Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chapter 1453 - Ice Palace Test (Part One)

Chapter 1453: Ice Palace Test (Part One)
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Chapter 1452 – Ice Palace Test (Part One)
“Lil’ Chen, is that you? What happened back home, for you to come see me all of a sudden?” Old Yu spoke the instant Xiaochen entered with Yu Yi.
“Father, it’s true that something has happened- I need to talk to you,” Xiaochen said solemnly as he looked to Yu Yi beside him. This person had always been with his father, but he didn’t know if he could fully trust him.
“It’s alright- Yu Yi is someone that I trust. He will be a strong aide of yours in the future!” The Old Elder Yu said with a wave of his hand after understanidng Xiaochen’s thoughts.
Xiaochen nodded and handed the letter to him, “Father, the Ice Palace sent this- the Ice Palace Test is imminent!”
“Oh? The Ice Palace Test is starting again?” Even someone stable and composed like the Old Elder showed a look of surprise upon hearing the news- he took a deep breath and opened the letter, speedily reading it.
“This is a chance for our hidden house! I didn’t expect that this would take place again- I had only participated once when I was younger, at that time you weren’t even born yet. After that, I was accepted as an outer disciple for the Ice Palace- I spent five years there, and learnt a great deal!”
Xiaochen naturally knew of his father’s experience when he was younger- he also knew just what this Ice Palace Test entailed!
The test was something sent by one of the ancient sects, the Ice Palace- it was for younger practitioners to take part in. After the end of the test, the people that landed in the first few ranks would have the chance to become an outer disciple of the Ice Palace Sect- from then on, they had unlimited potential!
Even if they would just be outer disciples, it was more than enough! Outer disciples were disciples in name- they could practition in the Ice Palace, but they wouldn’t have any direct mentors teaching them. They would receive a certain amount of elixirs, but also needed to take on daily tasks and chores like getting firewood and getting water, along with tidying duties and patrolling the mountains, and cooking.
The people inside the Ice Palace would also teach these outer disciples from time to time. These outer disciples, however, only had a staying period of five years- after that, everyone had to leave except for the most exceptional of students who could go on to become inner disciples.
But even if it was only five years, the Ice Palace’s qi was not a place that could be compared to. Back then, the Old Elder Yu Tengfei spent five years there and went from Golden class late phase peak to Mystic late phase peak!!
This wasn’t the largest improvement, but it was definitely at the top – there had been people breaking through into Earth class, after all!
Of course, if the old Elder were to find out how much time it took for Lingshan to get from Golden class early phase peak to Mystic early phase, he would probably blow a fuse.
“Yes, father- I came to you immediately upon receiving this letter!”
“The prerequisites for entering this test has raised a little- but we, as House Yu, pass those requirements anyway. It used to be Golden class mid phase, but now it’s Mystic early phase. The price as well, was raised to one hundred million,” The Old Elder said, “That’s not a bother for us, though.”
“Yes, but they also mentioned that there will be two types of rewards- which one do we pick?” Xiaochen nodded.
The first one was the one that they had just talked about- they could become an outer disciple of the Ice Palace and practition there for five years, receiving elixirs and lectures from there. However, what one got out of that experience relied on their own initiative and talent.
The second type of reward was the right to exchange a treasure with the Ice Palace! In simple terms, if you wanted something that the Ice Palace had, you could use a similarly valued item to trade for it- money could be used as well!
But couldn’t one just make the trade directly? Why did they have to pay one hundred million and pass some test for that right, wasn’t that too much? Yes, indeed it was!
But the thing was, although one may have a kind of treasure in their hands, it that thing wasn’t helping him or his family at the current time- all that person had was a treasure. It wasn’t as easy as to just exchange it for something of similar value! With the same logic, if one had money, one couldn’t just go up to the Ice Palace to buy treasure! This was how strong the Ice Palace was- if anyone wanted to trade with them, they had to follow their rules.
Of course, one shouldn’t look down on this right to trade- every winner who didn’t choose the five year stay period could keep this one-time trading right until they decide on something that they want- they would then be able to make the trade then!
But also, this treasure would have to be something the Ice Palace was willing to trade out- if it was something they themselves wanted to keep, it naturally, wouldn’t happen.
“Naturally, the first one. The second one is usually for those families who really need something- otherwise nobody would normally choose it!” The Old Elder said, “It seems that everyone going to the test will ask for the first reward anyway.”
“That’s true- if it wasn’t for something one really needed, who would spend one hundred million for this right- especially when it didn’t guarantee a trade in the first place?” Xiaochen nodded, “So father, who will you send to participate in this test?”
“Yu Bing and Yu Shan,” The Elder said, “We’re sending two this time, so let them both go.”
“Yu Bing as well?” Yu Xiaochen paused- he naturally agreed with sending Yu Shan to the palace test since he was the son of his second brother, and was exceptionally talented as well. However, there would always be some infighting between family members. Yu Shan may be exceptional, but that also meant that he was aiming the next heir for House Yu!
But Xiaochen was thinking selfishly here- he still wanted his son Yu Bing to become the next heir!
“I know what you mean, but I’ve said it already- the most exceptional heir for House Yu is Yu Ning and…” The Elder went silent as he looked around, “I’ll leave it at that for now- we can’t have our enemies realizing this about our next generation in the hidden house. Otherwise, our rapid climbing of the ranks will threaten those in the ancient sects! House Yu having two Sky class practitioners is already two much of a threat- if two geniuses were to appear again, this might result in trouble coming our way!!”