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Chapter 447 - One Strike and I’m Out

Chapter 447: One Strike and I’m Out
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Darch shook his head and said, “Mighty messenger, don’t be angry. Ellie didn’t mean it that way….”
Gu Mengmeng retorted, “Then what did she mean?”
Darch turned back to look at Ellie and upon seeing how she was going to cry, his heart ached terribly so he instantly knelt in front of Gu Mengmeng and pleaded, “Mighty messenger, everything in the past was my fault. I didn’t persuade Ellie properly, causing her to make that kind of decision at a moment of folly. Please, I beg you, seeing how nine of us are males from Saint Nazaire, please just make an exception once, at least… least Ellie’s a female, no tribe will reject a female.”
Gu Mengmeng turned her body and said, “Look behind me, do you think that Saint Nazaire still lacks an ungrateful and treacherous half-orc female?”
Darch glanced at the lineup behind Gu Mengmeng and was instantly dumbfounded. His entire body softened in dispirit and he hung his head in shame.
Gu Mengmeng patted Darch’s shoulder and said, “I will never give people who betray me a second chance. Parting peacefully is perhaps the best ending. Don’t stick everyone in a difficult position, it’s better to leave some reputation for each other.”
Gu Mengmeng meant these words for Ellie but Lea’s body froze bafflingly.
He’s… that too, right?
One strike and I’m out….
Mengmeng, you did it right, you won’t get hurt like that.
As for me……
I can hold it in! I can definitely hold it in!
“I’ve the esoterica the previous messenger of the Beast Deity left behind.” Seeing how the tribe did not have the slightest hesitation to leave, she flustered and shouted at the top of her voice.
Gu Mengmeng looked to her side and sniggered. “‘300 Poems of the Tang Dynasty’, right? I don’t even have to look at it to be able to write out a copy for you. If you like it, you can keep it for yourself.”
Ellie shook her head as she slid in front of Gu Mengmeng and widened her arms to block her way. “Dream, I know things regarding the dream.”
Gu Mengmeng squinted her eyes, she really lacked that portion. The things left behind by the previous messenger of the Beast Deity were too broken, it was very difficult to try to piece out some complete information. The only thing she could piece out and understand from those broken information was the word ‘dream’.
Was it a coincidence? Gu Mengmeng squinted her eyes at Ellie.
Ellie bit her lower lip and explained, “I used to be a servant beside the Snake King before I sneaked out of the Snake King valley because I was playful. Now I can’t find the way back, I just hope to have a tribe that protects me and gives me a place to stay.”
Gu Mengmeng said, “Discussing a deal with me…’s possible too, say your piece, I’ll see if it’s worth to waste the food and air in Saint Nazaire for you.”
Ellie clenched her teeth as she took a piece of scale from her stomach and gave it to Gu Mengmeng.
The piece of scale was a very big and it was the size of Gu Mengmeng’s palm. There were a few simplified Chinese characters written on it crookedly, at the level of kindergarten students, “When the course of your behavior diverges, the Beast Deity will enter your dream and direct a correct way for you.
Gu Mengmeng did not doubt whether the words on this scale was left behind by the previous messenger of the Beast Deity because nobody in this world could read, even the snow fox tribe in Sauder worshiped ‘300 Poems of the Tang Dynasty’ for a thousand years as a sacred item. And that strange English version of ‘Little Apple’ was really something way out of one’s imagination.
Gu Mengmeng touched her chin and acted as if she was deep in thoughts. “This is a counterfeit item. The mark on it is not left behind by the previous messenger of the Beast Deity.”
Ellie was taken aback, she thought that her copy was enough to pass off as the genuine one, after all in the entire Snake King valley, nobody could differentiate her counterfeit copy from the original copy in the Snake King’s hands, but Gu Mengmeng…..could see through it just at one glance?