Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1129 - It’s Not Convenient For Us

Chapter 1129: It’s Not Convenient For Us
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Jianwen held the belief that love came through time- once two people spent time together, their feelings for each other would grow! And so he kept trying to create situations for himself!
“No need to worry, we’re doing a driving tour on our own,” Mengyao rejected. She’d already planned it with Yushu and Lin Yi. They would drive to the beach on the night when his medicine company put out the new product.

“You’re driving, huh…” Jianwen didn’t expect that they had already chosen to go on a driving tour- it disappointed him. He was even thinking of getting her to some foreign place that was romantic, but that didn’t seem possible anymore! How far could you get on a car, after all? But fine, if she wanted to do something close, he would adhere to her plan! “That sounds relaxing- I’ll go with you guys? If there’s something you girls need help with I could help out, like carrying luggage bags and stuff like that!”
“No need- we have Shield Bro, and you’re too weak anyway. You don’t even have two kidneys, you can’t do those things,” Yushu didn’t like JIanwen.
“I have a new kidney now, I’m a normal man now!” Jianwen quickly explained, worried that Mengyao might think that his loss of a kidney would affect their sex life in the future..
“We’re going with classmates, so it’s not just me and Shu. It wouldn’t be convenient for us if you came along,” Mengyao rejected right away.

“Ah…” Jianwen frowned, he didn’t think that Mengyao would be doing this with her classmates too, but he didn’t want to give up just yet! This was a chance!
“It’s okay- what about this, I’ll drive with Taizao as well, and we’ll play on our own, how about that?”
“Do what you want,” Mengyao said faintly. There was no reason to reject him when he put it like that- was she supposed to restrict his movements or something? He could go play anywhere he wanted as long as it didn’t interfere with her.
“It’s a deal then. When are you guys leaving, where are you going? I’ll prepare beforehand,” Jianwen smiled, happy that Mengyao said yes.

“The beach, we’re leaving May 1st at night,” Mengyao didn’t hide it- this was no secret, and she knew that Jianwen’s personality wouldn’t allow him to give up until he achieved his prupose. He might even send someone to tail her if she didn’t tell him!
“Alright, May 1st afternoon will be when Taizao and I arrive at your door!” Jianwen didn’t think that Mengyao would say yes so quickly- could it be that she wanted him to come? He knew well that Mengyao was cold on the outside but warm on the inside, and so it was natural that he would assume these things.
With that possibility in mind, he was quite excited- he was planning to go discuss plans with Su Taizao and see how he should approach this!
Now that his purpose had been achieved, he got up and said goodbye, leaving the villa.
“Yao Yao, why’d you telll him where we’re going?” Yushu asked, confused as she looked at Mengyao.
“This is for you and Feng Xiaoxiao to play with- if there’s no antagonist there, what are you two supposed to do?” Mengyao smiled.

“Oh, Yao Yao, so you’re pretty evil too!” Yushu blinked in realization. So she let Jianwen go to add fun for them!
Lin Yi was amused as well- it seemed that even the Miss had times where she would mess with people?
In truth, Mengyao really had no choice- she was forced to do this. After all, she usually didn’t want to cause anyone touble in normal circumstances.

“Let’s go up- I’m tired,” Mengyao didn’t say anything else and walked up.
Yushu made a good night gesture to LIn Yi and ran up too.
Lin Yi shook his head and went to Uncle Fu’s room. He wanted to tell him about the thing with An Jianwen, and how he would be there during their holiday drive. If the guy were to try anything funny, he’d step in.
But he still needed to discuss the details with Uncle Fu.
He pushed open the door to find Uncle Fu training. He smiled and opened his eyes, “Yi, you’re here!”

“How is it, Uncle Fu? Feeling anything yet?” Lin Yi asked, wondering how he was doing with his leving up.
“It’s only one step before I reach Mystic phase, but in a place like this where the energy in the air is thin, it takes a lot of time to absorb it. It won’t happen in a while,” Uncle Fu shook his head.
Lin Yi had guessed it already.
He knew about this. Lin Yi only broke through into Golden phase after the many treasures Old Lin used on him- he knew that the qi in the natural world was thin, especially compared to the jade space!
This was also why he was only a Golden class for these past dozen years- it was only after he had the jade space’s secret that he started rising so fast!
“Right, Uncle Fu- An Jianwen came by,” Lin Yi changed the topic, “I keep feeling that he has some scheme in mind- what do you think?”
“An Jianwen has always been an admirer of Yao Yao. He’s someone who achieved his goals with any means, doing anything until he reached them!” Uncle Fu understood Jainwen’s personality, and so his words were accurate.
“Uncle Fu, you’re saying..?” Lin Yi asked.
“Yi, how much do you know about the Firewolves?” Uncle Fu asked, not answering the question.
“Firewolves… Not so much,” Lin Yi shook his head, “It’s because I didn’t understand his background that I didn’t do anything to him before. Right now things are a bit tense, and I’d rather not get any more enemies.”
“That’s right!” Uncle Fu nodded, “That’s the correct mindset. The Firewolves are a sect gang, but their strength is big! They were founded a long time ago, and at the time when I was a young head of a sect, the name of Firewolf was loud and powerful in the ears of both hidden houses and smaller sects. They weren’t no weaker than the either of those!”
“Oh? They’re that powerful?” Lin Yi bnlinked.
“Yes- An Jianwen is from the Firewolves Gang, and I’m not sure of his position there, but it’s best if we leave him alone!” Uncle Fu nodded, “You can punish him a bit, but killing him cannot happen.”

“I understand!” Lin Yi nodded. Uncle Fu’s thoughts weren’t far from his own. If Jianwen were to avoid doing anything that would cross his bottom line, he wouldn’t do anything to him either.