Wang’s face. He also used the power of dominion and could completely predict what level of power it could display. Even though the divine figures seemed able to stop the giant easily, this seemed to be the limit of the dominion powers. This seemed to be a battle between equally matched enemies, but the opposing side still had two Divine Kings that had not attacked!
Amidst the stalemate, cold laughter reverberated throughout. It was from the Heavenly Wings Divine King. “After investing in reincarnation for so many years, you didn’t weaken and can still climb back up… but that is all. The ultimate form of the universe is when all things return to the beginning. You’ve taken the wrong path. Furthermore, we have integrated even more laws. Ao and Kui alone are able to draw with you, but what if we join too?
“Open!” A holy light then dazzled in this dark world.
The Heavenly Wings Divine King controlled light and order, and this holy light was an integration of the two. As a result, one could not help but feel a desire to worship the light.
Light and darkness were complete opposites and could not integrate with each other. However, just like how the 5 Elements enhanced and inhibited one another, light and darkness could not integrate, but they could complete each other. They could illuminate and stimulate each other while maintaining their independence. Only then could light and darkness become even more splendid.
Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh~~
Limitless holy light pierced through the darkness like holy blades and were aimed at Simba, as well as Wang Zhong and the others who were guarded by his protective barrier. They wanted to seize the opportunity during the stalemate to shatter everything into pieces!
“Me too!” The Wilderness Divine King roared violently.
Perhaps his power of the rules was the weakest among the Four Great Divine Kings as he only had one spatial law. However, his brute force was invincible. When he revealed his true form, he was dauntless.
A massive beast with 1,000 hands and 1,000 legs appeared in the sky. It looked like a deformed species that was a hybrid of all creatures in this world, but the parts gathered in a harmonious manner. The beast filled up this space and seemed to have become the only thing in this universe! All living creatures were like ants when faced with this massive beast. Those large planets were just like small glass beads in his hands!
A terrifying massive palm swept past, as if the entire world was pressing against them!
The Four Great Divine Kings attacked at the same time. Lao Wang and the others were almost unable to fight back, let alone resist this. They simply felt the all-encompassing brilliance descending from the sky, instantly suppressing everything!
However, the next moment, Simba laughed, and his leisurely voice reverberated through the air. “I’ve made some improvements. However, it’s a pity that you are destined to be left behind forever!”
He instantly drew in all his power, and his Ruler’s Domain disappeared. Then, a vast attack pressed towards him from all directions.
However, Simba simply stretched out one finger. The Fate Stone seemed to have been summoned and embedded itself in the Fate Roulette…
The next moment, the illuminating Fate Roulette turned plain and concealed its lofty light. However, it had become an integrated whole with the Fate Stone.
The all-encompassing attack of the Four Great Divine Kings seemed to face a slight obstacle. They were suddenly restricted and frightened by the Fate Roulette that had suddenly changed. Only when one reached their level would one truly sense how terrifying this piece of equipment was.
No, this was not a piece of equipment. It had already gone beyond the scope of this description. This was an essence, the essence of the world! The Fate Stone was the Fate Slab that the Dragon Emperor had risked his life to bring away back then. But that Fate Roulette…
“Such hocus-pocus!” The Heavenly Wings Divine King roared, and the holy light laws instantly increased in intensity. “Look at who will be left behind today!”
“Dragon Thief, your hands are tied! Let me teach you how to die satisfyingly!”
The Four Great Divine Kings widened their eyes in anger, and their might exploded forth. In an instant, the small inconvenience that the Fate Roulette had caused was swept aside. However, they did not see the Dragon Emperor panic; instead, a calm smile appeared on his face.
“Oh really?” Simba waved his large hand, and the Fate Roulette suddenly shone with black and white.
“Did you think that I experienced so many difficulties and comprehended the rules from the lower dimensions just to return to my original level?” Simba laughed. “This journey has allowed me to understand the meaning of civilization and of life. I call this…
This was the true form of the Fate Roulette. It was not a piece of equipment or an instrument. Instead, it was a contraction and an accumulation of the laws.
Eternal laws!
All creatures in this world cultivated to pursue eternity, but what was true eternity?
Was it for an eternal lifespan? That was impossible. The lifespan of Gold Cores in the Land was almost infinite, but almost no Gold Cores in the Land could live for more than five eras. How could that be considered eternal?
True eternity was achieved when one was the universe, and the universe was them.
This was an evolution of the ruler, and the highest degree of control!
The world was fixed in that moment, including the laws of the Four Great Divine Kings! Everything had been classified into black and white.
“This is the True Godhood that you want, but it’s a pity that all of you were wrong.” Simba simply spoke calmly, but his voice reverberated throughout every corner of the universe, as if he was the deity that had created the world. “Over the past few years, hasn’t it been rather exhausting to eat? You even had to defend yourselves against others. How pitiful. If this was of any use, then what do you need geniuses for?”
A terrifying wave of energy was summoned from the Fate Stone. This power was even greater than any power of belief and rapidly surged into the Fate Roulette.
In an instant, black and white were reversed in the world, while yin and yang swapped places. Black and white colors intertwined in the sky before finally settling in place.
A dazzling white light shone from the void. Then, the holy light of the Heavenly Wings Divine King, the world of the Elemental Divine King, the darkness of the Violent Demon Divine King and even the universal true form of the Wilderness Divine King instantly evaporated in the face of this boundless white light, as if the light had cleansed everything. Everything had returned to nothingness and transformed into their purest origins before filling up the Fate Roulette.
The Four Great Divine Kings were shocked. Their power could not resist or struggle in the face of his judgment!
What in the world was this?!