Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1220 - Storage Jade

Chapter 1220: Storage Jade
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Chapter 1219 – Storage Jade
“I guess so…” Elder Jiao nodded faintly.
“Elder Jiao, what’s the benefit you mentioned just now? You can tell me now, right?” Lin Yi smiled as he looked at the man.
“…” Elder Jiao didn’t think that Lin Yi’s memory was able to keep up after all that excitement and joy flushed into his brain- the first thing he thought of was the secret he promised! He didn’t think that Lin Yi would break through, but now that he did, it was quite difficult for him…
This benefit was something Lin Yi would learn anyway after training the second stage of the Art of Dragon Mastery, but now that he only was at the first stage, he couldn’t activate it yet. Lin Yi would only be able to drool at this secret with no practical use even after Elder Jiao told him!
“What’s wrong? Elder Jiao, you’re not going to go back on your word, are you?” Lin Yi said, worried as he looked at Elder Jiao in silence. This had to be something truly amazing if it was a secret that came from his lips, so of course he couldn’t let go.
“I wouldn’t go back on my word, but it’s just that this wouldn’t help you practically at all even if I told you!” Elder Jiao sighed, “You really want to know?”
“Yes!” Lin Yi nodded certainly.
No practical use? Lin Yi wouldn’t believe that at all, Elder Jiao described it as a great benefit- this meant that it was great! It was no normal benefit!
“Alright, since you want to know, then fine,” Elder Jiao nodded, “The jade space you’re using now is actually considered a different dimensional space. Not only can you train in here, you can even store things in this space!”
“Store things?” Lin Yi blinked.
“That’s right, it’s a storage space! Like those online games you play with the inventory bag, and storage boxes. You can put stuff from the outside in here, and it wouldn’t increase the weight and burden on you. You can take things out when you need to, too!” Elder Jaio explained.
“Oh?” Lin Yi was very pleasantly surprised after hearing Elder Jiao’s explanation, “So I can put all the stuff I’m carrying in this jade and use it as a storage space?”
“In theory,” Elder Jiao nodded.
“It was a great benefit after all!” Lin Yi had heard of items like this, like storage rings or storage bags, msytic items that only existed in fiction and games- he had never expected to be able to own one storage item like this of his own!”
“Alright, that’s the benefit I was talking about,” Elder Jiao said.
“Wait, Elder Jiao, what do I do in order to get objects from outside into the jade space,” Lin Yi wasn’t an idiot- Elder Jiao only told him the function, he didn’t tell him how to do it!
“I don’t know,” Elder Jiao shook his head, as if he had nothing to do with it.
“Huh?” Lin Yi blinked, “You don’t know?”
“Yeah, I told you I’d tell you about a benefit, I didn’t say I’d tell you how to use it!” Elder Jiao grinned.
“…!!” Lin Yi glared, not knowing what to say, “What’s the point of this benefit if you don’t know how to use it? Isn’t this the same as not telling me?”
“You’ll be able to know how to do it after you open the next stone door and find the second stage of the Art of Dragon Mastery!” Elder Jiao explained, “This was only something you were supposed to learn after getting the second stage, I just told you in advance, that’s all!”
“Ugh… I see!” Lin Yi was disappointed, but he also looked forward to it. At least the secret Elder Jiao had just told him wasn’t bullshit, it was something practical and achievable! After he practitioned the second stage of the Art of Dragon Mastery, he’d be able to use it!
Just thinking about this made him feel how useful this was- he could do some magic tricks for Tang Yun and Xiaoxiao, too…
If Elder Jiao were to learn that Lin Yi wanted to use this benefit to do magic tricks, what sort of face would he make? This was something practitioners dreamed of, and Lin Yi wanted to use this priceless treasure to do magic tricks?
“Yes, opening the stone door isn’t just opening the door alone- you also unlock my memories!” Elder Jiao said, “You know this too, I’m just a hollow, this isn’t my real body. My memories are somewhat suppressed and have restrictions on them too, and as the doors open, I’ll remember more things. After you opened the first stone door, my memories regarding the things within that first stone door recovered, along with a bit of stuff from the second stone door. That’s why I knew of this benefit.”
“I see!” Lin Yi nodded his head, finally understanding why Elder Jiao only knew bits and pieces regarding to the secrets of the jade. So his memeories would be unlocked when the stone doors are opened, and this was also why he wasn’t sure when he asked him about the danger-sensing function the jade had! Perhaps this was another benefit the jade provided, it was just that he needed to reach maybe the third or fourth stage of the Art of Dragon Mastery first before it would be revealed to him. This function about storage, however, was revealed sooner for some reason!
“Alright, that’s all I have to say. The details are in the second room, don’t miss it!” Elder Jiao said.
“I understand!” Lin Yi nodded and put this benefit deep down in his heart. It’d affect his mood if he kept thinking about this all the time, and it would affect his training! Better to let things flow naturally, since this benefit would fall into his hands eventually.
Lin Yi adjusted his emotions and came back to reality from the jade space- today’s training was at its end. After just breaking through, he needed to stabilize his strength instead of just thinking of breaking through all day, every day.
After all, you didn’t build skyscrapers without ensuring the stability before going up!
Effort and rest- that was how you went forward.
Opening his eyes, Lin Yi saw blackness. It wasn’t morning yet- it was still night, as could be seen from the darkness outside.
Looking at Xiaoxiao, who was deep in sleep, a smile appeared on Lin Yi’s lips. This girl looked quite pretty when asleep, too!