Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1139 - I'll Work Behind the Scenes

Chapter 1139: I’ll Work Behind the Scenes
“That’s…” Tianyi was deeply touched. This was the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing! One pill was worth three to four hundred million!! There was limited edition injury medicine, too! And these weren’t even the only products that were being given. Since Lin Yi sounded like he was still going to gift him a couple of other pills and medicine, this trade was just insanely worth it!!
These were all extreme treasures. Other noble houses couldn’t even get their hands on it even if they wanted to, yet House Liu had them all just like that! It was an amazing trade-in their favor! His niece’s advice really was too good. Being a follower/lackey of Lin Yi’s made you just that powerful! So this was why Fatty Lai was so glorious these days. It was because he was being bombarded with these benefits!
“Miracle Doctor Lin, then I’ll accept your offer as well! Please, use our resources to your heart’s content!” Tianyi took in a deep breath, trying to compose himself and contain his overflowing joy.
“Alright, then. Contact Fatty Lai–you can discuss the details with him. I’m not really sure about this business side of things.” Lin Yi smiled.
As for Tianyi, Lin Yi was still giving him a test trial–he couldn’t trust him to the same degree he trusted Fatty Lai, after all, and so he was only giving him some benefits. If the guy really was giving his heart to help him, then Lin Yi wouldn’t mind giving him even more benefits.
Tianyi hung up the phone and breathed out a long breath. As it seemed, Lin Yi had quite a nice impression on House Liu. He was starting to accept him!
When his niece suggested they follow Lin Yi as a subordinate, he did agree with it… But that was from the grand scale of things. From a personal level, some part of him just couldn’t accept it!
But he truly believed that being a follower of Lin Yi really was just amazing! They just started, and he got a bunch of those amazing treasures already! Just what awaited in the future?
“Big Bro, why didn’t you ask for a couple more of your terms while you’re at it!” Tianyi’s entire family was listening as he made the phone call, and Tianli heard the words as well. He didn’t understand, if Lin Yi initiated the partnership discussion, why didn’t Tianyi add your own terms instead of just offering their offer of not taking any of the profits? After all, if it were them chasing after Lin Yi to offer their services, then fine, but now it was Lin Yi who asked for the partnership! Why did their family have to suffer the losses?
“Terms? What terms?” Tianyi saw the short-sightedness of his brother and decided to hide Lin Yi’s benefits that were just given to him first.
“Big Bro, if it were us going after Lin Yi to offer our services, then so be it–but right now it’s Lin Yi asking for us House Liu! Why do we still have to suffer the losses?” Tianli frowned. “Big Bro, your brain really isn’t suited for business!”
“Haha!” Liu Zhenhu started laughing loudly as he looked toward his granddaughter. “Jingjing, tell us what you think- is your uncle right, or is your father right?”
“Dad, uncle really isn’t suited for business…” Jinghan’s words made Tianli smiled widely. His daughter was on his side, after all! But she wasn’t finished. “But dad, your brain is only suited for purely business!”
“What do you mean?” Tianli frowned, not quite understanding what she meant. However, it was clear that this was no praise!
“Jing Jing’s right! Tianli, you’re only suited for pure business!” Zhenhu smiled, “For you, and from a business viewpoint, we’ve suffered heavy losses–but in the long run, we’ve received the approval of Lin Yi!
“Yes, but…” Tianli couldn’t deny it- his father was right- his eyes were only suited and limited to a normal businessmen’s viewpoint! He was no entrepreneur!
“Plus, I bet Lin Yi gave us some benefits! Didn’t he, uncle?” Jinghan looked to Tianyi.
“Haha, you’re sharp, Jing Jin! It’s true–he gave us some benefits!” Tainyi smiled, not expecting his niece to guess it right away.
“Big Bro, Lin Yi gave us benefits? Why didn’t you say so?” Tianli paused. “Big Bro, what did he give us??”
“LIn Yi promised to give us some pills and medicine each year, including the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing along with the limited edition injury medicine! Do you still think we’ve suffered losses?” Tianyi smiled.
“The Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing? Just this alone makes up for everything! And, every year? This is way too worth it, it’s worth way more than collecting those profits!!” Tianli smiled widely once more upon hearing the words. This was a priceless item, after all, and if they were to receive one every year, wouldn’t that be way too strong? Even if he didn’t use it himself and sold it to the noble houses, that increased the value of House Liu!
At the thought, he nodded deeply. “Big Bro, you’re the smart one after all! If we had asked for terms, Lin Yi wouldn’t have given these benefits to us at all!”
“Tianli, if we were to let you maintain our family, then you’re a very good pick! But, if we were to push our family even higher to the peak- that would fall on Jing JIng’s shoulders! But… Jing Jing would have to marry eventually…” Tianyi sighed.
Even though men and women were the same for normal families, this wasn’t the case for noble houses. They put more value on the boys since they were the ones who kept the name and forwarded the bloodline! Girls, however, married into other houses, changing their name!
“I won’t marry. I’ll stay by grandpa’s side!” Jinghan was a bit embarrassed at the topic.
“Girls have to marry eventually. That can’t be changed.” Tianli glared at his daughter. Although Jinghan not marrying would bring the most benefits to their house, he didn’t want to see her alone for the rest of her life at all!
Jinghan put out her tongue at her dad, showing her playful side. She was just a kid, after all. She was smart and good at business, but she was a kid! She liked all the things that girls liked.
“I think that we should let Jing Jing handle this partnership with Lin Yi.” Tianyi was scared that Tianli’s business-oriented mind would mess up this whole thing with Lin Yi if he pissed him off somehow!
“I don’t think I should show up…” Jinghan shook her head. “I’ll work behind the scenes…”